From the North East to the Midlands


With the economical situation the way it is at the moment, more and more people are looking for adventure in their own country, and I am no exception.

I am constantly on the look -out for new places to explore in the UK. They may not be the most stress free or exotic locations but exploring new cities I haven’t been too is something I thoroughly enjoy.

Baring this in mind, I decided to take a trip to Birmingham. Not only to go to a concert but to explore the city and its surroundings. So that’s what I did.

Driving from the North East to the West Midlands took four hours of various motorways and service stations. That was an experience in itself.

When I arrived I caught the train into Birmingham New Street Station which brought me straight into shopping heaven.

The Bullring shopping centre offers three floors of a total of 160 shops ranging from Topshop, River Island, to Hugo Boss and Selfridges. The light airy atmosphere of the Bullring means I could relax, shop, eat and enjoy the space.

Feeling the blisters on my feet and moths flying out of my purse, I jumped back on the train ready to explore the place where the concert on the night was being held, the LG Arena within the NEC complex.

The Solihull area of Birmingham houses one of the best concert venues in the country. The National Exhibition Centre holds different events and conventions every year. Amongst this there is the LG Arena. This 15,000 seated venue is where musical events take centre stage. The whole complex is also connected to all the major rail links and is walking distance from the airport. It pretty much makes it an impressive collective.

Having exhausted my little legs being a tourist for the day, the night got better with the Watch the Throne concert. Overall Birmingham is definitely a city I would visit again. It lived up to my expectations and more.

Wonder what UK city my travels will take me to next?

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