What Happens When the Technology Fails?

Addicted to technology

Socially, I think technology in some ways is hindering us. How many of you know your neighbours these days? When was the last time you hand-wrote a letter? The use of email is brilliant because you can communicate to the other side of the world in seconds; but I feel in some ways we are losing ourselves as technology is making communication slightly impersonal. Or is it? Enter Skype and smartphones, please. With iPhones 4 and 4S, you can use Facetime, a function that uses a camera on the front of the phone, to connect with someone who has the same function on theirs, and you can see each other as well as talk on the go. Skype too is amazing. I managed to have a conversation with my family in Canada using Skype and webcams, and it was amazing (but not as amazing as physically seeing them, but it’s easily the next best thing.) How would we live without this? There is no other alternative to webcams and social networking when it comes to communicating properly with technology. The next best thing is an old fashioned letter. At sixty pence a go.

What would it take to be able to go a whole week without technology? In this modern-day consumer society, it appears we get bored quickly. We are constantly on the go, and without technology to assist us in advancing, we’d probably feel rather stuck. Granted, we could become a fitter society as we’d be outside more, but we would be greatly inconvenienced and British people aren’t good with being inconvenienced. It’s all about finding the right balance; being able to embrace technology in a way that conveniences us but the same time to be able to take a step back and think about putting the Kindle down and knocking on a neighbour’s door for a chat.

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