Music Review: Spectrum (Say My Name) (Calvin Harris remix) by Florence + The Machine

Spectrum (Say My Name)

Behold! Finally, Florence Welch has jumped to number 1. Although it took an almighty boost up from DJ Calvin Harris. Such as the times we reside in, it’s a mix of powerful Florence vocals and the electropop style of Calvin Harris which have open the gates to the top of the charts. It’s a long waiting target which has finally been broken, even though Florence has two previous number 1 albums in her locker.

Spectrum was originally from the album Ceremonials, the second studio release from Florence + The Machine released in October of last year. Even though it was already a stella song on it’s lonesome, and I recommend giving it a play, Calvin provides the sprinkle of dance gold dust to make it resonate euphoric and energetic emotions. Over the reechoing dance track, Florence screams the songs chorus from the pit of her diaphragm. ”Say my name,” Florence howls with pitch perfection.

Calvin hasn’t done anything special with the songs tinkering to change it from beast to beauty. In fact, from the opinion of an average Joe, it’ll just sound like a simple dub. But such is the intelligence hidden in Spectrum’s simplicity there is no surprise at the songs peak. It’s a perfect sum of two special entities, a strong presence of Florence and a well recognised dance backing.

It’s main selling point is the loud and in-your-face chorus supported by a just as an eccentric electro beat which in modern times, can make millionaires. Stark resemblances can be made to Titanium by David Guetta, which also topped the singles chart as well as the dance chart. Unless something utterly outrageous and different sneaks up on an unsuspecting Spectrum, it’ll happily camp at the top stop for some weeks. The track is a solid 8/10.  

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