2012’s Truly Terrifying Tracksuits

Having read about such admired and iconic names in the fashion industry designing the 2012 Olympians’ uniforms – from Armani to Prada and Ralph Lauran to Stella McCartney; I, like many others, was anticipating great things.

So when I sat back on the sofa on the 27th of July, with a glass of red wine ready to see what inspirational designs had been brought to this year’s games: it’s safe to say my wine ended up splashed across the room. I was astounded… by the sheer terror of Russia’s tragic tracksuits!

This is the point where I’d admit I’d exaggerated, only this time I really haven’t. Referred to as “the most stylish Olympics ever”, the anticlimax was, well, extreme.

This migraine-provoking pattern, in my opinion, would win this Olympic’s fictional award for more disastrous uniform – by a mile! “I literally burst out laughing”, said one spectator; “it wasn’t even funny, it was just the shock! What were they even thinking?”

Having said all this, there were some truthfully stunning outfits, Canada and China’s uniforms in particular, simple and subtle, yet just right. Oh – and Great Britain of course! (Not biased at all…)

Although Russia’s tracksuits may have been eye-wateringly bad this year in many people’s opinion, the Olympics just wouldn’t feel right without the token horrendous outfit! As much as we all cringed at it, the Olympics wouldn’t be the same without something to keep us amused during those sports that we either don’t understand, or the ones that just don’t do it for us. Mine is fencing. So thank you Russia for entertaining fashion enthusiasts this time around. Who do you think will step up to the mark in 2016? It’s an incredibly hard one to call; I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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