Music Review: Amy MacDonald – This is the Life


Way back in 2007 (seems like many moons ago where music is concerned), 19 year old Amy MacDonald burst onto the scene with her first album “This is the Life”. Her brand of folk-acoustic pop/rock saw her branded as “the new Katie Melua”, but if you listen to this album, you can see that she is in a class of her own.

It is difficult to pick a track that stands out within this album. Not because they have no merit though, as in this case it is quite the opposite. Most, if not all of the tracks have been a favourite of mine at one time or another – for the simple fact that they each have their own unique air of brilliance.

Amy MacDonald at a festival in Sweden, doing what she does best.

“Mr Rock and Roll” is a contemplative album opener and lead single, which makes you think of the chance of love that you once came across by chance, but circumstances turned them into “the one that got away”. On the other hand, title track “This is the Life” makes you just want to go out and have fun with your friends without a care in the world, with the only worry being “where you gonna sleep tonight”. Amy then takes the listener on a musical journey of epic proportions, from the sparky and confident “Poison Prince” (an underrated track that should not have had its release limited), to “L.A”, a song that sounds like it should be blasting out from a car’s sound system whilst cruising along scenic country roads. She also takes the time to become a social commentator on the tracks “Youth of Today”, a powerful anthem that lets the despondent people of this generation find their voice, and “Footballers Wife”, a mellow number that reflects on the ever-growing celebrity culture that we’ve come to recognise within the 21st century. If I had to pick the track that just edges out past the rest, it would be “Let’s Start a Band”, as it builds itself up through the duration of the song before coming together in a fantastic crescendo, whilst at the same time letting the lyrics show us exactly how much passion Amy has for music.

So in conclusion, Amy MacDonald’s “This is the Life” is an album that is jam-packed with songs that speak to everyone, as they have experienced each subject matter in some time within their life. As well as this, Amy shows her music versatility, whilst at the same time staying true to a sound that she is well-known, and well-loved for.

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