It IS possible to look good at a festival – Ten top tips of survival


This week I will be attending Reading festival for a 4 day music extravaganza. I have heard multiple complaints regarding these mud-fests but hygiene has to be the top moan amongst us Brits. I’ve been to a festival before in Benicassim, Spain, however the campsite had clean showers every day and was mud-free fortunately so this will be a whole new challenge for me. Reading is my first festival during the British summertime, (which is risky enough as it is due to our fab weather). I decided to compose a list of festival necessities in order to forge an attempt at looking and smelling presentable!

1. Baby wipes – for the festival goer that wants to create companions rather than repel them. It’s a quick, efficient way to ‘wash’ before the antics begin.

2. Dry shampoo – an essential for most women who intend to keep their wild mane looking refreshed and refurbished. This tiny canister is sprayed onto the roots to maintain a grease-free look.

3. Deodorant – whilst your arms will be dangling in the air for 4 days, it’s a good idea to keep them smelling fresh. This is more for other people’s benefit than your own.

4. Toothpaste/toothbrush – need I explain this one?

5. A change of shoes – I once went to a theme park and on my entrance my flip-flop snapped. I spent the whole day barefoot. Lesson learnt.

6. sleeping bag – even though you may not intend on sleeping much, it’s essential that the sleep you do get is comfortable.

7. Camping chairs – these are essential for a chill, place your sunglasses on and your friends will be convinced you’re awake.

8. Disposable cameras – memories are priceless so document this. Plus, you may have some moments you want to last forever.

9. Money – take spare money with you for back up. Most festivals have pop-up vintage stools that you’ll regret missing out on.

10. A mac – great for our summer weather and for spare bedding if all else fails!


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