Interview with Charlotte Eriksson aka The Glass Child

Charlotte Eriksson, aka, The Glass Child, is a modern example of pure artistry, determination and innovation that many in her field appear to lack. At eighteen she left her native Sweden to pursue music in London, kipping on floors to get by. Eriksson is completely justified in saying that she has ‘given her all to her music and art.’ for the past two years. She’s launched her own label ‘Broken Glass Records’, released three critically acclaimed EP’s and hit #2 on the Swedish Itunes chart with single “I Will Lead You Home.” In Autumn she released the first single ‘Letdown’ off of her debut album, which is out in February 2013.


You’ve had a massive response to the release of single, Letdown! Are you excited for the next single Who Am I?

I was so scared and nervous to release Letdown and I really didn’t know how people would react to it, but I’m still overwhelmed by the beautiful response and it has given me so much inspiration to know that I have people’s support. Who Am I is probably the most important song I’ve ever written for me personally, so I really hope that everyone will like it.


It must be extremely rewarding to see your creations come to fruition and be adored! How does the song writing process happen for you? Your lyrics are so beautiful; do the words come first or vice versa?

Thank you so so much! It’s different every time really. Sometimes I sit down with the guitar or my piano and just start playing and singing and the words just kind of write themselves. Other times I write the lyrics first and then put melody to it and other times the other way around. I think that’s the beautiful thing about writing music that you can’t really explain how it happens, that’s the magical part.


For someone so talented, I’m sure most people are wondering whether music has always played a part in your life. When did you think, right this is something I want to focus on?

It hasn’t actually, I got into music very late, like around 17 years old. Before that I barely even listened to music and I didn’t understand singing at all. I’ve always been writing though, like journaling and just writings, so music just became a way to express these words I had. When I discovered how alive I felt when I sang, and how much more these words meant when they were connected to the right melody, I was hooked. Since then I just knew that I wanted to spend my life creating these moments. Now music is my whole life and the most beautiful thing I know.


You were the age I am now when you took off to London all by yourself? I’m not sure I could do that; what made you take the leap?

It was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done and a real struggle in the beginning, but I just knew that I had to leave Sweden and find myself and what I wanted my life to be about. I never really felt at home in Sweden so as soon as I finished school I knew I wanted to leave and spend my life on my music. It was scary, but I learned so much and grew so much so it’s been worth every tear and every day.


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