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Best places to buy your games.

After deciding on the PS3, I went online to pick out a few games to keep me going, and to introduce myself into the wonderful world of gaming. I avoided the big chain stores, and supermarkets – have you seen their prices?! Instead I went to Amazon and play.com – way cheaper! At this point, a friend also recommended that I check out the auctions on eBay. What fun that was! I spent a good few hours bidding on some of the latest games, for a fraction of the cost. Managed to pick up Fifa 12 and Spiderman for under a tenner – bargain.

My top 5 must have newbie games.

The Tomb Raider trilogy: Tomb Raider is a must for any gamer, new or old. I asked around a lot about why this game was so special to people and I was told that it was a very important and highly welcomed game in the industry, because it presented us with the first female lead character. Lara is strong and independent. She is supposedly everything men want, and everything women aim to be… well, that is according to the men I’ve asked. The games are a great mix of action, shooting, puzzles and exploration.

Red Dead Redemption: I was not expecting to like this game at all! I had heard such great things about it, but honestly, I wasn’t at all interested, that was until I played the demo (another great feature with both the PS3 and Xbox – it allows you to play demos of the games before you purchase them). The latest in a longline of sandbox games, RDR is pure genius. You’re thrown out into the Wild West, and left to your own devices, as you, John Marston, an outlaw forced by the government, are chosen to hunt down and kill the men from your former gang. After the demo ended, I headed over to my local supermarket, where I knew they had the game on offer and made my purchase. It took me by surprise the odd little conversation I exchanged with the sales assistant, who tried to convince me this was in fact, a “lads game”. Haha. As if that stopped me. My friend had a pretty funny response though – “What games do we play then… my little pony? Modern Warfare – The Carebear Edition”?

Journey: If you ever needed proof that a video game can be considered an art form, look no further. A beautifully simple gaming experience, with a curious and extremely mysterious story. You begin the game with no context at all, as you walk, slide and glide around this dreamy and elegant location. All you know is that you are robed figure with no name, no story, no purpose, and that you must reach the mountain on the horizon.

Any of the Lego games: I went for Harry Potter, but I’ve been highly recommended to purchase them all by friends. The lego games are the ideal newbie game, as they are both fun and simple. A great way to unwind, and to delve into the world of your favourite fictional characters.

Grand Theft Auto: Another game I truly expected to hate. I had heard both wonderful and rather terrible things about this game, and while I don’t mean to stereotype, the good usually came from male friends, and the bad, from female. In fact, I even had a friend tell me that she… ahem… banned her boyfriend from playing GTA. So, with all this in mind, I have to say, I was slightly concerned about how offended I might be by the game, but honestly, I don’t have a bad word to say about it. Realistic graphics, brilliantly entertaining little side missions, the small details that reflect real life and the interactions between people all make for awesome gameplay.

So, there you have it… my newbies guide to the wonderful world of gaming. Hope it helped! I’m off to the Wild West now to help out a few pals.

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