Plastic Fantastic or Drastic?

Before and after

Oh naturelle, where have you gone and why aren’t you good enough anymore? Summer is approaching even though the current British weather isn’t an indication of this pending season; but we all want to look good in order to feel good right? Looking good used to mean making the best of what you were given at the time of conception but it seems genetic make-up has its cracks and people will do the most extreme things to fill them.

They say change is good but should cosmetic surgery be the exception to the rule? As a perpetual observer of people I have noticed that most are actually quite beautiful in their own unique way; so why is it that I can see it and they can’t? Crooked teeth, hairy chests and big noses never stopped anyone from being a success or happy before but times have changed and so has the way people think about themselves.

No doubt, there are some very deep rooted reasons for these drastic measures and there are those who may have become disfigured by some accident or incident and are in need of cosmetic surgery to renew their confidence, self-esteem and the will to live a life that is as normal as it can be; and they deserve it without question. Vanity is another reason which seems futile compared to what some very courageous people have to endure.

However, we are living in an age of the ‘visual message’ where we are starting to believe in what we see. Visual is good, I mean we all like to look good and have a gander at something or someone that’s easy on the eye right? The problem is what we learn and in particular kids who are taken in by these images of high profile celebs in every glossy magazine and reality shows. Well the majority of these so called celebs are just characters with no real talent to speak of yet we follow them as if what they do is the be all and end all.

As a kid it’s hard to imagine anyone finding you interesting and it’s even harder to be heard, as a kid it’s hard to imagine that anyone will look at you or find you attractive when you’re having a spotty or feeling fat day; that’s the teenage years for you! I get more attention just walking to my local shop no make-up, hair looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards and wearing the oldest jogging bottoms in my wardrobe. It might not be haute couture but it’s a look that never fails.

We have so many other experts that can help transform us into the people we would be happy to meet. So go to the gym, get yourself a personal trainer and Zumba yourself into a stupor! It’s all a lot cheaper than lining the pockets of these so called ‘cosmetic surgeons’ who claim to be nip and tucking your bits for your benefit. Work with what you’ve been blessed with because what you’ve got is all you got and that isn’t worth risking.

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