Aarhus, Denmark: a trip for the senses

Planning a whirlwind trip with friends to welcome the spring? Dreaming of your post-exams break? Denmark is a cosy country that flourishes in all colours in this beautiful season, and therefore it’s worth paying a visit! But remember that there is a lot to discover far from the capital… If you are willing to escape from the touristic places and giving all your senses a treat, check Aarhus: the second largest city after Copenhagen – and also the youngest one, with 35,000 students!

Hearing: we all know how music is good to disconnect from the world. Nordic music makes it even more exciting, and not only because you don’t understand the lyrics! Earlier this month, some great bands showcased their talent at Spot Festival: be sure to give a listen to Lulu Rouge if you like electronic music, Orgi-E if you are into hip-hop or Baby In Vain if rock is your thing. For the eclectic mass, Vinnie Who, MØ and Flødeklinikken will make your playlist way more exotic!

Sight: walk the cobblestoned city centre and let your eyes find the treasures Aarhus has. From the Domkirke, the cathedral, to the beautiful façade of the Theatre. Don’t miss the colourful views of the city from the top of Aros Museum, where you can get inside the Rainbow Panorama by artist Olafur Eliasson. And pay attention to the people strolling through the Latin Quarter… quite a few fashion trends are being set right there!

Taste: Danes are known for their design, so make the most of your visit by having a coffee in a charming café or dinner in a fine restaurant. You will want to decorate your room the same way! The “must-tastes” of Danish day-to-day cuisine: rugbrød with different types food on it -the Danish tapa- for lunch, remoulade if you like trying new sauces, and koldskål for desert. Oh, and every country is proud of their meatballs. In Denmark, look then for some fresh frikadeller!

Touch: being a university city, Aarhus is bursting with activities. Get in touch with the people by visiting a flea market, going to the pubs in Åboulevarden if you love the nightlife, having a beer around Mejlgade… also, you can get in touch with Danish history by visiting Den Gamle By, an open-air museum where you can discover first-hand how old Danish streets and houses looked like – inside and outside!

Smell: in the end, it’s just spring… this means that the season for barbecues is open! Anyway, if you prefer to enjoy the nature with no risk, visit the deer park and make sure you bring carrots to feed them (don’t worry, there’s still no risk… they are siblings of Bambi, come on!). Not far away, Mindepark is a big green park where you can have a picnic with the Marselisborg palace in the background. After that, buy an ice cream with some guf on it -a super sweet Danish topping!- and bring it to the seaside. Ah, this IS a real gift for the senses…


Well, and who knows, maybe you find time in Aarhus to discover your sixth secret sense as well!

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