Is this time too far for Tulisa?


Raised on a council estate in North London, Tulisa Contostavlos is a classic example of an ‘against the odds’ kind of girl. From such humble beginnings she has seen huge success following her role in hip hop group N-Dubz, to establishing herself a household name after her winning stint as an X Factor judge by breaking the curse of the girl bands and not to mention being crowned FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World 2012, regardless of what you think of her, it’s fair to say she’s done well for herself. Provided you ignore the fact she is a third responsible for the phrase “Na Na Nai”.

Yet days after being arrested for suspicion of being linked to supplying class A drugs, is her empire about to crash down and more importantly, will she be shunned from the world of showbiz?

Retrospectively speaking, Miss Contostavlos is no stranger to scandal. After her ex-boyfriend purposely leaked a sex tape of her last year, most would have been unable to bounce back from such a humiliating breach of trust. Tulisa however took it all in her stride and somehow managed to turn it in her favour following a stripped back webcam video of herself explaining the story from her perspective.

I suppose she doesn’t call herself the ‘Female Boss’ for nothing.

With there being no word so far from camp Tulisa and her spokesmen remaining tight-lipped, whether she did it or not remains to be answered. With the joke “Tulisa misunderstood sharing a coke with friends” circulating the internet, I personally feel sorry for her. When it comes to celebrities, the public are far too quick to presume guilt and will post their crude opinions proudly on Twitter, when the majority of the time what is said is unfair. Particularly if the Lord Mcalpine scandal is anything to go by.

Now I’m going to type this and preach in true Chris Crocker style to “Leave Tulisa alone!”, all I’m saying is innocent until proven guilty. I’m not for a second going to condone her actions should she be found guilty, in that case she does deserve to pay for her mistakes. If not however, let the woman carry on with her life, even if that means releasing more songs with an idiot in a “dappy hat”. That part I can’t guarantee I’ll be as supportive of.

  • lodgey

    I can t believe the comments said about tulisa. she is innocent. she s not even been charged. ITS A BLOODY SETUP. PEOPLE DONT AGREE WITH SOMEONE SUCCESSFUL LIKENTULISA. MITS PURE AND UTTER JEALOUSY. WHAT BPERSON WOULD NT WANT TO BE TULISA. WITH HER BEAUTIFUL LOOKS. HER LIFE STYLE. CAR. HOUSE. BUT LET ME TELL YOU LOT OF LIW LIFES. SHE AS WQORKED HARD TO BE WHERE SHE IS. IF YOU DONT LIKE HER COS SHE S SUCCESSFUL THEN ITS YOU WHO GOT THE HANG UPS ABOUT YOUR SELF.WHO ARE YOU. WHATDO YOU DO. ARE YOU PRETTY ( CAn t be) if you liked your self then you would nt av to run round commenting about others. do me a fav and leave ulisa alone. you are really jealous of her. and all the comments you make are being kept and your going to be sued for it so if I was u id back off. be real be you and get on with your own life. trying to ruin someone cos they successful just ngoesnto say your a nobody with probably a personality disorder or your lacking something about your self otherwise you would nt comment get real bwill you. can t wait to have that face of youyrs wiped over when your sued for bad commenting. serve your rite for not being able to hold your jealous little ass. you deserve nothing and you will never ever get anything in life cos of the sort of people you are. have you got the message now. we don’t want to hear ur comments fuckoff and take your jealous life else where.

  • lodgey

    one more thing all you lot that comment about tulisa will get found out. your comments are being stored so the more comments you make the better it will be when she sues you. don’t think we don’t know who you are. your being watched. we know your ware abouts and addresses. keep nup thew bad comments on tuliusa. its gona rub that smile off your bfaces can t wait

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