Brian McKnight – More Than Words: An Album Review

Laura Hindley

It can be quite tricky to find the perfect backing track for a romantic home-cooked meal, where you are trying to woo the object of your affections. The current music scene delivers hard-hitting bass-filled beats and autotuned lyrics, which are not exactly going to help set the scene of love and all things sexy. However, fear no more; Brian McKnight is back with his new album “More Than Words”, which was released back in March of this year.

We’re going to briskly brush over the highly controversial snippet for “How Your Pu**y Works”, which he released last year, because this album deserves credit of its own. Going back to his true R’n’B roots, the ‘luuurve man’ himself has brought together a collection of songs which bask in melodical and lyrical excellence. The 16-track album wastes no time in charming the ladies, with Brian crooning passion-filled lyrics accompanied by soft guitar licks.

Incorporating some Jazz onto the album, for track “I Didn’t Really Mean To Turn You Out”, gives the album a smooth and sophisticated feel about it; one which will have many female fans blushing away, as the experience of McKnight shines through. The seduction continues into “Sweeter”, which sees Brian confess his attraction to one lucky lady. When combined with the video, whereby we are greeted with the visuals of a woman being blindfolded and seduced with strawberries and honey, this track is probably one you want to fast-forward to should you wish to move things along during your romantic evening. The album’s sex appeal does not overpower Mcknight’s cheeky and playful side however, as “The Front, The Back, The Side” has a whole lot of ‘sexting’ addressed within it.

My score: 7/10. This album is a step in the right direction for any artist wanting to reacquaint the music scene with authentic R’n’B sounds that are well-equipped to leave any woman trembling at the knees. With a lack of modern-day romantic albums to get couples in the mood, this is one I would advise downloading to your Itunes library.

Laura Hindley

I'm 23 and currently working in London Town as an Editor & Social Media Manager. I have a degree in Psychology, which obviously results in me being able to mind read. When coupled with my favourite Silk Spectre costume, it means that I am a superhero. By day a writer, by night a saviour. Who'd have thought it?

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