Krewella: Get Wet


The aptly named ‘Get Wet’ is the debut album that was released on September the 24th from the electronic DJing trio Krewella. Krewella hails from Chicago and is made up of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousef and Kris Trindl, otherwise known as ‘Rainman’. If you are a fan of good music that you can dance to on a Friday night than this is the album for you. The album is packed with carefully chosen lyrics, catchy tunes and high-energy dance numbers that you would expect to find in a club. The EDM trio’s debut album demonstrates that they are not only influenced by the hard, rough sounds of electronic music but also the softer sounds of pop rock music which are also featured on the album. Having gained inspiration from the likes of EDM artists Skrillex and Dead Mouse, the trio manage to deliver a new take on EDM music emphasising the need for well-crafted lyrics as well as well-produced tracks.

Having been a follower of their music since their EP titled ‘Play Hard’ I had high expectations of ‘Get Wet’ and I was definitely not disappointed. The album starts on a high note with ‘Live for the Night’ which combines their rough signature dubstep orientated music with pop-inspired instrumental break downs. Like many of their previous songs ‘Live for the Night’ features Krewella’s ‘party hard’ attitude as well as loosing their inhibitions. The two tracks that follow are ‘We Go Down’ and ‘Come and Get It’ followed by the incredible ‘Enjoy the Ride’. Having heard the acoustic version of ‘Enjoy the Ride’ before the full-fledged electronic dance ballad that it is, I was unsure if it would live up to its beautiful stripped down version. How wrong I was. ‘Enjoy the Ride’ starts softly with a handful of piano chords combined with the sister’s delicate vocals and builds up gradually to a fast paced dance track that you can loose yourself to.

The next couple of tracks ‘We Are One’, ‘Dancing with the Devil’ and ‘Alive’ focus on the trio’s signature mix of electronic synthesiser sounds and aggressive dubstep.

One of my favourite tracks on the album has to be the slow building ‘Pass the Love Around’ which starts off sweetly with drops of synthesisers drifting in and out, building up to a powerful chorus which displays why Krewella are the ones to watch out for. The simple electronic chords combined with the kick of the drum and the harmony between the crisp vocals in the chorus manages to deliver the message of the song. It is clear from the lines ‘The chains are gone/ No ones stopping us from living out loud/ From dusk till dawn/ We loose ourselves in the arms of this crowd’ that at the very heart of the song is the message of letting go of our inhibitions, enjoying every moment as they come as well as enjoying the company of our friends.

One song later we are drawn into the sexy, sultry sounds and vocals of the only love song on the track which is titled ‘Human’. Combining stripped back verses with merely an acoustic guitar, superb haunting vocals, a faded drum pattern and occasional electronic snippets we are drawn into the incredibly crafted track. Despite this the chorus manages to deliver all the aggression and angst one would expect in a love song, especially through the lines ‘I could use a hand sometimes. I am only human.’ Perhaps my favourite lyrics of the track lie in the second verse which states ‘Waiting like a ghost/ When I need you the most I go unnoticed’.

The final track on the album is the ironically titled and placed ‘This is Not the End’ which states, despite the album coming to an end, that this is in fact not the end for the EDM dubstep trio. This track can be admired for its wide variety of explosive dubstep and electronic sounds that demonstrate how far Krewella have come as producers.

Having bought ‘Get Wet’ on Itunes I was also given the bonus tracks ‘Lights and Thunder’ (feat Gareth Emery) and an acoustic version of ‘Enjoy the Ride’. ‘Lights and Thunder’ manages to grip the listener immediately with a progression of electronic sounds and filters which blur into the beginning lines of the song. The song gradually builds up to attack the listener in a hard instrumental breakdown. Finally, the acoustic version of ‘Enjoy The Ride’ manages to showcase the sister’s fantastic vocals and harmonies alongside a simple piano synthesier which delivers a stripped down version of the original track.

Structurally the songs seem to flow into one another with ease making it seem like the EDM music will never stop. While a couple of the tracks seem to have been placed on the album to fill a space there are definitely some star tracks on the record. Being the huge EDM enthusiast that I am I feel Krewella have provided their listeners with a strong debut album that manages to display their ability to explore new styles whilst maintaining their ability to produce high quality EDM tracks.

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