You should play: #2 Fable 2

A sharp situation

I recently picked up Fable 2 in a closing down sale of a shop. It is quite an old game (2008), but this game still retains a certain magic and prowess to it.

The premise is that you are a peasant street child in the capital city of a country called Albion (elements of England play around in the game, especially the accents). You see a travelling fair come into town and want to buy something. Just then a ghost like women named Theresa instructs you to buy a music box. Cue the tutorial missions in trying to rake in the money through various chores. You buy the box and go to sleep. In the middle of the night you get woken up by guards instructing you to see Lord Lucien (high ruler of Bowerstone, Evil guy). He attempts to kill you because you are ‘the hero meant to overthrow him’ but you get saved by Theresa, who is now your mentor in the rest of your travels. Unfortunately your sister gets shot as well and isn’t so lucky, she pans out of the story.

An example of the townscape of Fable 2

Fable is based of a good vs evil style of play. If you be a goody-goody and be helpful to everyone, you gain good renown. This rewards you with dashing good looks and a little halo on top of your player. If you choose to be bad then you start to develop ugly skin with devil horns, people start to hate you and refuse to serve you. The only upside to being evil is that it is so much more fun, shooting and casting spells while raking in large amounts of money.

Food is also important. If you eat only vegetables to regain your health you gain good points, because you are considered pure. If a diet of meat and alcohol is your thing, you starting building on the pounds and adding on that evil. PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) commended this, saying they liked the influence of Vegetarianism in the game.

Although this game is from 2008, it is very ambitious. You don’t have to stick to the main quest, you can do a whole host of other things in the world. For example: you can use all of your hard earned gold to buy any shop or house you can go into in the game and either rake a slice of their income or rent it out. You can also use a scroll wheel function to woo people into marrying you, setting up a homestead and having a baby (did I mention you get a choice between protected or unprotected sex, very raunchy).

The weaponry is very cool as well. You get a development system where you can buy spells and make them even more powerful by using XP you gain from slaying people. They give you the option to use the sword, the gun and spells with unique buttons assigned to each, which aids rapid combat where you can switch easily. Also all of the ammo/ magic is infinite, so you can have shoot em up sessions without the dreaded fear of running out of ammo.

I personally enjoy the fact that this game is co-op, because I can play alongside my brother. This game is back from the time when games were ambitious and had soul. Little features that made you just stop and stare, such as the charming cartoonish like graphics which was common of games of that era, before they tried to HD games up and go through a temporary period of ruining them. If you like a long campaign with old school rpg games such as The elder scrolls Oblivion, I recommend this game.


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