Student Tenants Treated Poorly #LandlordIssues

Why is it acceptable for Landlord’s to take the piss out of student tenants?

I live in a house with four of my friends, who are also students. I’m not going to lie, there are occasional McDonalds wrappers left on the side or the odd vodka bottle, but I’m sure a house of boys is probably messier.

We moved into our student house this September, a cute little semi-detached in Southampton, Bedford Place. It looked adorable, with plenty of parking and nice size rooms, however our excitement for planning the decorations probably meant we didn’t view the house as analytically as we probably should have.

Now we have wised up to the cracks, the broken door locks and the mould that is spreading throughout the house.

The doors don’t open probably, they have gaps creating an impressive draft, (great for the heating bills) broken sinks, a washing machine that barely works… the list goes on..

One of the biggest issues is the spread of mould. We open windows, we air the house… we’ve even bleached the walls! It seems to be growing up my walls and on the windows, our landlord doesn’t show an inkling of concern. Having asthma myself, mould is not welcomed.


Apparently, the mould (that was there when we moved in) is our fault of course.
We have even had two break-in attempts. We asked for sensor lights and a back gate, it took over a month to fit a sensor light, which two days later broke. The gate was laughed off.

If we were a family with children for example, these problems would be sorted the minute we contact our landlord. But instead we get him coming round whenever he feels free and dodging making any improvements, and if he does do it, (shock horror) it is done in the cheapest and simplest way possible.

So why is it OK to treat tenants so poorly, and even more so the lack of concern for students. It is as though our landlord thinks that we are going to let him get away with the rude texts, surprise visits and the false promises.
They are five people in this house who are studying for a degree, therefore between us there are a few brain cells rattling around…. Poor landlord man will not know what has hit him.



We are printing out the inappropriate texts, taking photos of every single thing that is wrong, highlighting everything in the contract that he has not conducted… We may be a bunch of girls who have a One Direction poster in the living room, but we know our stuff and all students should re-read your contracts and see what you are entitle too.

Being treated badly is not fair, and would not be acceptable for any other tenants, it seems they think because we are ‘only students’ it doesn’t matter.

They couldn’t be more wrong.


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