A Menswear Guide: What to Wear During The Wedding Season


Summer sun always means one thing year in and year out – weddings, weddings and more weddings. Whilst hearing ‘I do’ a million times is not exactly any man’s ideal way to spend their summer, the abundance of summer weddings provide great reason to dust off your most fashionable gear and look ultra hot – because who knows, maybe it will be your wedding everyone will be attending next summer. This seasons wedding attire is anything but boring – don’t be afraid to take some risks. So without further ado, here are our top picks for awesome wedding attire this season.


A Pink Shirt

Gone are the days where it was forbidden for men to wear pink – this season pink will be celebrated in all its glory! You’ve got to be smart about the materials you’re choosing to wear – in the scorching heat, cotton or wool shirts will have you blistering under the sun. Chambray is the way to the go. It is the lightest of all fabrics and will certainly have you sweating the least! (Because let’s be honest, sweat marks are not a good look.) The good thing about the chambray shirt is that it’s very versatile – you can wear it to a wedding but you can also wear it to dinner or a night out. Institchu has our pick this season with an awesome range of shirts in a variety of colours.



Sunglasses are a must

To top off any wedding outfit, sunglasses are certainly a must. This season we’re going back to basics with classic Rayban Wayfarers and Aviators making a (very prominent) comeback. These sunglasses suit basically every shape face and are actually very complimenting. They’re also perfect for hiding any tired (or hungover) eyes from the night before.



Keep your footwear fun

Work shoes are for work – period. No one should have to suffer through the blistering heat in closed leather shoes. These days you can find very stylish open boat shoes that are smart enough to be worn at a wedding, but casual enough to not make you feel uncomfortable. You’ll be on your feet for hours dancing (or standing) so it’s important to make a comfortable choice or you really won’t enjoy the day/night.


Wear cufflinks

Cufflinks are a must this season. Invest in a good pair and you’ll have them for life (and maybe even pass them down to your children!) Go for classic here (either silver or gold) with not too much fuss as otherwise you may get tired of them. Cufflinks should stay classic and the rest of your outfit can ‘push the boundaries.’



Choose a great watch

A wedding is a perfect excuse to wear that watch you’ve been keeping for special occasions. Try to stay away from bulky sport watches and go with something classic. Think black or brown leather straps and gold/silver/white faces – whatever takes your fancy, just make sure to keep it classy. Omega have our pick with stunning watches that you’ll keep for a lifetime.

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