5 golden rules of using social media


Regardless of age, if you wish to stay ahead of the times (especially in this day), learning a little about the ins and outs of social media is a must.


1. Staying safe online

A large proportion of those not online are the elderly, yet for those who are, staying safe online is of the upmost importance. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to learn the ins and outs of the web. From downloading apps to making online purchases and talking to loves ones that live half way across the globe, there’s a lot to learn.

You may wish to attend a tutorial in store or alternatively watch an online lesson from the comfort of your McCarthy & Stone home. The latter option may require a little help to set up. If you have grandchildren, they’ll more than likely be able to teach you the ropes but your helpful apartment manager might be able to lend a hand too if you get stuck.


2. Privacy settings

Most people are on Facebook today, however, a huge number of these people haven’t yet worked out how to use their privacy settings. If you haven’t sorted out your privacy settings then now is the time to do so. If not, anyone will be able to view your posts, pictures and info.


3. It is not all numbers

For some, achieving thousands upon thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is a long-term goal. However, it’s not all about numbers and it all comes down to ‘who’ is following you. There is no great value in having a multitude of fans if they have no interest in what you have to say.


4. Stop talking

Social media is generally only valuable when a two way cycle. It is all well and good to take in information and offer contribution, as long as you’re also issuing information and receiving comments. The golden rule to remember is ‘listening is just as valuable as talking’.


5. Nothing happens over night 

Just as you would with any project, social media should be built up gradually and consistently. Quite simply following as many profiles on the first day won’t get you anywhere and those who try to become as big as possible in a short space of time are often selling out. It’s therefore wise to write down your objectives prior to creating a profile and ensure you stick within your aims.

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