Every thought that has crossed a females mind, at least once

1) Right, my holiday is in 4 months; that’s plenty of time for me to transform this pot belly into a temple of abs, right after I finish this full english.

2) I wonder how many calories is in this McNugget.
mc nuggets

3) Oh wow, her ass is better than my face.
ass gihp

4) She caught me staring, she’s probably questioning my sexuality right now.

5) Let me stare at the floor for a while, that’s the safe zone.

6) Oh great, now it looks like I’m admiring feet.


7) She should have painted her toes.


8) It’s been over an hour and no one has liked my picture on Instagram, I’m a goblin, I knew it.

9) Wine doesn’t count as a calorie, right?


10) I’ll just have one glass anyway.


11) I wonder if it’s socially acceptable to drink Chardonnay from a pint glass.

12) Mm, McNuggets are the bomb.


13) I wonder when I’ll be rich.


14) Strippers earn a ton, maybe that’s a career path I should look into.


15) I wonder if being a stripper requires you to have no stomach.

16) Maybe I’ll just stick to retail.


17) Is he looking at me because he finds me attractive or because he’s never seen someone so fugly.

18) I’m gonna’ have a salad today.

19) Followed by a chocolate muffin as a reward for eating the salad.


20) I wonder if I repeatedly check my bank balance, it might increase.

21) I need a sugar daddy.


22) No, I’m an independent female who relies on no man!


23) Card declined, this is so awks.


24) I wonder where I would even find a sugar daddy.

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