How To Have A Tailgate Party To Remember


It’s almost time for the big game. All of your friends are excited and you all want to have the best pre-game tailgate party possible. However, you’ve never done it before and you have no idea where to get started. Does that sound like you? That’s okay. Setting up a tailgate party that astonishes the rest of the crowd and shows support for your favourite team is not as difficult as it may seem. It just takes planning, a little bit of effort, and a willingness to have fun.

In this article, we’ll go over a few ways that you can really set up an impressive tailgate party. You’ll learn about the types of food that will work best, how to stay out of the sun and rain, and how to really show off your team spirit.


A Reprieve From The Weather

Football is an outdoor sport. That means that whatever the weather is outside on game day is the weather you’re stuck with. If you don’t plan ahead and bring some shelter, it’s very possible that you’ll end up soaked or sunburned by the end of the party, and you certainly won’t feel great during the actual game.

If you’d like to actually enjoy the day, it’s best to bring a tent. No, not the kind that you stake into the ground and camp in. You’ll want a form of pop-up tent or canopy. The market has a great variety of tents and canopies designed specifically for events like tailgate parties.

If you’re having a simple party with just a couple of friends and an old circle grill, you can opt to just get a pop-up tent. It’ll provide plenty of room for you and a few guests and it might even be big enough for a grill and cooler, too. If you want to stand out and have a massive gathering of friends or random people, a marquee tent will handle anything you need it to. A marquee tent is a large, square perimeter, pointed top tent that is open on all sides. It can provide shelter for a number of people, and it can even hold inflatable furniture underneath if you really want to have an elaborate setup. If you want to see what these tents look like, you can check out Ins’TenT.


Food For The Masses

Obviously, a big game is going to attract a big crowd. You’re likely to have a lot of your own friends with you and if the food smells good, you’ll probably have some random people asking to try it out. You want to have foods that you can cook outdoors and in large quantities.

One of the most traditional things to cook at a tailgate party is barbecue. There’s just something about standing outside and cooking some of the best meats on an open flame. You can do this fairly cheaply, too. With a bit of planning, you can load up on quality cuts of meat and good brats or hotdogs while they’re on sale. Then you can thaw them out and grill them on game day.

Foods like pork steaks, burgers, rib sections, and brats or hot dogs are fan favourites at tailgate parties. If you spend some time learning to cook them properly beforehand and you find the perfect sauce to spice things up with, you can please all of your friends and the noses of every other tailgater at the game.


Team Spirit

The entire point of a tailgate party is to show team spirit while having a good time. Why not brand your setup with team logos and mascot images? When you go to order your tent for the party, request that the company place your team’s logo on the most visible spot. You can also buy team flags to stand up around your area or brand your own grills and coolers with team stickers. Don’t forget to wear your favourite team’s jersey or other merchandise. Get into the spirit of the party and support your team.

You might still be hungry for tips and tricks to make your next tailgate party the best that it can be. While this article can help, there are some other sources, too. Check out this article on Forbes and learn a little bit more about making your tailgate party the best it can be.

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