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17 April 2014
Anthony Ash

Anthony Ash

I work in English Language Teaching and I'm a postgraduate student of English Linguistics. I enjoy writing and producing articles. My main interests are education, the economy and society. #Commentisalwaysfree Follow me on Twitter @Ashowski
  • Show Homophobia the Pink Card

    by - May 30, 2013
    P*fter, f*ggot, q*eer, b*nt, b*m boy, f*iry – FA players, both straight and gay, have been in the firing line of such bombardments of abuse for many years now. In the second half of the 20th...
  • Putting ‘Cheap’ into Uni Degrees

    by - Mar 4, 2013
    At the beginning of the academic year, the bloggersphere saw a wave of blogs promoting studies abroad. If you have considered going abroad to study, the next question for you is where to go? My answer...
  • To Oppose or To Support Gay Marriage?

    by - Feb 20, 2013
    What to do with the same-sex marriage bill – oppose it or support it? After typing the topic into Google, I was hit with a myriad of pages which outline arguments against it. What about the...
  • A Stereotype Future? Do paperback books have a future?

    by - Jan 10, 2013
    Sitting in a pub with a good friend, Newcastle was winning against Everton, we exchanged Christmas gifts (slightly belated due to family commitments). Bottle of wine and a good read for my friend; for me, Richard...
  • Educate the Gap

    by - Jan 5, 2013
    “Children really do live in poverty in Britain!”  “Universities aren’t doing enough to attract poorest pupils!”  “Education gap grows between rich and poor!” The working class, poverty, and the education gap: held against the backdrop of...
  • Again, Again, and Again

    by - Dec 23, 2012
    Throw a stone and it’s a punishable offence. If a thousand stones are thrown, then it’s a political movement. Set a car on fire and it’s a punishable offence, set a hundred cars on fire and...
  • Homage to Catalonia

    by - Dec 1, 2012
    “In the Lenin Barracks in Barcelona, the day before I joined the militia, I saw an Italian militiaman standing in front of the officers’ table.” Seeing the news headlines on TV España this morning, I wondered...
  • Krakow – off the beaten track

    by - Nov 30, 2012
    Certain places in the world have become so inundated with visitors, all those little things that made them so special and unique have simply become commercialised. They’ve become inaccessible, like Stonehenge where a small number of...
  • Does the EU deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

    by - Oct 17, 2012
    The year 1945 – we fought them on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields and streets, and we never surrendered. After years of countless lives and blood shed at the cost of war,...
  • Foreign Trains – do they fare better?

    by - Oct 7, 2012
    For some of us, a train is much more than a train; the means of transport is the journey in itself, not the destination. Regardless of whatever personal value a train may have to you, it...
  • A-levels then Uni? Think again!

    by - Aug 18, 2012
    The story goes that tried and tested methods are the best. Our nation as well as western societies have a penchant for sticking to what we know best. Even in the business world the saying goes...
  • Poland travel guide – will you return in a coffin?

    by - Aug 8, 2012
    Shortly before Euro 2012 kicked off, the BBC’s Panorama programme aired a documentary which investigated the issue of racism in the two host nations and brought into question whether they should have been chosen for this...