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I’ve always seen myself as a musician first and a writer second. Recently, that self-perception has begun to change. Two years ago, I moved away from my home in Milton Keynes to study songwriting at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. That year in Brighton was undoubtedly the best time of my life so far. Finally, I had the time to put life to one side and just enrich myself in music. But, I didn’t stop writing. In fact, I fell head over heels for music journalism. I relaunched my music blog ‘pippasays’ that I began when I was 16 and I spent last summer as an intern at Rock Sound magazine and NME. After a year of music, I left the bohemian seaside city and moved up north to study journalism at the University of Sheffield. Since stepping up my game in journalism, I’ve become a music writer for various publications. Although my specialism is music, I also love going to the theatre, reading books, watching ballets, going to art galleries and keeping up with the politics of daily life. Those interests are the sorts of subjects that I will write about in Yuppee. I hope readers enjoy my work as much as I love writing it.

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