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Yuppee Magazine is a dedicated online news portal that brings you the latest Music reviews / Film reviews / Fashion / Culture / Travel / Sport and much more! Our team of young, hungry journalists write about subjects they are passionate about and strive to deliver quality for our readers.

I am a London based writer, blogger and author who is currently studying at 'The University of Life'. My chosen subject is 'What Makes People Tick'. I love music, films, football, Arsenal FC and can't go a day without having a laugh. Follow me on Twitter @SheBeShelly and check out my blog

A Journalism graduate from Sheffield with an interest in music, fashion, writing, travel and literature. I write a music and fashion blog at: To get in contact email: or you can follow me on Twitter: @charlottiebob

I'm a Northerner in my 20s currently working in London in media and communications. I've been living in the Big Smoke for almost a decade, which makes me feel really old, and my loyalty will always lie with my beloved; Manchester United.

Journalism & Creative Writing graduate from Middlesex Uni. My four favourite things are writing, television, food, and television again. I can usually be found screaming about how much i love Teen Wolf. @msmariealex

A passionate Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies graduate with a penchant to work within the industry; to flourish on the worlds fashion and lifestyle affairs and have an unquenchable thirst for every facet of fashion coverage, its juggling demands and incredible opportunities. Contact me on: Tweet me: @ZoeBrookes1 Follow my blog:

Aspiring screenwriter, journalist & film-maker from Essex & London @tomhef /

Lover of the written word. Poet. Undergrad Student. Writer and Aspiring Journalist. Writing is my truest form of self expression. You can find my poetry on:

Just back into writing, like to write sports and humour mostly. Have been known to be serious, every so often, but in the main, humour is my thing. Love to hear feedback on my writing, thick skinned so don't hold back lol. Follow me on twitter @fergalcantwell. Living in Kilkenny, Ireland. Blog available at

I'm Charles and I am a 21 year old Journalism top-up student with University of Bedfordshire. I love music, film, various sports but primarily football, and my two dogs, and am also keen on writing all sorts of stuff. My Twitter is @chlcrk, I also contribute local news stuff for @CitiBlog_MK and my personal blog is

20 year old Journalism and English Literature student at Staffordshire University with a keen interest in Film, Football, Cycling and Boxing. Follow me on Twitter- @liamhoofe

I'm India Thomas; an English Literature undergraduate and freelance writer who has also worked as ex-Music Editor of Forward Magazine, a staff writer at @OnTheComeUpTV and a staff writer for Scarlett London magazine Head to for news, reviews, music interviews and gig coverage or follow me on Twitter @Indiaalit for more...

20 year old Trainee Sports Journalist studying at the University of Huddersfield. Reporter for British GT racing driver Tom Oliphant and writer at Electric Autosport on Formula E. Small obsession for fast cars.

Hello, my name is Luke Bigmore. I am a 31-year-old journalism graduate from Southampton Solent University. I love TV, music, film, the Internet, football and tennis. Follow me on Twitter: @lpbigmore

I'm a recent Magazine Journalism Graduate who wants to travel the world and see the sights. Just need to get through a year of "adult working-life" before I can jet-set (or backpack) and write about what the world can offer us. Follow my daily ramblings: @Janieeeeeee

A grad with a thing for fashion.

<a href="">Ricky Carbis</a> I am an experienced journalist who has travelled extensively and has a keen interest in writing about various subjects including: Travel, Sport, Music, and Film. Follow me on twitter @RickyCarbis

Sports and news junkie from Wales. Love travelling, learning languages and watching films. Swansea City and Llanelli Scarlets fan whose sporting claim to fame is nearly hitting ex-England paceman Simon Jones for six! (on a shortened boundary!)

I recently graduated from Southampton Solent University where I studied magazine journalism. Music and fashion is the name of the game. Read me on blogger: Follow me on twitter: @SamMMerritt

A 19 year old University of Hertfordshire Mass Communications student, studying Journalism, English Language, Media Studies and New Media Publishing. Follow me on Twitter - @AlexCBest

20 Year Old student studying Media Production at De Montfort University with a huge love for Fashion. I have my own Fashion blogs and I'm loving student life and dream of a career in fashion-related print media. Follow my endless stream of Tweets at @annamontanaxx :)

24-year-old Welsh film enthusiast. Philosophy, Film Studies & working life all in Sheffield. Likes: documentaries. Dislikes: surrealism and Wes Anderson films. Tweetable: @M_S_Prescott

French and History student at the University of Sheffield, Screen Editor for ForgePress, and keen writer seeking as much experience as I can possibly get my hands on. Passionate about literature, and pretty much in love with Back to the Future. Follow me on Twitter @philwbayles or read my blog: I also do weddings and bar mitzvahs.

I'm an English and Creative Writing graduate from Southend-on-Sea, Essex. I'm also an aspiring music writer, with some love on the side for film, football and fitness. Amateur screenwriter, professional cynic, and Bantersaurus Rex.

A 23 year old university graduate in Sports Development, I play and watch sport as often as is possible, usually in between the inconvenience of work. Football, cricket, Formula 1 and cycling will be my focus, but I may dabble in other areas if I feel it necessary. You can find me on Twitter: @peteosmont

Studying English Language at Newcastle University. I'd love to be a music journalist and I mostly write about pop punk bands and spend my life trying to go to gigs and afford music.

Journalism student at the Univeristy of Portsmouth. Interested in anything music, film and entertainment! @aliceeehughes

Studying Media at Nottingham Trent. Passion for WWE, Sport (in particular football), commentating and writing. Friendly and easily approachable! Follow me on Twitter: AmarSharma93.

My name's Scott and I'm an aspiring writer; I am studying English Literature, Politics, Sociology and Modern History at A-level. Reading books and listening to music is the perfect way to spend my time. Read my articles and follow me on Twitter!

23, Journalism Student, Lover of Unicorns. Interests include Documentaries, Theatre, Books, Travel and Fitness.

<a href="">Kealie Mardell</a> Journalism Undergraduate from the University of Hertfordshire, taking a Study Abroad year at California State University, Long Beach.

Graduate of English and French from The University of Southampton. I have a healthy obsession with film and television, as well as interests in music and photography. Apart from film, I enjoy writing about and discussing culture and society, or anything which attracts controversy!

I'm currently about to begin the incredible journey that is university where I hope some writing opportunities will arise with a BA media degree. I'm a keen fashion and culture writer and have been since a young age. I've been living alone for about 2 and a half years now so I would say I'm very independent for a 19 year old. I'm also obsessed with music such as Motown and hip-hop, it's my life and I'm hoping I can portray this in my posts. Check out some more from me -

Proud graduate of the University of Lincoln and journalist intern. When I'm not playing with words I'm busy being a pub geek, pogonophile, internet junky and lover of books and all things sci-fi. One of those guys in purple and red for London 2012.

I am 19-year-old a trainee journalist currently studying Multimedia Journalism (BA Hons) at Teesside University. I have a passion for sports and aspire to work in sports journalism in radio or writing but am open to broadening my horizons into music or film. I am currently working as a presenter on a student ran radio station known as Click Radio Teesside running a weekly show. I am currently working on the sports desk at BBC Tees. Follow me on Twitter! @Matthewjones2M

Sports Journalist @ Staffordshire University, Stoke City fan, Wrestling fan and occasional snooker watcher, I love fashion and films and like to blog about both, Movie reviews and Match reports are my forte :D Come along and have a read.

I'm a UKC English Language and Linguistics Graduate living in Cornwall with a passion for Historical linguistics as well as Films, TV and Video Games... Basically anything with a screen really, I like screens. And Books, well I guess paper is sort of a screen isn't it?

A Brighton-based English Literature graduate with an extensive knowledge of TOWIE trivia, Sophia is currently embarking on the simultaneously daunting and incredibly tedious journey that is commonly known as'looking for a job.' She enjoys baking, pretending to be ginger, and the poetry of Sylvia Plath.

Amateur writer; Expert complainer.

Jonathan is a writer, film enthusiast and aspiring reviewer from Birmingham, UK. In his spare time, he likes to travel, seek out strange movies and hit rock concerts. Catch up with his reviews on or follow him on Twitter @jlpjon

I'm studying Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent University. Originally from Hertfordshire, I enjoy fashion, good food and socialising. Follow me on twitter @lucy_acton

Journalist from South London who likes to tell people stuff. Follow me on twitter @hot_babble and check out my blog

21 year old South African student who enjoys words.

19, studying Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent University. I Love to write, oh and and I present on the radio! Follow me on twitter @_taniaaaa and follow my blog about all things fashion/music related

I'm a recent film university graduate, who is hoping to further my passion for screen - writing further. As well as my love of films, I'm also really passionate about rock music.

English Language and Media Graduate from Brighton with a passion for the written word. Huge interest in music, TV, film, fashion and culture, with an in-built adoration for photography. A picture may tell a thousand words, but those - to me - are just as important!

I'm from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Assumed anglophile who thinks fashion is a form of art and saves all of her money to travel the world. In a perfect world, my beat would be the British royals. As of right now, I'm a lifestyle blogger and entertainment editor for a big Internet media.

Street Team Member at Radio City/City 2 | Podcaster - 'Game of Stories' - COMING SOON | Lover of the movies | Writer of all podcasts at Yuppee! Follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @shellhoman

22 year-old Communication and Media graduate, currently working as a copywriter and social media assistant by day and blogger by night. I will be supplying reviews of a varied nature, from features, opinion pieces and beauty products to music and gig reviews. So watch this space. Tweet, tweet (@bexybex74).

Graduated from university about 100 years ago and has been writing, moaning ever since.... follow me on twitter @moanermum

I study Journalism and English Language at the University of Portsmouth. Hoping to become a full time Music Journo in the long run. I'm a band nerd, soundcloud junkie and self-confessed shower singer. I love festivals and all things music. Follow me on Twitter @JessGruet.

I am a scientist (professional student) but a writer at heart. I hope to use my writing to make a difference and to be a voice that adds value to society. I write about all kinds of things and try to be comedic. I am proudly South African. Follow me on twitter @LameezOmarjee and subscribe to my blog

Magazine Journalism graduate, full on dog fanatic and travel enthusiast. I like to tweet pics of my border collie Peter, and chat about my love for tea and biscuits @suzie_atc

I am not the norm. Media Studies graduate, 25 year old Nigerian from London. Aspirations in life are pretty simple, to write or not to write, that is the question. Hector Riva of languages,in my head. Dive into my subconscious, if you're lucky you might find yourself. Bisous.

<a href="">Ben Skipper</a> An entertainment junkie, supreme talker of bollocks and former semi-finalist on Pop Stars: The Rivals. One of those is a lie. My favourite words are boat, toast and shenanigans. Follow me on Twitter @bskipper27

This radio hopeful you see Who is live and is loud, young, and free When she's big, you'll say, hell That name's easy to spell She's a Cat but with one extra 'T'

19 year-old student journalist, theatre and fashion lover, drinker of tea, all round adventurer and semi-professional cheerleader. Some people say I'm a drama queen, but I just enjoy the finer things in life. Twitter: @KatieOldham

I study Film Screenwriting at Salford University and naturally like films, but also theater, poetry, fantasy/crime fiction, hiking, and travel. I spend my days writing, reading motivational quotes and planning my next trip. Check out my wolf based blog at

I'm a 23 year old English graduate who is passionate about film, music, fashion, style and blogging. Follow me on twitter @ninifrancesca

22 years old. English Language Graduate.

Aloha! My name is Jonika Kinchin (Jon-i-ka not Jon-ee-ka), Tweenteen years old studying Journalism at the University of Bedfordshire. Cat enthusiast, professional mirror dancer, addicted to twitter and cherryade, known to burst into song at inappropriate moments.

I work in English Language Teaching and I'm a postgraduate student of English Linguistics. I enjoy writing and producing articles. My main interests are education, the economy and society. #Commentisalwaysfree Follow me on Twitter @Ashowski

Student journalist and snobbish record store clerk. Once made eye contact with Prince.

Commonly known as RJ. I am a 22 year old student of International Relations at the University of Lincoln but I was born and raised in the seaside town of Cleethorpes.

Hello! I'm just a 23-year-old freelance writer pursuing her dreams in Journalism/PR. Articles are typically on things I find interesting, irritating or inspiring. Hope you enjoy reading what I enjoy writing. Tweet me @rebeccahgeorgex xo

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a child, I used to play to create magazines; when I grew up I got a Social Communication Degree. I love to write and everything around that.

Journalism graduate who requires tea-making facilities at all times.

Journalism, Media&Culture student at The University of Worcester. Massive film fan, travel addict and award winning tea drinker. Currently working towards a job in radio broadcasting. Follow me on Twitter at @PatiGreen

A 23 year old Media and Journalism graduate, desperate to break into the media industry.

Bridget Jones meets X Factor meets Location Location oh & er Hi Di Hi. Freelance writer & Dreamer. Lover of music, entertainment, theatre, concerts, films, food, travel, books and most girly things. Follow me on Twitter @tanyalouiseray

I am an American Studies (with International Study Abroad) graduate from the University of Nottingham, and I'm now studying for a MA in journalism at Salford. I have had a long love affair with music of all varieties for as long as I can remember, and I love to write on a variety of subjects.

I am an English Language and Creative Writing graduate and an NCTJ Multimedia Journalism student :) I write a blog on my hopeful journey to becoming a journalist:

A journalism novice eager to find my own personal writing niche. I enjoy writing about: travel, music, health and wellness. I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember, and I employ my poetic license when required to paint pictures with my words. Tweet me: @lovelyfae57 and follow my blog:

I'm Jess, from Liverpool and I'm a 21 year old student journalist. I love 90s Julia Roberts movies, editorial fashion, live music, the west end and travelling. My weaknesses in life are cheese, chocolate, lipstick, an urban outfitters sale and The OC. Dream is to break into the mad working world of fashion journalism! @jesshopeevans

Freelance journalist. MA in Human rights & conflict journalism.

Books | Travel | Food | Environment. @_chakin

19 year old student. Aspiring journalist with a strong interest in fashion. Twitter: @laurensharkey_

I guess you could say I am a little bit of a techno geek. I love computers and technology, I am interested in a career in journalism and expanding my knowledge in this field further.

I am 19 years old, studying Politics and Journalism at De Monfort University. Writing is a passion of mine so expect plenty of news, reviews and opinions on what to do for the foreseeable future! Follow me on twitter: @DotteeLottie

28 years old. Latin American Studies graduate. Currently studying magazine journalism. Animal lover. Art enthusiast. Music addict.

I am 19 with a real love of fashion and music, I am currently at university studying history and I hope one day to work in the fashion or music magazine industry. Check out my blog:

I am a journalism graduate from Berkshire who absolutely adores writing.

I'm a British expatriate living in the United Arab Emirates. Alongside working in the motor-sport industry I enjoy writing in all its forms; particularly sports analysis and opinion pieces. Aside from being a sarcastic, cynical, opinionated, miserable pain, I am very good, that's it.

History student, finally giving myself a kick up the backside to fulfil my love of writing. I love to travel. I'm a bit of a dreamer. I buy way too many books and I probably love French films more than I care to admit. @JessicaRose_91

20 years old, currently studying English Literature, Journalism and French at the University of Hertfordshire, with the aim to hopefully one day become a magazine journalist or a publisher. Lover of films, books, fashion and holidays, and obsessed with glossy mags! @charlotteh269

A 21 year old student of Denison University studying English Literature with a Creative Writing Emphasis. Lover of fashion, yoga, books, travel, vintage finds, and writing. Follow me on Twitter- @cmccauley10 and check out my personal blog at

Journalism student who wants to travel the world and see the sights. I am a writer and editor with a big love for fashion. 'To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping'. Follow me: @tammycee13

An aspiring journalist from the little ol' county of Devon. My interests mainly include writing (evidently), film and music. You'll either find me with my head buried in a book, writing or having a Netflix binge.

The name's Jack, I'm an aspiring poet/writer from the UK. One of the last believers in the pen is mightier than the sword. Sarcasm is my forte. Passion is my drive. You can follow me @Jack_Niall.

Politics. Blogger. Food Lover. Peoples Person. Journalism. A Cup of Tea. Television. Family & Friends Dear to Me. Laughter & Fun. Against Opression. Freedom & Democracy <3

Graduate from the University of Central Lancashire with a 2:1 in Journalism. Winner of the Jonathan Saunders Memorial Award for best Newspaper Journalism Student 2013.

Clothes enthusiast, serial shopper and Fashion Blogger for My ultimate dream is to work in fashion magazines.

I graduated from Royal Holloway university in 2011 with a degree in English and Latin and I'm currently studying the NCTJ diploma in journalism. Writing is my passion and there is nothing I want to do more than journalism. Horse-riding and travel are my other loves- I'm just about to embark on a round the world trip! Follow me on twitter @Charpordage.

I am a twenty something year old who works full time in order to fund my part time obsession that is blogging. I run a life style blog called The Hungry Bird, where I write about everything from food, to beauty, and everything else in between...

A 20-year old Journalism & Media Studies student, who is just about to graduate. Also a part-time local music promoter, musician and manager. I hope to contribute a surplus of creative, insightful and thought-provoking articles to Yuppee and hope not to rant too much. Follow me on Twitter - @DanuelKC.

Currently studying for my AS levels, keen writer and actress. A True Londoner, hair dye addictee, avid tweeter and lover all things music, theatre and fashion and junk food. Follow me on twitter @ellenfjohnson

21 year old literature student. Writer, social media addict and keen cosmetics enthusiast. "When it rains, look for rainbows, when it's dark, look for stars."

UKC English Language & Linguistics graduate currently wading through the job market. Lover of G&T's, period dramas and good shoes.

Magazine Journalism graduate with a passion for fashion, beauty and mag design.

22 years old, recent graduate of The University of Hertfordshire, studied English Literature, Journalism and Creative Writing. Loves reading, writing, travelling, cats and sparkly things. Dislikes spiders and peanuts. A lot. Now works in digital marketing.

Samantha is known as the 'Pole Dancing Travel Geek'. She has hung up her stilettos, packed her backpack and boarded flights to places she had never thought of going to before. Documenting her fabulous travel experiences on her blog 'Totally Sam's World', you can join Sam on her mission to see the real world, and hear her spill the beans on the geekiness and gossip she encounters! Samantha has many passions in life; she's a dancer, shopaholic, music lover, keen writer and dreamer.

22. Generally cheerful but with ill-tempered tendencies. Can usually be found writing, ranting or obsessing over Lost.

I’m Rachel, a Communication and Media graduate interested in film/ television production and digital marketing. I’ll be contributing features, reviews and opinion pieces to Yuppee. Tweet me: @rachelmacgregor Check out my portfolio: Add me on LinkedIn:

A London student with big hopes and aspirations. Will formulate an opinion about anything and everything, 'telling it as it is.' Open to trying new experiences. Enjoy writing and I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

Scientist, amateur journalist and closet foodie. Twitter? @M_eganP

Hello! I am a 22 year old recent graduate who studied Business. I have a keen interest in sport, music, film, technology and the economy. Feel free to follow me on twitter: @Ross_C_Arnone + @rossarnone

23 year-old with the imagination of a 5 year-old. I love writing, anything Disney-related and not getting haircuts.

English Literature student at Swansea University. Keen to get as much experience and knowledge in the field of journalism. Also would love opinions and critiques of my work if you've any to offer! Looking forward to travelling the world and meeting new people.

I am a 22 year old recent social science (psych) graduate, MA Student who loves comedy, music, film, theatre and TV.

I am a History and History of Art graduate looking to forge a career in magazine journalism. In my spare time I enjoy writing for online publications and blogging. @Fearon91

I am an English Language student at the University of Chester and an aspiring writer! I work part-time for a bridal magazine and enjoy writing about anything from politics to fashion. My interests include travel, films, books and ballet. Twitter- @eleanorroseweb

Currently in my third year of studying Journalism, with the dream of making my way into the glossy world of magazines. I only like cup of teas when there are good biscuits to dunk and I'm a pro at not attending the gym. Follow me on twitter @sophieRtomblin

I am at student at the University of Hertfordshire studying Sports studies and journalism and media cultures. I love sports and love to write about it whether it be football, rugby, cricket or many more

English graduate, coffee lover and dance-aholic, with a desire to escape a small town in exchange for city life! Aspiring to work in journalism, I love to write and research and hope in the future to produce television documentaries such as Cutting Edge. However, writing is where my passion truly lies. There is nothing like the power of words... Twitter: @Lucia_Paulis

21 year old Journalism student at Portsmouth University. Huge sports fan, namely football and cricket. Will look to add as many articles as possible to keep all my adoring fans happy!

I'm a journalist and writer from the Shire of Herts. I try to be funny, it makes awkward subjects bearable! Tweet me @CarleanneGwen :)

Journalism student at UWE Football and Cricket enthusiast

20 years old. Studying English at university. I like wings on my eyeliner and pizza on my plate. Obsessions include: horror films, Lana Del Rey and cats.

Journalism & media graduate living, writing, eating and sleeping in lovely Manchester. Expect a variety of articles on all sorts.

Sarah is a 21 year old magazine journalism postgraduate at Kingston University. Originally from Pennsylvania in the USA, she has lived in England nearly three years and is pursuing a career in the magazine industry. In her spare time, she bakes, travels, and writes - a lot.

Hey all, I'm Hayley. I'm a huge football fan I love my boys in blue- Tottenham Hotspur, lover of theatre and all things Irish. I love a good film and a good book. All i've ever wanted to do is write so here I am.

Hello person who has just so happened to find themselves on my page! I'm Damian, an Irish student living in Liverpool. When I'm not in uni doing journalist things or at work doing work things you can usually find me at home, drinking a bucket of tea. Catch me at @Damo_Leonard

I am a movie geek, i love writing cinema reviews and giving my thoughts on different movies. I study journalism at university and I am currently in my second year. I hope to make it as a journalist and I am keen to grow and get as much experience as I can.

Dane Curel graduated from Coventry University in 2014, after studying English for 3 years. Whilst there he wrote for and occasionally edited the University's creative writing magazine, Coventry Words. Dane now writes Yuppee's Charity-Shop Book Review, which updates every second Tuesday of the month, and is written with the hope of bringing to readers' attention those forgotten treasures which have languished too long on charity-shop shelves. In addition, Dane maintains a blog, The Grown-Up Game, which details his efforts to move from University into full-time employment, and aims to provide advice and entertainment for young people struggling to find their feet in a world of adults. The Grown-Up Game updates once a week on Fridays. Follow @DaneCurel to stay abreast of news and updates; alternatively, Dane can be contacted via

Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures, currently studying Languages and Communication. TV shows addict. Pizza lover. You can follow me on Twitter.

I'm a third year film student at Staffordshire University. I'm 21, a huge film nerd. And I don't have very original social media usernames. Follow me on Twitter @alexsummerbell < See.

Just a kid with a keyboard and an aspiration to become a professional wordsmith. Check out some of my work to date at: Or follow my daily dialogue: @rossellis15

A 19 year old print journalism student at Nottingham Trent University, with the ambition of writing alongside seeing the world. I enjoy boy bands and food more than is considered normal. Twitter: @geeemay Blog:

I am 20 years old and am currently studying for a Mulitmedia Journalism degree at Southampton Solent university. I enjoy running and am currently training to do a half marathon in Portland USA in September 2015.

24 year old Italian aspiring journalist. Media Graduate at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) University of London. Keen to write about current affairs, culture, art and cinema. Special interest in investigative journalism and documentary production. Passion for the Asian world.

21 year old journalism grad. I love cats, cheese and crisps (all at the same time) and sticking up for women. Follow me on Twitter @JenniferMMcGee or read my blog if you fancy

I am currently an English Literature and Language student. I also have a bit of an obsession with music and finding new artists/bands to listen to.

I'm Katie, a journalism graduate and wannabe PR girl. I love fashion, beauty and writing so usually combine all three! Can never resist a glossy mag to indulge my guilty celeb obsession. Always rambling on twitter @katiemayburdett

21 Year old Journalism student at Teesside University with an ardent love of all things Film, TV, Football & Music.

I'm a 20 year old journalism student at Kingston University. Interested in current affairs, lifestyle, culture and entertainment. A bit of everything really. Find me on Twitter: @Sawiya_

Travel junkie! Love Asia, currently finding my way through South East Asia with my backpack and a pen. Love to write about movies, travel, and sport.

I'm a 20 year old English Literature & Journalism student, and I'm all about music and football.

Qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Specialist Ante & Post Natal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist. Lover of fitness, food, cookery, movies, books and garden gnomes!

Recently graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in English Literature, looking to pursue a career in journalism. Interested in reading, films and traveling. At the moment, taking a 'gap yah' to figure out what's next!

Writer. Book and Movie enthusiast. Purveyor of all things radical and awesome. I get a kick out of American TV shows, Men that look like vikings and fine eats! Follow me on Twitter: @Sophierobson

Student studying English at Lincoln University, who likes nothing more than a decent cup of tea and a good book. Long time waffler of words- it's an illness.

I will soon be graduating from Leeds Met with a degree in journalism, ready to start the next chapter of my life. I'm a curious person interested in exposing things people don't already know. I enjoy humour, sarcasm and don't take myself or life too seriously, hopefully this should come across in my posts. I could possibly be the next up and coming Oprah, but we will save that story for another day.... @abadgerr

I'm a 19 year old Sociology and Politics student, with interests in social, cultural and political issues, as well as travelling and confronting previously held misconceptions. Twitter: @MegMurphy_ Blog:

22 year-old Media Arts graduate, aspiring magazine editor and font of useless knowledge. Interests include: Celebrity, Entertainment, Fashion and Film. Find me on twitter at @babykatesss, and

I recently came to the end of a Masters in Journalism at the University of Winchester. I have written many articles for student publications about my biggest passions - animal rights, nature and the environment. I have also had work published in Real World Magazine. Most recently I volunteered in Madagascar and am using this experience to write the dissertation for my course. I am currently also an Online Journalism intern for Frontier.

Alexander Caldwell, 20 year old student. Born in Glasgow, raised in London. Currently residing in Cardiff. Hoping to pursue a career in journalism. Tweet me @alexcaldy93 and I welcome feedback to articles!

<a href="">Rachel Holbrook</a> 21 years young, Media and Journalism graduate, traveller and writer.

I'm a student in London who likes to speak her mind. Will try everything (legal) once to broaden my perspective. Try to be funny and engaging, you can judge for yourself. Not necessarily most hard hitting news, but hey, might brighten up your day. Feel free to give me feedback and inspiration!

I'm just a guy who likes to write. I worship tea and whisky, the only true gods.

I am Tashi and I am a 21 year old sports writer from London. 3rd year public relations student hoping to pursue a career as a broadcast sports journalist. I'm an Arsenal supporter and a huge fan of the NBA. The Miami Heat are my NBA team :). Tweet me! @tashiskervin

A 21 year old English & Linguistics undergraduate studying at the University of Leeds. An aspiring fashion journalist. Lover of writing, fine dining and anything fashion and beauty related. Enjoys a spot of blogging-

Magazine journalism student, with a keen interest in animals, film, life style and opinion.

I'm a 21 year old journalism graduate, with a 2.1 BA Honours degree. I have a strong passion for writing and my main interests lie in books, films, fashion and entertainment. Follow me on Twitter (@debbiehodkinson) or add me on Facebook (Debbie Louise Hodkinson).

Studying for an MA in Contemporary Literature at the University of Liverpool. Enjoy!

I've never been very good at introducing myself but here goes... My name's Rhiannon, I'm 22 years old and have just returned from an incredible three month trip travelling around Southeast Asia. Previous to this, I completed a degree in English with Media Arts at Plymouth University, followed by a NCTJ magazine journalism course. I like to think that I'm very creative and writing allows me to explore pathways which I had never considered before. I hope my articles are entertaining, as well as being food for thought!

Ben is a Film graduate from the University of Glamorgan. On weekdays, you can usually find him in Cardiff's Cineworld. At weekends he's sat in front of his television, pulling his hair out whilst his beloved Arsenal FC put in another dismal performance. When he's not munching popcorn at the cinema, he's frantically writing reviews on his personal blog, which you can find through his Facebook and Twitter.

Third year journalism student who fell in love with movies at the age of 12 when watching Gangs of New York. Today I enjoy everything from blockbusters to indie dramas and TV shows, so if you want a mixed bag: stay tuned.

I used to be a full-time student and part-time procrastinator at Warwick University. However, now that I've graduated I'm beginning a brand new journey - only I'm not quite sure as to which destination! So if you want an honest, realistic and no doubt slightly clumsy outlook on life after uni... then I may just be your girl.

I'm a happy go lucky person who is interested in all things fashion, music and films. I like keeping up to date with current affairs. I'm a graduate from London School of Economics & Political Science. I'm an easy going person who wants to enjoy life and all it has to offer.

21 year old Journalism and Media studies graduate. Massive films and television geek. If there's something I love more than what's on TV, it's sports. I love playing, watching and writing about it. Be prepared for an overhaul of both of these....

I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none. I am currently practicing as a counselling psychologist in the UK. I'm a self publishing author of self help books, children's books and a few other things up my sleeve. Mostly, I love life, adore my three little girls and my boy Beagle, Buddy. I have a zest for life and being the idealist that I am believe that everyone but anyone can find inner peace and happiness.

Recently graduated English student & aspiring journalist. When not guzzling red wine and shouting at TV journos, I enjoy stalking local photographers and prancing around the countryside with my cameras and welly-boots.

Aspiring journalist from Spain. Everything from politics to fashion, from economy to literature is suitable to write about. Just one requirement: it has to move me in some way. Looking for internships! Follow me on @nquints

I'm a 22 year old English and Journalism graduate from the University of Lincoln (yes, laugh it up Inbetweeners fans!) who is also nearing the end of the NCTJ diploma in journalism. I love to write and I can sometimes be a little bit mad! I'm also partial to a nice cup of tea and some decent music, even if it can sometimes cross the line from decent to downright cheesy! :)

Eighteen year old student, living in multicultural Cardiff. Fashion obsessed and luxury brand junkie, with aspirations to become a fashion journalist. Dedicated vegetarian. For general rants follow me on twitter... @jadegoodman

Currently a fourth year chemistry student at Edinburgh University (waaahh!). Clueless as to what to do if and when I graduate. Love a good old rant about most things, from dodgy punctuation on menus to the even dodgier price hyperinflation that seems to occur whenever I go browsing in Topshop.

Alright! I'm Jord, a freelance journalist based in Birmingham. I'm a lover of all things indie, dance, electronic...I could go on for days. You'll find me reviewing albums, slating music culture, generally being a nuisance to people I disagree with! A few screws lose but I've done okay so far - I was the first British journalist in TImes Square when Osama Bin Laden was killed!

I'm a first year undergraduate Journalism student at City University, London. Still a spring chicken at 19 but often get mistaken for being older. It must be my wisdom teeth. One day I want to be the person whose articles you search for but until then I am quite happy to be the one you stumble across and happen to enjoy anyway. I'll get there some day! @HCooper93

I'm a multi-media journalist, often found in floral, with a passion for writing. A lover of fashion, beauty, travel, festivals (and not denying ridiculous reality TV), I spend too much time painting my nails and dreaming of sunnier climates. Follow me on Twitter @beckycoyne

19. England born, New Zealand raised. Aspiring journalist. Currently travelling Europe with a journal in one hand and a camera in the other.

Student & aspiring journalist, addicted to fashion and dance. Eager to get as much experience as possible in writing & the media. @em_lou14

Hello! I'm Becca, an aspiring beauty writer currently studying English Literature in my second year of university.

Currently at university studying English Language, Journalism and Media. Lover of beauty products and fashion. I enjoy writing about my interests and I'm keen to gain more experience in journalism. @KatiePrewett

22 year old lover of travel, literature and all things foody. Recently graduated from the University of Leeds in English Lit & Spanish. See more at: @beckytipper or

18 and a first year Journalism student at the University Of Cumbria. Full time student part time sports fan, and looking for any opportunity to write. Current ambition in life is to grow a convincing beard. Follow me on Twitter @JonCarter1994

Journalism Graduate, Lover of magazines, crisps, juice and writing.

I'm 20 years old and about to start my 3rd year at the University of Northampton, where I study History. It is my dream to become a journalist, with a particular focus on football. If there's anybody who knows an obscure story from Ligue 2, then it's probably going to be me! Not that it's important, I'm also an accomplished guitarist and drummer, and write a fair amount of music (you now know my life...) Follow me on Twitter - @TheRealJimmyW

I'm a Foreign Languages student in my third year at the University of Liverpool. I've just finished my year abroad after spending 6 months in Madrid and 4 months in Bari, Italy. You will hear many a tale about the trials and tribulations of a 21 year old Brit running riot in Europe, as well as the chaos that has been, is and ever shall be my life, be it in this country or the next. I enjoy live music, good films and bottled beer. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Tweet tweet: @deepseaenemily

21 year old Journalism graduate from the University of Portsmouth. Massive music fan, particularly rock and metal, with a hobby for attending festivals and gigs.

I am a final year Journalism student at the University of Chester. I am an ambitious, outgoing and enthusiastic individual, eager to pursue a successful career in Journalism with aspirations of travelling the world.

Born and bred Hamptonian and lover of music, sport and film.

Slipper wearing, tea slurping, website founding, someday Romantic, Wodehousian fanatic. I have opinions that I probably value far too highly so all I ask is that you "favete linguis" and argue any disagreements with wit and class.

-Sports Journalism student @ La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia -Sports nut all year round -Amateur photographer (5 years) - sport, social and functions -Dream: re-visit England and the United States -Knows Star Trek back to front -Twitter: @Davis_Harr

I am a 21 year old English student from Glasgow. I love fashion, reading, chocolate and trying new beauty products.

I'm an 18 year old student with a passion for live music and discovering new bands/artists.

Following several proper jobs in marketing and customer relations, I am now an actor and a writer. I currently live in London but am a Northerner by birth. I hate bad manners, vanity and marshmallows and I love tea, Radio 4 and Bruce Springsteen. (Follow me on Twitter - @joliptrott - and I'll try to make you giggle now and then.)

In simplest forms, I love to write. I wish to write things that strike interest and things that people can relate to. On the path to one day becoming a journalist! Follow me on Twitter @KrisyAbbs

21 year old Broadcast Journalist graduate from the University of Leeds. Salfordian with a passion for music (particularly European music, including Eurovision), baking and Formula One.

Your average 18 year old. I like pretty pictures and pretty words.

23 year old Marketing graduate, currently working in PR. Love sport, movies, reading and writing. Have an unhealthy amount of nostalgia for my University days. Once appeared on Newsround with Jo from S Club 7 (I only respond to fanmail once a month though, sorry)

I am a keen filmmaker, writer and budding journalist. A recent University graduate turned post-graduate interested in culture and the arts. But by night, I am Batman. @TomNRS

My name is Danielle and I study English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Salford. When I'm not writing, I enjoy drinking wine, looking at pictures of cats and generally being brilliant.

Aspiring Sports Journalist

Magazine Journalism student with a passion for music and films.

Recent graduate and aspiring writer, joining the rest of the recent graduates and aspiring writers with the hope of breaking the industry. I also have my own blog at

Hey, my names Rachel, I'm 22, and currently studying journalism at Leeds met uni. Loves of mine include fashion/beauty, travel, and food. Hoping to break into the fast paced world of journalism... soon :)

I'm a French and Politics student seeking writing experience. Like my hobbies, my articles will range from cinema to travel, from politics to baking. Find me on Twitter: @FayeChivers

I'm a 23 year old Journalism graduate from London who loves fashion, Indie music, cats and peanut butter on toast. Looking to break my way into the world of Fashion Journalism/PR in the big bad City. For more ramblings and thoughts, follow me on Twitter @daniellestacey1 or check out my blog

22 year old Magazine Journalism graduate with aspirations to work for a women's glossy magazine in New York. Ambitious, hardworking, dedicated and with big dreams to conquer the magazine world... @lozzyflowers

Henrietta Ross is a writer and Blogger from the U.K. She is Buddhist, self-confessed Bibliophile, adoring disciple of Oscar Wilde and a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), who found her writers pen at a very young age and never looked back.

My name is Natasha, a self-confessed tea addict, lover of literature, the seaside, sunshine and blogging. I aspire to put my English Literature and Creative Writing degree towards a career in publishing. When I'm not writing, I am visiting the theatre, reading a good novel and planning to travel the world.

I'm a graduate from University of Manchester, and slowly accepting that student life is over. I'm a seasoned intern who, having mastered the art of tea-making and photocopying, decided to start a blog on popular culture and now can’t stop writing. My interests include music, photography, art, theatre, and television. Follow me on Twitter: @IzzyAron and check out my blog:

I'm Jenny! I'm 22 years old & in 2014 I graduated from University of Glamorgan after studying BA Media Communications for three years :)

I've just finished my Literature degree at the University of Kent and have hopes of becoming a published author and journalist. Future world explorer. Ex-competitive swimmer and now an instructor and a lifeguard. I love music, films and all things chocolate. I love laughing and enjoying my life.

Writer, dreamer and occasionally a blogger. Currently working on several projects at once...

I'm a 22 year old Warwick University graduate (2:1 BA Hons, Film) and aspiring journalist. I spent 3 years as Film editor of Warwick's acclaimed student newspaper ( whilst also contributing with articles about music and sports. I'm incredibly passionate about establishing a career in journalism and especially interested in the ways in which social media can increase the dissemination of young people's work. I've recently completed my second work placement at T3 learning more about what it takes to publish a regular magazine and the efficiency required at every level of such work. I'm always eager to talk to people about their thoughts over my writing as well as my relative areas of interest. (Film,Sport,Music,Media) Feel free to follow me @hari_sethi for a chat.

Second year Geography undergraduate at King's College London. From Somerset, UK.

Marti is a teacher in a small rural Alberta school, and an avid traveler. Achieving balance between her two passions can be a challenge, but occasionally she has the chance to marry the two during conventions or student trips. Marti is the sole author and editor at "Down the Wrabbit Hole - The Travel Bucket List" blog, and enjoys writing about her adventures around the world. Peru is her ultimate dream trip.

A recent sports journalist student from the University of East London. Have spent the summer working at the Olympic and Paralympic games writing for The United States Olympic Committee. A lover of all sports, especially American sports. @Charnley1

I am 24 years old, Fan of all things sporting. Particularly Rugby, Football and motor sport. Huge fan of movies and like a variety of music.

I'm Australian born, but went to school in South Wales. I moved to London at 17 and I studied for my degree at Goldsmiths' College, University of London. I also got my PGCE teaching qualification. I worked for Fox Sports Network, and then trained as a BBC Broadcast Journalist. Once trained, I worked for the BBC as a Radio Journalist and Producer. I'm now a Mum to two little boys Samuel Django and Arlo James. I currently work as an Academic Lecturer teaching Film and Media at Coleg Gwent's BGLZ and I am also a Fitness Instructor for Cardiff Council and, when I can fit it in, I do the odd cover at private gyms. I teach Aerobics, Aerotone, Dance Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Toning, Boxercise, KickBoxercise, Zumba, Circuits, LBT, Fitness for the over 50s and Suspension Training fitness e.g. TRX.

Deviant, writer, full time dairy hound, but on Thursday's I'm a teddy-bear doctor.

Hi, my name is Lizzy and I'm currently completing an Access course before heading to Uni in September to study Journalism and English Literature. My aspiration is to become a glossy magazine journalist; writing about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I have a serious weakness for heat & Cosmo mags, love a chat and can never resist a retail therapy opportunity! Follow me on Twitter @lizzscattergood

I'm a freelance photographer with a passion for music, film & life. Now exploring the world of writing I hope to bring interesting perspectives & ideas up for discussion. Tweet me @Samuel_Judge

Hello! I'm Rebecca *shakes hand* I'm 17 and I'm a student in 6th Form. I'm currently studying English Literature, English Language, Geography and Drama and aspire to be a journalist. I love traveling, photography, film, music, writing and sleeping (who doesn't?!)

Graduated with a sports journalism degree from University of Central Lancashire in 2013. I am someone who loves to write, have an opinion and always trying to be creative in some way or another. I like to blog, take photographs and do my family history.

Games Design and Production final year student at Staffordshire University. I enjoy writing about many different subjects and I am especially fond of football. Tweet me at jimmy2609.

A 19 year old Multimedia Journalism student from Teesside and I present a weekly radio show for the university. Over enthusiastic about the little things in life. Follow me on Twitter @BeccaMcPartland.

Blogged for more! magazine. Freelance journalist. Graduate. Previous Editor of my student newspaper and magazine. i will become a magazine journalist. Follow me on Twitter @CharlotteJonsie Linkedin: Blog:

A Freelance Journalist and Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing graduate, who loves all things travel. Always looking for new feature topics, inspiration is everywhere. Follow me on Twitter @RobertPHewitt. See my work at:

BA (Hons) Fashion Graduate Enthusiastic Journalist and Passion for Fashion :) Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @gemma_saville

Recent Sports Journalism graduate from the University of Central Lancashire, I write about almost all sports. New to Yuppee mag, feedback is very, very welcome.

Journalism grad, sports fanatic and ukulele enthusiasist. Find me on Twitter @adamnash89

I'm a final year journalism student in Dublin City University with a passion for writing.Read and enjoy!

Masters candidate. Eternal Intern. Shoe, Literature and Music enthusiast. Penchant for multicoloured hair. Say it how it is. Still interested? You'll find me at and in the Twitterverse @_LeighleeCookie

Journo grad writing about life. It may take awhile.

I'm Elise, i'm 18 years old and am currently attempting to complete my A Levels whilst slaving away for a chocolate shop. In my free time you'll find me in a mosh pit bellowing back the lyrics to pop-punk bands or running around trying to catch my crazy horse.

Freelance writer/editor with 8 years publishing experience both on line and on the news stand. Previously Editor of entertainment and lifestyle magazine The Scene and also writer and editor of Prevue, Vue Cinema's in-house title. Loves sport, film, music and travel and providing words about all of the above.

I am an aspiring writer currently studying English Language at Bangor University. My biggest passion is music, in particular heavy metal, classic rock, and old-skool dance. I'm also a big fan of tattoos, fantasy novels, and having a laugh over crazy stuff :)

Journalism graduate and freelancer interested in foreign affairs, technology, investigative documentaries and lover of coffee.

Ola! I'm a published creative writer, keen blogger and aspiring journalist. I'm also an English student at Coventry University. (Twitter: @AylaYoncaci)

19, Magazine journalism student at Southampton Solent University. Love photography and I want to travel.

Graduate from the East Midlands (Uk) Studied things like Broadcast media & Graphic Design. Interests: Travel, Food & drink, Social media, Animals, TV /Films, Digital Art my life's a combination of Instagram, creative writing and graphic design.

Magazine journalism student in my third and final year. Hope you enjoy my ramblings! Tweet me @helenkirsty

I'm currently a third year Journalism student at CCCU. Last summer I had the opportunity to intern at The New York Observer which only fuelled my passion for writing abroad. I love anything fashion, travel or entertainment related and will hopefully be starting January 2014 on the other side of the world. Follow me on Twitter @CocoWallace :)

Hello there, I'm Arielle Proctor and I'm currently studying Journalism and Mass Communications. I aspire to become a fashion writer and entrepeneur. A visionary and dream chaser who loves to write. My motto: Live Life Abundantly.

A freelance journalist she has travelled extensively in Europe and Asia and has written for a number of different print and online publications.

Student. Writer. Politics buff. Follow on Twitter: @Warnerrrr_

Aspiring Journalist. Full of energy and enthusiasm. Always ready to take on a new challenge. Always on the lookout for all sorts of journalism intern opportunities! My blog: My Facebook page:

Hi, I'm Kat. I am a history student with an ambition to have a career in journalism. I love writing about music, fashion and culture. I hope you enjoy my articles and don't hesitate to get in contact!

I'm an aspiring journalist and writer (articles, novels, short stories, screenplays). I'm passionate about politics, the arts and the welfare of the earth and it's inhabitants.

Multimedia Journalism student :) , follow on twitter @0LyndaM0

Writer | Traveller | Media & Marketing Graduate (Leeds uni) | Brit in New Zealand | Founder of Pack Your Passport | Freelance social media consultant | Tattoo lover | Alexisonfire fan | I left my marketing job in England in 2010 to travel and work around the world

I am a 23-year-old recently graduated music student/magpie with a passion for all things woolly and baked. I work hard......and play hard when I have the time! My power playlists get me from A to B. Oh.....and you'll usually find me either in the gym in leopard-print leggings or being boosted over a fence into VIP at festivals. On a serious note, since fairly early on in my University education, I knew that I wanted to be involved in publishing and editorial work. I loved English at school and I wanted to combine this with my passion for Music. Yeah, I studied classical music which I love but all genres get my party started.

I'm Anna, a new Londoner from Sweden. I have been freelancing the last two years, writing about my two most important subjects: Music and mental health. On Yuppee you'll find me writing about old and new music, films, fashion and streetstyle. You can find some things about me on my blog and on Twitter @wadidyasay. Feel free to contact me/ add me on Facebook: or Have a lovely day! x

Hello there! I'm Darryl, a female version of the usually male name. I'm 21 years old, Welsh and have just completed an English and Screen Studies degree. I've recently taken the plunge back into temporary education, and I'm currently studying Print Journalism. I'm a fan of Doctor Who, Green Day, Sherlock and all things Cumberbatch. I have two Twitter accounts, where you can find my personal ramblings or my writing rambles. Personal: @PandorasBox1 Writing: @SerialBlogger21

Writer and lover of all things Beyoncé and green tea related.

Legal adviser by day, writer by even earlier in the day. Rising at 4am to write, blog and drink harmful amounts of coffee. I write for a few sites and blog on internet dating for The Herald newspaper. Follow me on twitter at @ariel_mcdowall and read my blog at

Journalist Student at Kingston University London | A little bit of me to the world | BrazilianCzech from Sweden | With a huge range of interests including Cultures and News | Twitter @isabelavrba

MA Italian student in London, interested in sociology, media, communication, representation, surveillance and social phenomena: basically everything concerning society, so everything! Writing about my academic researches in an easy-to-read way, stay tuned and follow me on Twitter: SZaccarelli

I enjoy many things, mainly writing, taking photos, cocktails and kittens.

I’m a nineteen year old student from East London. I study English Literature and Language at the University of Leicester. Follow me @LukeAdshead

21 year old Language and Linguistics graduate from Brighton . A keen artist, musician and writer, seeking a career in Marketing. "Be yourself, everybody else is already taken".

Young girl with journalism aspirations, fasion obsessed. Passion for writing, getting experience whilst sharing my views and feelings about the world of fashion.

"Dave Grohl visited me in a dream one night, backstage at one of his shows. His message was clear and simple; don't ever let anything stand in the way of achieving your dream." The very next week I had enrolled in a Bachelor in Communications, began a creative writing and editing course, and tentatively put pen to paper, or fingers to laptop keys actually and started a blog. This is my dream, I will continue to grow and learn, never giving up. Thanks Dave, I owe you one. Twitter @melanieque0505

I'm a 21-year old Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing graduate, who aspires to work for a women's glossy magazine. I'm currently interning all over the place to gain as much fashion/social media/writing related experience as possible. Hardworking, motivated and determined to succeed...@emmalucyspeight

I am a single honours journalism graduate from the South East of England. I love all things media and have been lucky enough to gain work experience from a range of amazing publications. I am a self-confessed TV addict, so beware.

I’m an English and Journalism student at the University of Hertfordshire. I like to write about travel and environment, but anything else that takes my fancy will be thrown into the mix! Follow me on Twitter - @Amy_Hallissey

I'm a 23 year old student studying Digital Media Design (BA Hons), specialising in Journalism at New College Nottingham. I love my friends and family and want to travel all over the world. I believe life is short and you should seize every opportunity thrown your way.

Vici is a graduate in the UK. She doesn't like smoking, quite likes feminism and loves a bolognese. You can see more of her articles at and follow her on twitter @ViciRoyle.

Currently studying Popular Music Journalism at Southampton Solent Uni.

I am a Journalism student at the University of Glamorgan, studying at the ATRiuM in Cardiff. I love everything about creative writing, newspapers, magazines, music, drama and the wide world of opinions. I'll be contributing to the Culture and Opinion sections mainly but with my odd taste in Music and Film, I may appear within those. Follow me on Twitter @Michael_Amatt

Scott Parker if you read this I want to marry you, get in touch

Qetema Social Media Manager, freelance writer and person. Member of the Student Publication Association. I watch a lot of films. Follow me on twitter at and email me at

BSc Psychology graduate of The University of Sheffield. Mainly film and music reviews but the odd post on other topics too. I welcome comments on all posts :)

Hi, I'm Carnie - I'm currently working as a journalist for a business magazine, since graduating with a degree in Music Journalism and Broadcasting. What I'd really love is my own column... I want to travel the world and write all about it. Then settle somewhere green and quiet and get started on my novel. I blog at

Alexander is an Australian freelance journalist living in London with experience in broadcast and online media. twitter: alexjcornwell

I am a marketing graduate whose journey began with a sarcastic advice column, followed by an awkwardly honest blog and now I write for both LoveScene Magazine and Yuppee Mag. I also manage to ramble and rant for 140 characters on my twitter @the_original_T . When in doubt look for me near the caffeine or the cocktails.

Jade, 20 and studying English Literature and Language (BAhons) at the University of Liverpool. I'm a bookworm, tea-fiend and a novice blogger. Follow me on Twitter: @jadekostanczuk. Blogging at:

I'm Nadene - 18 years old and currently studying A-Levels at my local sixth form. I plan to be a journalist, so have applied to study BA Journalism Studies/ Journalism at University. I love writing, and researching to find things to write about! Feel free to read my personal blogs - + Hope you enjoy my posts. I'm an aspiring journalist; so expect to see some current affairs and a little bit of moaning about things that are happening! Enjoy :-)

Chester graduate | Junior IT recruitment consultant | Freelance journalist | Blogger | Writer. Dream, aim high and keep smiling. I want to save the world and and I basically live on pasta pesto. Follow me on Twitter: @emmalchaplin

First year journalism student in Liverpool. Writing about everything and anything to keep myself busy...

Hey, I am Studying Journalism at Teesside University, I love to express my opinions through writing. Aside from writing, I have been told I am a great cook too. Just a fun loving aspiring Journalist. Follow me on @Nessah_Kay

I am an aspiring writer about to embark on an NCTJ course. I have an imagination which sometimes makes me believe in fairys. I write a lot. My notebook is like a best friend! I am very friendly and like to talk to lots of people.

In 2013 I graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in English Literature. Having left the uni lifestyle, I am now a social media analyst. Despite what you may think, this does not involve spending all day on Facebook and Twitter (but sometimes it does). As a bit of a culture enthusiast, I love films, music and TV. Other interests include photography, literature, social media and technology.

19-year-old Magazine Journalism Student... @bethamymarler Also on LinkedIn.

21 year old English graduate with a passion for writing about music - the cheesier the better! My dream is to one day work in the music industry. Or win Big Brother. @joshslaughter90

Suzanne Camfield is a history graduate who lives in London, and is passionate about film, theatre and music. In her spare time, she also enjoys cooking, discussing politics and drinking tea. Check out more of her writing on her blog, and follow her on Twitter, @writingsuzanne for all the latest updates.

I am a graduate from the University of Leeds in Italian with a penchant for films. I write reviews on current movies as well as any other random thoughts I have on a variety of past, present, and future releases. I also love travelling and literature, and one of my aims in life is to learn as many languages as I possibly can! Follow me on twitter: @amandapercy and my blog:

English graduate. Heritage Marketing and PR chap. Prospective NCTJ journalist. Hates prejudice, loves the Oxford comma. No story too small!

Banker, blogger, writer based in London. Check me out on Follow me on twitter reena2311 or on insta akiwigirlabroad

I am a second year Creative Writing undergraduate student and I am passionate about writing, music, travelling and the media. I am currently acting as a Brand Manager for Camp America and have hosted my own radio show. You can follow me on twitter at @GirlMeetsSynth

Im currently a second year student, studying Drama, Theatre & Performance St. and Philosophy. I am also a member of @Bridgesarts. When, if at all, my studies come to an end, I'd like to pursue a career in teaching. (You can also find me at Enough about me. I hope you enjoy the article/s, please leave a comment.

Writer, Journalist, fashion enthusiast, with a love for good food, travel and a great read.

22 year old politics graduate, professional gossip, news junkie and lover of life. Follow me on Twitter where you will be subjected to my daily ramblings. @lucyunderwood

I'm Rachel Winfield, a third-year English Literature student at the University of Leeds. I've spent the last 10 months living and studying abroad in Venice, reading lots of Robert Frost and eating an inordinate amount of pizza. I'm interested in lots of things, so expect articles from me about travel, beauty, books, films, fashion and art.

I'm a 22 year old coming to the end of my undergrad degree at the University of Leeds, studying the odd combo of English Literature and International Relations. I'm a keen reader and writer, and always have plenty to say. Follow me on twitter at @alexandra_ruthk

21, Drama and Creative Writing student, born to be a Journalist. Bucket list involves temporarily living abroad, writing a short novel, shower under a waterfall and ride a jet-ski. Fact: I have a star named after me.

I´m an argentinian journalist seeking to diversify my areas of work. Movie and TV addict. Love fashion trends and traveling journalism, but I'm a political animal. Looking forward to find what's out there.

Hi I'm Megan! I'm currently an English Language and Communications student at King's College London. Lover of all things Morrissey, Stephen Fry and Moustaches. I mostly enjoy writing about music and culture - any feedback is much appreciated!

I am a 21-year-old university graduate. I love writing and regularly write articles for my local newspaper and of course, Yuppee Magazine!

Hi I'm Kirsty and I am a student journalist at Glasgow Caledonian University with a love for fashion, books and tea. I have the same hope as every other journalist, to write articles which make a difference, whether or not I'll do that remains to be seen.

Newly graduated journalism student. Budding entrepreneur and maker of flower crowns. Radio host is the dream.

An 18 year old girl living in the remote country of Australia with a lot of opinions, attempting to find a way to articulate those and maybe get people to see them. Not too sure what I'm doing with my life, but we'll see.

Currently studying Journalism at LCC while pretending not to waste my time crying over BBC Drama series. When not roaming Ye Olde London Town to take pictures, I can be found devouring books in my bedroom weeping over the lack of an oven to bake wondrous cakes with. Follow @Annairarorua13

Currently a second year student at University College Falmouth studying Journalism. My ultimate journalistic goal is to write for a magazine, with preferable writing topics of animal conservation and the environment. I spend a lot of time volunteering, working, writing and getting the most out of my uni years.

Multi Media Journalism student at Bournemouth Uni. I have an opinion on travel, culture, arts and books. Feminist.

Writer and journalist gradually making my way round the world and closer to my goal of visiting every single country. When I'm not writing or travelling you will most often find me upside down on a trapeze or hoop. Follow me @NJLaurence or visit

Studied 'Writing Fashion & Culture' at Southampton Solent uni. Contributed content for a catering magazine & also worked briefly at more magazine working the beauty dept. Just starting up an online blog of my own based on fashion accessories. 'Accessorise This' I love everything related to art, culture and fashion. Have quite a creative flair, I also love to style and make things. If you make me a cuppa I'll be your friend forever.

20 year old Sports Journalism/Broadcast Production student. I am obsessed with sports 24/7, 3-6-5 so why not write about them.

Irene Lo recently graduated UBC with a B.A. in English Literature and Classical Studies. She spends most of her time going to interviews and downing shots of that vodka that’s five cents cheaper than Smirnoff in community gardens. Her to do list involves getting off Pinterest, and getting a cigarette case.


I am a Freelance Writer currently living in the South East. My full-time job is within retail, but ideally I would like to pursue a career as a writer. My interests are music, film. reading, and of course, writing!

I'm Shannon, I'm a second year student studying English Literature. Other than my goal of graduating, my love for music and my weird thing for dream catchers, I don't really have a lot figured out right now. Tweet me @Shannon_Greaney

Cricket Writer. I might do some Football, Boxing or Snooker pieces. Journalism graduate of Bangor University. Man Utd Home/Away follower. British Indy/Mod/Alt-Rock Music lover.

University College Falmouth Journalism Graduate.

22. Bolton. Aspiring fashion journo. Keen blogger. Dedicated contributor. Classic British fashion is my favourite. Hard worker. Great time keeper. Has the knowledge. Gaining the experience. Lover of Domino's pizza. Awaiting my big break. or follow my tumblr

Hi there! 20 year old Journalism junkie and Artist studying Journalism at City Uni. Living the student life in Central, I love to keep up to date on the latest juicy news and events happening in London and around the world and love to write about them and life in general. Check out my blogs and articles on my various pages. Thanks for stopping by!

Avid chick-lit reader. Big fan of movies old and new. Vegetarian, Travel enthusiast. A Journalism, Film and Media graduate from Cardiff Uni.

I am an aspiring journalist and presenter, studying Linguistics at University College London. I specialise in fashion and lifestyle, but am also interested in culture, music and travel writing. I believe that a good piece of writing should inspire you and stay with you awhile.

18. Enthusiastic aspiring journalist. I am interested in people. Living in the Midlands. If I am not at my computer, I am in the pub.

I'm a twentysomething wanderluster, born in Jamaica and raised all over the place. I'm currently attempting to write my way out of my quarterlife crisis. When I'm not here, you can find me curled up with tea and a good book, watching the bbc or planning for the day I finally buy a wolfhound puppy. Say hello at or on twitter @FarahColette.

Currently studying English literature at Aberystwyth University. Features editor and writer for Aber Student Media (, writer for Yuppee Magazine and blogging at

Currently training to be a sports journalist on an NCTJ accredited course. I major in rugby but also dabble in various other sports, in fact, I'll happily watch and write about any sport really. I run my own website and I am editor of my university website too. Apart from sport I am interested in theatre and politics.

I'm a writer from Brighton studying an NCTJ diploma in journalism @helen__davidson

4th-year student of History, Literature and Culture of the Americas at University of Warwick. I blog about anything and everything, mostly food, fashion, music, film and everyday musings.

Literature post-grad based in London. Will pen articles about anything given half a chance. Sports correspondent in the past, now focussing on travel blogging after S.E Asia slapped me around the face and demanded some written attention. Author of Fear & Loathing in the Orient. Find it here:

Having recently completed my degree in Music Journalism I am looking to build my portfolio by writing for different magazines and websites. I tend to write about subjects I am passionate about and look to entertain the reader along with providing a serious approach. I find the time to write in my spare time along side working part time and listening to music of course. Hopefully one day my blog will be discovered by somebody who can employ me. Currently interning at Freeman PR which hopefully provides me with a foot in the door to the music industry.

A 21 year old Media and Communications graduate, aspiring broadcast journalist with a passion for writing, current affairs and entertainment.

I'm 19, lover of words. I'll be writing about all things music, lifestyle and culture, and occasionally something completely different. Unashamed watcher of The Only Way Is Essex and future crazy cat lady. I'd love to be a music journalist.

A wannabe Gonzo journalist. A Cambridge University English Literature graduate. I write about books, films, theatre, and things that make me angry.

Budding journalist, author, singer, actor, director...Heck, I'll try anything

Certified pessimist and full time cynicist, if i'm not writing i'm complaining, if I'm not complaining, I'm procrastinating.

Mariko is a college sophomore in the United States. She dreams of a nomadic lifestyle and a well-stamped passport.

Coffeee consumer, passionate snail mailer with an overbearing love for sarcasm. I am a BA (Hons) Journalism student studying at Falmouth University in sunny Cornwall, UK. When I am not glued to Twitter, I am usually seen writing out letters and sending them off to far away lands. I have always been a fan for the older, more vintage forms of communication in life.

Final year journalism and creative writing student at Kingston University, freelancing for various media platforms. Interested in music, travel and culture. Follow me on Twitter: @elinerilda

Recent Marine & Natural History Photography graduate. With a love for travelling, writing and making pictures, I am forever on the lookout for new adventures.

I'm not really good with words when it comes to describing myself. What can I say? I'm 26, a recently graduated broadcast journalist from UCA in Surrey and I'm a journalist...of sorts. I'm passionately curious about pretty much everything, so you'll catch me writing on topics ranging from global politics to fashion. I'm a proud Londoner and a wannabe explorer. I also love cats.

Trying to shine a bit of inspiration upon the world.

I'm a twenty-something year old graduate of French and Spanish from Northern Ireland. Have managed to travel the world a bit and speak to the locals. Passionate about writing and dream of a career in journalism.

Journalism graduate, blogger, writer and lipstick lover - I live and breathe the fashion and beauty industry

An aspiring journo; previously worked for various different magazine publications such as- Closer, Heat, Nuts and FHM etc. I love to write articles with a humorous tone and hope in five years time to be a features editor! (Venturing to Starbucks to fetch tea's and Latte's is loosing its edge!).

"A day without laughter is a day wasted" A new 'Yuppee' hell bent on sharing the hilarity that's all around us. News, fiction, T.V. and life - there's plenty to go around, you just have to look for it!

Kate is a sub-editor, journalist and part-time blogger. She has a passion for film, music and all things media. Traveler, photographer, social networker, artist and life-long learner.

Hi! My name's Dani Cooper and I am just about to finish my third and final year of doing a journalism degree at the University of Portsmouth. I love writing about absolutely anything that pops into my head, so I hope that you love reading it just as much. If you do, please don't hesitate to follow me on Twitter @danicooper91 :)

Aspiring journalist and writer. Current Affairs Writer @ The Upcoming Magazine.

My freestyle rap career didn't quite take off, so I started writing instead..

I am a Business and Communications Studies graduate from the University of Liverpool. I enjoy writing and I hope you enjoy what I have to write.

Second Year Sociology student at Cardiff University (aged 21). I am trying to pursue a career in Journalism (Sport, Travel & Opinion). Sport Editor at gair rhydd: LinkedIn: Twitter: @a_russell_

I’m a freelance journalist who is on a mission to see the world. I like to indulge in fashion, music, food and travel, writing down my experiences and hoping others want to read them. Follow me on twitter: @Vicki_Forde

Movie addict. Jeopardy nerd. Book worm. Grad student. Library Tech. Tea drinker, and Cat lover. Who needs the rest?

Monyka Young. Currently a sixth form student from London, wishing to live in Paris. A lover of literature, herbal tea and fashion with a strong aptitude for journalism. I also have a fashion blog - twitter - @monykayoung

I'm an opinionated student from Birmingham and there is nothing I want more than to be a journalist .

I'm a computer science major at San Diego City College and hope to work in the video game industry as a software engineer.

A 22 year-old Sports Journalism graduate from Solent University. Tennis is my main sport, I'm an avid follower and player of the sport. Not just a one trick pony though, I have a big interest in other sport like; Golf and Football, but am also a big fan of films and music. Twitter: @harrylund1 All feedback welcome.

Currently living and working in the glorious city of Moscow! Sloth by day, blogger by night. I dream of the day I'll be able to report on the things that matter. Twitter: @FrancescaEbel D-504 Blog: The Trobairitz Blog:

@bruce_Archer89 Media Studies and Creative Writing Graduate from The University of Portsmouth. Football Enthusiast. Aspiring Writer.

I am an enthusiastic A-Level student; studying English Lang & Lit, Media, Business and German. I have a uncontrollable urge to write and I am hoping to go to Uni to study Journalism! As well as this, I love to ride and most importantly, I do not like to take life too seriously! Follow me on Twitter @chloepynen :) Enjoy.

22 year old English and Spanish student at Uni of Leeds. I love the Kardashians & cups of tea. I'm passionate about languages & fashion and have an unhealthy obsession with leopard print.

I like sports.

Currently putting off reality for another year by undertaking a Masters in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University after doing stints at both The University of Bath and Singapore Management University.

Hi! I'm Dermot (Des) and I'm a Law and French student at Queen's University, Belfast. Absolutely love sport of any kind, mainly football. Huge interest in music as I work as a tutor at the weekends. Cinema and TV are big features in my life as well. Give me a follow on Twitter if you are interested in mundane tweets about sport/TV or just anything that is going on in my life.

I'm a 21 year old third year student, studying Advertising, PR and Media at Middlesex University. My loves consist of reading, writing, 90s pop music and all round cheesy things, just not cheese itself! You are likely to find me ranting here @LaurenCoates_x

Cat lover, tea drinker and magazine journalism student at Southampton Solent University.

19, trainee sports journalist at the University of Huddersfield. Part of the media team @AFC_Emley. Passionate tennis follower and writer!

From Leeds and about to study History, French and English at 6th form. I love playing the guitar and listening to all things musical. Stupidly anxious to get into the world of Journalism. Follow me on twitter- @ElliePeakaboo

I'm a 17 year old student, currently attending sixth form and hoping to study Journalism at University next year! Tweet me: @juliarhiannon

Angharad Williams is a journalist living and working in Dublin, Ireland. She has been published in a variety of publications including the Sunday Times Ireland, the Metro Herald, Woman's Way magazine BBC Online and Welsh language publications. Angharad is a fluent Welsh speaker and is a regular contributor to the Welsh language radio station BBC Radio Cymru.

Pea enthusiast.

Final year English and Magazine Journalism graduate and aspiring journalist. Wannabe adventurer.

I am currently studying English Literature and have 4 part time jobs so love keeping busy! My main passions are travelling, music and my dog and I want to do everything once.

I have just completed my NCTJ Fast Track Magazine diploma and am looking forward to finally being a part of the working world. I, of course, love to write, but reading, travelling, music, fashion and current events are also high on my priority list. I have a naturally keen interest in the world I live in; I am lost without my BBC app; I always have a paper to hand and I make a mean Rocky Road when times get tough.

Roo is a London girl with a serious case of wanderlust. She's a writer, a photographer, a filmmaker and above all else, a traveller. Catch her when you can, 'cause she doesn't stick around in one place for long! Find her ramblings at or @rooaroundworld

Scott, 20: 3rd year Sports Journalism student from the University of Huddersfield. Aspiring to break into all areas of journalism, from writing, to the newsroom. Willing to write about anything that catches my interest, from sport, to music, to politics. Currently write for Yuppee and work at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. Twitter: @ScottJ_94 LinkedIn:

I am an 18 year old A level student about to take a gap year to pursue my writing dreams and extend my film repertoire. I hope to go to Chester University to read English Literature and Creative Writing. In the meantime I will be living at the cinema.

While I say that I am a sixteen year old girl, living in Sydney and trying to quote unquote find myself, I am actually a seventy year old man who has a beard and lives in his mother's basement. Don't tell her, though, because she doesn't know.

I have always been drawn to media and entertainment, particularly in the areas of history, travel and food. Having recently finished a postgraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism I am now looking for an entry-level position that will allow me to develop versatile skills I can utilize in a variety of mediums. Yuppee Magazine is just one way of helping me get to where I want to be. Follow me on Twitter @LindsaysTravels

My name is Ali, I'm 22. I studied French and Philosophy and The University of Southampton and am currently working as an Account Executive for a software company. Some of my interests include Film & TV, Sports, Music, Literature, Science, Politics and pretty much everything in between. I'm still undecided as to what I want to with my life but I've always enjoyed writing so I thought I'd give it a go and see where it takes me...

I am an American journalist currently on the International Journalism MA course at City University London. Keen interest in UK and US politics, fashion, music and travel. Follow me on Twitter @brooke_kavit.

I'm a travel enthusiast planning a 2014 round the world trip, documenting adventures along the way. I recently trekked 100km across the Sahara desert and ran the Penang Bridge International Marathon in Malaysia. Twitter: @Terri_Willis

Hi! I'm nineteen and I study English Literature with Creative Writing at Lancaster University. I'm an aspiring journalist and I love to write about books, films, celebrities and fashion. Follow me on twitter @lydia_corlett.

I'm a blogger and content writer, and I sing for a band called Chasing Infinity. Also a lover of animals, food, pop-punk, new notebooks, and damn good rehearsal sessions. Pleased to meet you :)

Final year student/ Freelance journalist. Previous work includes a published book by KoboBooks and interviews with Drum 'n' Bass Artists from Shy Fx to Loadstar and Breakage to Dismantle

Student from Bury St. Edmunds trying to get out of Bury St. Edmunds. Addicted to kings of respective music genres; favourite band: Deftones. Too many hobbies to list; the forefront of them being, watching American serial television shows (Girls, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, etc.), watching great movies (my personal favourites being The Dark Knight Rises, The Ring, Forrest Gump and Superbad), and screenwriting for my YouTube channel: I'm the co-Chief Editor of my school magazine, "songwrite", read and "socialise". Trying to endure English, Mathematics, Physics and History; guitar enthusiast and worried about the negative effects of partying heavily. Loves doing the opposite of what everyone thinks they can try and tell me to do; controversial. "Before you drown in the truth, become the lie."

I'm a 22-year-old journalism student who is about to graduate and enter the real world...and I can't wait!

Hey, I'm Tala Sweiss. I'm an 18 year old aspiring journalist, currently studying Journalism & Media at Middlesex University. I'd love to join the crazy world of fashion journalism someday!

I enjoy films, music and sport. I tend to write about anything that interests me! Also, addicted to Twitter / blogging. Friendly and looking to network.

19, history student at the University of Sheffield and writing for kicks. Expect sports, music, politics, current affairs and some opinion pieces.

21 year old Multimedia Journalist studying at the University of South Wales. Inspiring broadcast journalist, eager to get involved. Contact me:

High school student anxiously waiting university news, Love all aspects of the media and pop culture especially American TV and films.

Modern foreign languages graduate with a passion for writing. Love travelling, running and music. Lifelong BRFC fan and football enthusiast.

With a foot in West Africa, I have writing experience internationally. I have dabbled as a sports analyst on Ghanaian national television and also written a popular travel blog. From the sensible to the cynical you will get my frank view on anything from travel, to sport to entertainment!

20 year old budding journalist/media mogul. Currently studying at DMU. Viva vivet!

Writer. Doodler. Instagrammer. Procrastinator. I hope never to have to grow up and get a real job.

I am 21 years old, currently in my last year at uni studying magazine journalism and feature writing. Obsessed with the Daily Mail and living off Disaronno & Coke and gossip. Follow me on Twitter: @LeanneGemmaDrew

A lover of music and cocktails. Find me on twitter: @punamtapali

An outlandish fashion enthusiast and modern languages student in Sheffield. I blog therapeutically at and tweet at @allylovessloths.

Just a 23 year old trying to make it in NYC. Writing along the way.

A student journalist @ The University of Sheffield; 100% dreamer.

Hi there! I am a broadcast journalism student at Nottingham Trent University. My hobbies include, fitness, health, gym, film and fashion.

I'm a military child so I have been all around the country, living in 4 states ranging from Arizona, Washington, Alabama, and now Indiana. Traveling will open your eyes to new places and new experiences.

I'm a human geography undergraduate, currently on my placement year working at my local newspaper, being a junior journo. Aspiring cultural and/or fashion writer. Love writing, an getting inspiration from everything around me in everyday life.

TV Researcher, Taking Back Sunday devotee, lover of Kopparberg and collector of Converse. Twitter: @stefjjones

I am a Psychology student looking to move into journalism. I like to write about football, tennis, cricket, gaming, politics and almost anything else within reason.

Third year law student at UEA. You'll find me writing articles, avoiding my massive workload or drowning my sorrows from the aforementioned in a bar in Norwich.

Traveller. Blogger. Wannabe photographer. Digital comms geek. Currently travelling through Latin America.

Having completed a degree in media with cultural studies, I finally got a job as a brand journalist. I'd love to be a travel writer or represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest - whichever comes first! Guilty pleasures involve kitsch 80s pop, Marmite and 'Neighbours'. Say nothing...

Erin Spandorf is a journalist, who works and lives in Los Angeles, Calif. She graduated from California State University of Long Beach with her journalism degree in May 2012. While in college, she was a staff writer and then assistant news editor at the Daily 49er and held an internship at Dateline NBC. After college, she held in internship at a business-to-business magazine company where she wrote about various subjects from transportation to nail art. Spandorf has a passion for journalism and reporting and hopes to someday be a reporter at a large publication.

A passionate traveler, Danae has lived abroad several times as an exchange student and au pair. She is currently based in New York pursuing a Master's degree in linguistics. Follow her latest adventures on Twitter @NaeTravels.

Journalism student at Kingston. I'm a big tech and travel fan. Wanting to move into an internet based role in travel writing. @sammillencramer

An aspiring journalist studying Journalism BA at De Montfort in Leicester. Pop culture lover.

20 years old, majoring in both Journalism and Sociology at Towson University, and hopefully a graduate in 2014. Writing, books, films, fashion, family, cooking...the essentials of life. Mission in progress: to become a magazine journalist.

University of Sheffield historian, campaigner and speech writer

I am currently working as a auxiliary nurse but my real passion is writing about fashion and all things beauty. From a really young age I was constantly scribbling in my note book and running round looking for inspiration. This has so far led to my hobby in blogging, which you can have a sneaky peek at here Rachel xxx

I'm a fresh high-school graduate with a Diploma de Bacalaureat in History, Geography and Romanian Language and Literature,soon to be 19 year-old Romanian girl. Eager to commence my first year as a Journalism and Public Relations student at the University of the West of England in Bristol, I'd characterize myself as an avid reader, movie/tv show addict and Starbucks junkie! @chococookie24

Hello im Connor, I come from Salford (next door to Manchester). Im 19 years old and I am a student at Edge Hill university. I study Media, Music and sound and I am enjoying it greatly! I have been a massive music fan since a toddler, I grew up on a wide selection ranging from Experimental to Rock and Classical to Jazz ! I like listening too, composing, writing about and studying music. I speak my mine and have a strong opinion on all things music . Add me on Twitter or Facebook, I am usually displaying my musical opinion or just complaining about something else media, film, book or society related!

19. Welsh. Study History and English. Enjoy fashion. Love travelling. Drink tea. Read frequently. Tweet @BethanElinor occasionally.

I have just finished a degree in journalism at the University of Central Lancashire and am now in the process of the dreaded job hunt. In the meantime, I'm keen to continue my passion for writing, and hope I deliver some entertaining articles for you to read! I love magazines, cats, and Gary Barlow. You can contact me at, or tweet me @georgiaalice18.

I'm an open minded and keen writer who enjoys sharing my thoughts, opinions and work with the public. I currently study print based media alongside doing some creative writing online.

Hi, I'm a History graduate from the University of York and I'm hoping to pursue a career in the Media Industry. I am particularly interested in writing articles on Film and Television and currently writing my own blog at

Fish tank fan, English teacher and former ice cream salesman. When Life takes himself too seriously, I invite him over for a bag of Monster Munch and some tea. Sometimes he brings his MegaDrive too.

BA Hons Journalism Graduate with a passion for writing and editing. My interests lie in food, culture, travel and you.

Student from Sydney, Australia. I've spoken to the Prime Minister, flown a helicopter, driven a Ferrari, met the Doctor, failed the driving test three times (and counting) and danced so badly that people pointed, stared, and laughed. Currently writing a webseries in my spare time. @jekrox on Twitter.

Northern Ireland via Wales. If there was a daydream nation i'd be president or something. Wish I had more discipline, but that might get in the way of the art, man.

I am Isabella Corbett, a 17 year old student completing my final year of high school in Perth, Western Australia. I am an aspiring fashion journalist. I have a website where I post articles and reviews of fashion shows: Enjoy!

Twenty years old and currently studying English Language and Literature as an undergraduate at King's College London.

Hi. I'm 19 yrs old currently stuyding sociology at Queens University, Belfast. I really enjoy writting and taking photographs. I'm always interested in trying new things so look out for some news and reviews from me.

When I'm not working, eating or sleeping, I can usually be found exploring my interests in fitness, travel, photography and social dynamics, the latter being a lot of fun! I also run my own personal blog at

I am a recent graduate, and I have just started writing. I am a bit of a film geek and I love any excuse to to talk about them! I also love travelling and hopefully will start writing about trips soon. I can be found twittering away @megadee10.

An 18 year old aspiring fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogger trying to figure out how to do life.

Currently studying Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, Glasgow Rangers supporter and lifelong football enthusiast.

Aspiring writer of many things. Lover of films (Scorsese, Tarkovsky, Anderson), music (Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Elvis Costello), books (Fitzgerald, Mishima, Hemingway), TV (The Wire, Seinfeld, The Sopranos). Liverpool fan. Maoist. Follow me on Twitter: @smoore_LFC

name is Bronwyn Kyte, I'm a 21 year old fashion journalism student from the west country. I'm currently in my final year of my BA (Hons) Writing Fashion and Culture degree at Southampton Solent University.

16 year old aspiring journalist with an unrequited love for Harry Potter and an ice cold glass of Diet Coke.

I'm a final year Journalism students who dreams of writing for Eastenders or some sort of award-winning BBC drama

I'm Holly…Age 18 and currently studying French and German and taking every opportunity to get myself abroad, as much as is humanly and monetarily possible. I'd quite happily spend my life on a beach with a book, and a snorkel.

Hi! I'm Conori, and I'm a young arts & culture blogger based in Manchester. I'm planning to study journalism and take it further as a career. As well as Yuppee, I currently write for The Owl Mag and The Skinny NW. I love writing about music, current events, theatre and anything else that sparks my interest.

Follow her here @emmyfg

Hello! I'm Rebecca, a Fashion Brand Management Graduate, a self confessed shopaholic with too many clothes and nothing to wear and an aspiring fashion journalist.

I'm a student at the University of Salford, currently in my second year studying English and Creative Writing. I work for ADOMedia as a Social Media Coordinator in Macclesfield. Check out my blog - Follow me on Twitter @liamh0503

Currently in my 3rd year at Roehampton University studying English Literature and Philosophy. I'm passionate about reading and writing and consider myself to be a huge bookworm! I love music, films, literature, fashion, going to the gym, tea and I love to travel. You can find me on my Blog here: or tweet me @Eviechrys

Obsessed with fashion and trends, music and having as much craic doing everything. Final Year student reading English in Queens University Belfast. I love reading absolutely everything with a guilty pleasure being personal ads in newspapers. :P Hopelessly addicted to the internet and social networking. Happy go lucky sort of girl, but determined to achieve. Hope you like my articles! :)

<a href="">Laura Griffiths</a>

English Literature and Film Studies Graduate. I watch and care about Television much too much. "Beautiful Local Government employee"

I am Irish currently living in Dublin. I write about golf because I love it and I also post regarding the Airtricity League. My goal is to provide valuable insights both informative and interesting. I am the head writer at ItsThereToBeHit my first blogging site. I sometimes make grammatical mistakes, but sure I'm only human. Contact me through my site and Enjoy.

20-year-old Journalism student at Southampton Solent. Love to write with strong interests in TV Dramas, Sport and Music. Deftly prone to weirdness.

Part time Astrophysicist and recent journalism graduate. Achievements include: 1.) Winning 'Miss Downley' 1993 2.) Bumping into Mel B outside a fish & chip shop. 3.) Getting thrown out of a school assembly for wearing white plimsolls. Yeah! Take that establishment! Fight the power! Twitter: @Siobhan_Carney1

Journalism graduate, tea drinker, Friends obsessive, nail varnish fiend. I love to read and write, and look forward to working on more fashion magazines in the future.

Student at the University of Cambridge studying English Literature at the University of Cambridge. Interested in art, theatre, current affairs and fashion.

David is a mid-twenties, hopeless case trying to understand this sometimes mundane, mostly breath-taking life.

I am a 21 year old, Loughborough University Geography Graduate. I love writing about sport, film & TV, the environment and culture. I am looking to pursue a career within Broadcast journalism.

I'm a 20-year-old undergraduate student, studying online journalism at Central Michigan University. I am currently a reporter for the university's newspaper CM-Life. Before CMU I attended a community college where I was editor in chief of The Delta Collegiate. I am training for the Detroit Marathon this fall and plan on writing about my training workouts and nutrition plans. I hope my articles encourage and motivate my readers to pursue any goal they may have. Twitter - @BriannaOwczar

I've been kicking around the Koh Phangan party scene on Full Moon Party island, Thailand for the last 20 years! 'Mia' is Island Thai for 'wife' - I'm married to DJ Pablo Escobud. Contributor at, Online Party Magazine, Koh Phangan, Thailand, SE Asia and Blogger @ Mia Escobud Koh Phangan Tales.

My name is Jack and I am a freelance journalist. I am currently studying for my MA Journalism degree at the University of Ulster. II write about anything & everything but I am particularly passionate about sports. I love rugby, cricket, football & golf.

I'm a PR by day and trainee journalist and writer by night. In my dreams I'm a coconut seller on a sunny beach. I love travel, dance music and a boy band with the initials TT. I will never be known for my cooking skills. If you follow me @LinzeeN you may find out even more.

I'm a recent journalism graduate from Anglia Ruskin University. Passionate about words, community and culture. I like to engage and entertain, and occasionally overindulge in Nutella. Find and follow me on Twitter @newsandviews4u

A college student living in England, hoping to study English at University next year - expect a little bit of everything, but I am particularly partial to book reviews, lifestyle pieces and historical articles.

My name is Oliver Norgrove and I am an 18-year old aspiring Journalist from South London. I have a strong love for writing, and it is something that I want to take full advantage of in my career. My other passions in life include football, wrestling and language.

I'm Frankie Sammut, and I'm 20 years old. Studying Multimedia Journalism at Teesside Uni. Die-hard RHCP fan. Obsessed with NY, fashion, writing and tattoos. Opinionated and passionate. Numerously been told I'm hippy-ish? @FrankieSammut

Music Journalism Student at Southampton Solent University. Weird, Random, Boring and Awkward Person. Obsessed with the 1980s/1990s, Cassette Tapes, Vinyl and More.

I am a 24-year-old nomad with a degree in journalism. Although most of my previous experience lies in the PR industry. You'll find me writing about travel, film and music, mainly. Follow me @AdamTurnerPR Thanks

I'm currently a university student in Queenland, Australia, in my final year of a marine biology and journalism dual degree. For six months last year I lived in Vancouver, Canada and spent a whole lot of that time traveling around other parts of the USA and Canada as well- I even made it out to Hawaii one weekend! Traveling is my biggest passion, followed by sports, movies and a few drinks at the pub on a Friday night.

I'm going to be spending half the next academic year in Italy and the other half in India- I know this said by everyone, but I love to travel. Other loves include art, cooking, boxing, playing my crappy music from the 60's and theatre. I'm a 19 year old University of Leeds student studying Theatre and Performance. As boring as it sounds, I spend a lot of my time interning and teaching kids- throwing myself into as much experience as possible. In my spare time, I go out.

TravellingHelga is a full-time traveller, writer and something of a dreamer. Originally from England, she's spent most of the last two years in Asia and Australasia experiencing some incredible places and pondering life's big questions along the way.

I am a 17 year old high school student from Perth, Australia. Stressed to the max by Year Twelve examinations and study, and finding solace in writing and broadcasting my outrageous opinions. I hope you enjoy my witty and insightful products of procrastination. Blog:

I am a researcher and writer with experience in the online media, communications and the non-profit sector. I am very interested in women's studies and the areas I usually write about are human rights, feminist politics, society and culture. I recently completed a Master's degree in Philosophy and Politics at the LSE. Apart from writing and journalism, my other addiction is music. I am also a musician and singer who sees the world through music. Whenever I am lost, you know you will find me either blogging at, recording songs -singing in different places in London, or,..travelling! I believe travelling is one of the most intense and essential pleasures in life. In my remaining free time, I watch a lot of movies, I go out with my friends, or read! I always think positive and I am a dreamer. Follow me @stefania_mrzn

An aspiring journalist speaking to the world through a happy medium. Read at will.

Currently studying sports journalism at the University of Huddersfield and looking for places to gain experience and get my work out into the world

A 22 year old journalism graduate from University of Portsmouth with hopes of one day getting into magazine editing. For now I stick to writing anything from Maceo Plex to Juan Román Riquelme; from Walter White to Crunk Juce... @coatesyy

Second-year BA Fashion Journalism student at the University of Sunderland with a strong desire to work in media.

An undergraduate in Journalism with Media and Cultural Studies in London. I love writing. Music, film, television and fashion are many of my passions. Social networks is my addiction.

Currently three quarters of my way through a Journalism and Sport Studies degree at the University of Stirling in Scotland. I have a keen interest in writing about a variety of issues, although my passion lies mainly with sport. I hope to embark on a successful career within Journalism in the coming years. The opportunity to write for Yuppee has provided me not only with the perfect opportunity to further hone my writing skills and gain more experience, but also allow my work to be seen by a wider audience.

Leeds grad with vague aspirations. Likes coming-of-age films, 90's sitcoms and novels set in a dystopian future.

Call me Emsigal, I do voices, I am a journalism graduate, I love to travel, I have just come back from South America and was truly amazed. I'm quite funny too.

2nd Year University student studying Business and Management. Bit of a geeky gamer, football follower, battle rap fan. Follow me on twitter and I might even follower you back.

Sixth Form student from the South Wales valleys, studying English Literature, Media and Politics, and hoping to study Journalism at University :)

I am a 21 year old closet optimist who writes a FLOG (Fashion/Lifestyle Blog) and is currently trying to wrap my head around the uncertainty of life.

Digital marketer by day, avid journalist by night, I love to travel and love Liverpool FC.

A 21 year old language student at the University of Nottingham, currently embarking on a French/Russian style adventure. I love to write; whether it be about travel, culture, fashion or food.. But mostly about things that interest me at the time, and if they interest others too, well that's a bonus! Twitter: @xEveGrant

Journalism student living in London, working really hard to achieve 100wpm shorthand and aspiring to become an editorial assistant. I write about student life, culture and arts and entertainment.

If I write anything about me it'll seem like a dating site bio. I'm cool, that's all you need to know. @LauraSelley

Dj, Performer, Rap Lyricist, Music News Website Owner.

21-year-old Writer from Toronto,Canada. Follow me @deemeebee

Second year English Language and Journalism student. Fond of music, specifically pop- punk and rock. Gig addict, wannabe music journalist.

I'm a third year journalism student at Sheffield Hallam University. Supporter of the (not so) mighty Wolves FC with a passion for sport, music, fitness and film. twitter/instagram - @gmccormick_

My name is Hazera Ali, your average 17 year old living in London with a strange British accent and I'm an aspiring journalist. Read, enjoy, comment and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

I am a 16 year old aspiring journalist. Also, a music festival lover and a food fanatic. I'm studying A levels in English Language, Psychology, Economics and Food Technology. I hope you enjoy what you read!

I’m a budding video journalist always looking for a great story to tell. Have something interesting you’d like to share? Tweet me. I’d love to write about it! On my personal blog I write about everything from social issues to sports. I’m also and content marketing specialist focused in the automotive industry. You can find me published in a few auto dealer focused magazines.

26 years on the planet, mostly spent in Northern Ireland. Living the rat race and documenting as I go. "Smiling, breathing and moving slowly" - Thich Nhat Hanh.

Ryan is a Journalist and Writer from Frome, Somerset / Bristol. Bad at using social media likes drinking whiskey.

A graduate with a degree in Journalism. Love watching, playing and writing about football. @BlairFerguson4 is where I do most of my rambling!

Lover of words, blogger fanatic, food lover, university student, & lives by the words live, laugh love. Follow me @rosa_aversa

Helen Vaudrey is currently in her final year studying Journalism at the University of Salford. She writes for The Independent, In Good Taste UK and Vinco Sport. She enjoys blogging, travelling and American and Australian sports. She has won national competitions in conjunction with Channel 4 and Media Trust and has appeared on The One Show.

Currently in my second year studying journalism at the University of Sheffield. Originally from New York, USA. Obsessed with music, good food and taking pictures. Tweet me, @tayfleischh

Aspiring fashion journalists based in Manchester. Currently in my second year at University studying journalism! I am a great advocate of online media and obsessed with the fashion industry, from Lorraine Candy to Karl Lagerfeld! Tweet me @Elizabethkelly_

18-year old Welshie studying English, Media, Law, ICT and History. Leaving my small town for the bright lights of Sheffield in September to study Journalism. Last seen in the press box at the Paralympic Games.

Hungry Journalist with a passion for exploring the world and revealing the truth.

I am a journalism student, that funnily enough loves writing things down. I enjoy rattling on about lifestyle, culture, travel and other subjects that deem interesting to me. Follow me on Twitter: @CharlSutton and have a butchers at my blog You are welcome.

21 year old journalist currently studying at the University of Portsmouth. Sports enthusiast, with a passion for football and cricket. Also write about film and music and has an opinion on everything.

23 year old English graduate and aspiring journalist. My interests include reading, writing, food, beauty, film, good television, bad television, London, and accessories. Find me here, @DisforDevon or here,

Recent graduate trying to find her feet in the world. Avid independent music, arts & Arsenal fan...the subject of Robin Van Persie is banned around me.

Freelance Sports Journalist currently studying at Staffordshire University. Big fan of all things sport-related with life tending to revolve around the fortunes of Nottingham Forest Football Club. I enjoy sleeping and reality TV far too much. Follow me on Twitter: @michaelredford1

Ali is a 20-year-old student at the University of Missouri's School of Journalism. She is majoring in convergence journalism and is also working toward minors in business, film studies and art history and archaeology. Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, she loves art, books, social media, film, music and traveling. She hopes to work for an online publication after graduation and live in a big city. Follow Ali on Twitter: @akcolwell

Hi my name Tanieque. She has recently graduated with a BA Honours in Journalism from Buckinghamshire New University. She has a huge passion for writing and editing which is evident in her progress so far in the journalism world. At University she successfully wrote for the Student Newspaper and published many articles each week on culture and other topics. Since finishing university she’s been working on her writing and growing her own portfolio, with articles and poems. Tanieque Recently worked as a Marketing Officer for a recycling company publishing articles, newsletters and building their new website and updating their social network. However she is always looking for different ways to share her interests, passion and culture

Phil, bloke. My age is negotiable, my haircut is not. Wanted to be a cardigan model or wind farmer. Went with writing instead.

A History student currently in my final year at Sheffield Hallam University with the aim of studying an MA in Print Journalism at the University of Sheffield. Originally from Newcastle, proud Geordie and Magpie. Interesting in everything! Sports, Current Affairs, Film, TV and pretty much anything!

University of Hertfordshire student. 21 years old.

Josie is a fashion blogger for, lost in London after having moved here from the depths of the English countryside.

Hi, I'm Abi, a 1st year Classics student at Royal Holloway, University of London and I have a passion for all things geekery :)

I started freelance writing three years ago when I first started at University. I have a keen interest in politics, health, music and culture and have written various editorial pieces tailored to suit publications: Marie Claire, The Guardian, Dazed & Confused and Women’s Health. I also have prior experience as Editor of a small-time magazine based in Southampton (Output) and took on a position as a Music and Arts Co-Ordinator at Sonar Magazine.

2nd year Journalism student at The University of Sheffield.

Hi I'm Lauren, an aspiring music journalist with determination as strong as my passion for music.

I have made my living writing and taking pictures and I have found traveling to be the main source of my inspiration. I've been living in Italy for 14 years and will be moving to Berlin very soon. I am a soccer addict, love to read, refuse to live without music and feel most comfortable when I'm in a foreign land. I speak a few languages and even some dialects and I practice Humanism and Empathy as a religion.

My name is Josh Bradley, I am a freelance sports journalist, currently at University. I am a massive sports fan, focusing mainly on football and horse-racing.

English and modern languages graduate living in Madrid. In an ideal world travelling would be free and I would be doing it all the time. Unfortunately it isn't, so I spend my time consuming food and television with great enthusiasm.

My name is Courtney and I'm 18 years old. I love music, playing guitar, photography, and now I'm giving writing a shot. In the not too distant future I hope to travel the world!

Student journalist from Indiana. Editor-in-Chief for high school student news publication. Student Council executive. Looking to further my experience in journalism. News and opinion writer. To view my previous work, visit Follow me on Twitter: @Shelby_Mullis16

Graduate from Leeds Metropolitan University. Recently finished an Internship as a Football Journalist - looking to make a name for myself as a Journalist. Keen lover of football and hold a strong passion for writing about sport.

I'm Laura, I'm a journalism student at the University of Winchester. Professional procrastinator and tea enthusiast.

I'm a 18 year old A-level student looking to go into journalism and trying to build up my portfolio. My true love is basketball, sorry in advance if I come off overly excited about basketball but that's just me. Can't wait to go to uni and study English language, but mainly so I can watch uni basketball. I don't claim to be the most knowledgable about basketball and I know I get things wrong from time to time but that's life and I'm always open for improvement.

I'm Lauren I explore, report and write. You'll usually find me lurking in the close proximity of cake, incorrectly using weights in the gym, or falling down the stairs of a bar. Like most people, I like to travel. I'm slightly crazy but have my head screwed on. I'm fun, but, admittedly slightly anxious. I love writing honestly about the obstacles life throws at us, and how I've tackled them. I hope you can relate to me, I'm often told you can. If you fancy a little stalk I'm an avid instagrammer: brownie811

24 year old editor at Fair City Editing, English Literature graduate and Fantasy novel writer. I love all things literary, artistic and musical. I'm also an avid film fan, amongst a variety of other passions including History, Astronomy and Beauty.

Liberty Kennedy is a fashion student based in Nottingham. She interested in editorial, styling, fashion journalism and fashion buying. For more of her style, views and advice visit her blog

Writer, journalist, reviewer, sometime poet living in Japan. Future MA International Journalism student at City University London.

I'm a Politics student at University of Birmingham with an interest in music, travel and political journalism and feature writing. I am a writer and editorial assistant for my uni newspaper @redbrickpaper. Follow me on Twitter on @charleyross92. Comment on my pieces, and if you can offer me any work experience or advice, I would be very grateful!

I'm 5'1, 19 and I believe GREAT things come in small packages... plus I could talk for England even though I'm such a small person... I write about culture, lifestyle, opinion, and issues of this day and age... read more

Freelance Writer. Adventurer. Journalist. Traveller. Perfectionist. Creative Thinker. Shopaholic. Cat Lover. Vegetarian. Art Enthusiast. Photographer. Neat Freak. Discover more about me via my website;

freelance writer looking to create awareness of my writing style and professionalism hope to network with like-minded individuals

I'm Conor and I'm a young, aspiring sports journalist from Liverpool who is particularly interested in Football and the GAA. You can follow me on Twitter on @ConorShaw.

English student in London who is currently in a very complicated relationship with the big city - mostly love but with a pinch of distrust and a dash of scepticism (like all great romances). Secretly a glutton but try to pass myself off as a gourmand. In and amongst my homages to London's various eateries, you might find some tourist tips and general musings on cosmopolitan life - but mostly, I'm all about the food.

I am an aspiring journalist and currently a Spanish & International Media and Communications Student at Nottingham University. I worked as a travel journalist and blogger for for a year in Malaga, Spain :)

My name is Aduké. I'm 28 years old and a Graduate of Journalism. I'm a budding writer, and aspiring photographer exploring the world one footstep at a time.

My name is Alissa. Pronounced like “A-lisa”, and before you ask, no, my name is not spelt wrong! I’m a 19 year old Journalism and English Language student. I love anything arty farty, swimming and being around people that make me laugh. Twitter: _AlissaJohnson

Live in the East Midlands and yet a Nashville music enthusiast. Wanna be Journalist and secret superhero. @carrisrose

I'm a final year English Literature and Linguistics student, and in all honesty, I'm awful at writing bios. Ironic I know, you wouldn't expect an English student or aspiring writer to be lost for words but hey! What I can tell you is that I'm obsessed with New Girl and I really like Malted Milk biscuits.

A level student and aspiring journalist, studying English language and literature! With hopes of travelling everywhere!

Journalist studying at UCLan specialising in music and football. Currently a newsreader on Bolton FM and contributor for a number of websites. Once trended worldwide on twitter.

I have a love/hate relationship with art, music and fashion. Either way, you'll know about it ;)

Hi I'm Yagna! Just a small town girl, at university and love writing about the weird and wonderful!

19-year-old Journalism student at Falmouth University. Aspirations to write about films and games. @coreyjrichards

A 20 year old Loughborough university student from Essex. Aspiring writer. Huge passion for fashion, food, friends and sharing my thoughts. Twitter: @parismartins

A second year Media & Journalism Student at Northumbria University. I adore music, media, fashion, television and radio which influences my writing massively. Fashion is my future!

I am a second year Broadcast Journalism student studying at Nottingham Trent University. I am a part of my student TV station, Trent TV, and my student radio station, Fly FM. My aspiration is to become a journalist.

Hi I'm Niall. I'm a journalist student in Liverpool and love my football. If you enjoy my articles give us a follow on twitter. @nialldudley93

I'm Laura, I'm a 21 year old student from Sussex about to enter my final year of uni. I study English with Creative Writing and Media Studies; I'm a keen writer and hope to become a successful journalist one day. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what I post for you - maybe even find them interesting?! Feel free to tweet me at @LauraDavis20 :)

Multimedia journalist with an unhealthy obsession with Neo-soul and African literature.

Post-grad Magazine Journalism student. Lover of punk rock, movies and travelling. Huge Green Day fan ♥

20. De Montfort University. Leicester. English and Journalism. Third year. Aspiring Journalist. Newsreader on Demon FM. Reporter for The Demon. News is cool! Follow me on twitter: @som1992

Magazine Journalism student and blogger. A book enthusiast, interested in pop culture and apt at spending time on the internet.

Student journalist - aspiring writer/designer who talks a little too much. I like things that match. Twitter: @jessjlindley Instagram: jessjlindley

My name is Kayleigh Tanner, and I'm a journalism student studying for my NCTJ qualification, and a BA Linguistics student at University College London. I love writing, reading, going places and cooking. I'm Nigella Lawson's biggest fan, and I really like sea creatures. Follow me on Twitter: @DailyKayleigh



I am a 22 girl and I like to write things and then force people to read what I write. If it's working in my favour, I'll savour the flavour of success. That said - I have no higher aspiration then to scrape the barrel of society for as many years as I can muster under the illusion of succeeding. I'm not sure how serious I am being, then again I never know if I am joking or not. How important is that anyway? In the great words of Hamlet, "there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so." That means I can choose to live under the delusion that I am the hottest sheisse on this planet. Read my blog if you enjoy my articles on here! Provide me with your opinion on all, good and bad!

History student at the University of Cambridge. Particularly interested in Home Affairs and the Middle East. Feel free to contact me on twitter @Alex_Davis95

Eager to expand my knowledge in various fields such as digital communications, graphic design, journalism, technology and the environment.

20 year old from London, studying Journalism at The University of Sheffield. I am a keen dancer and love writing.

I am currently studying FDA journalism and practical media in Exeter. Loving life I am making the most of every opportunity I get my hands on. A visionary making dreams a reality. The world is my playground. Follow me @PeggieClark

i'm a 27 year old mexican woman, that loves football

19 year old university student studying geography. Originally from the country but moved to North Wales and before you ask, no, I am NOT a farmer.

An English graduate and hopeful features writer from London with a very British tea obsession. Find me at @smpowell

Science and Media Graduate. Soon to be Geography and Media Graduate too, one degree wasn't enough- I'm greedy like that. Aiming to effectively communicate current and relevant information on science, geography and the environment in a way that is understandable and entertaining for all.

My name is Kasey and I will be attending Kennesaw University in the fall to major in journalism. I love long walks on the beach, coffee, and stereotypical clichés.

I'm a British freelance journalist with an international portfolio. I've spent my twenties teaching (English) and writing my way around the world (from the UK to the US to Spain to Mexico to Cuba to Saudi Arabia). My expertise is in international affairs and one day I hope to "make it" as a full time foreign correspondent. Check out my blog:

22 year old student journalist from Winchester University. Sport meets sarcasm meets occasional seriousness. Tweet me @GarraTweets or url me:

I'm from Hong Kong, and I am a law student at Durham University.

I'm a big Hull City fan with aspirations to be a sports journalist. Currently studying: Media Studies, English Language and IT at College. Have applied to study study BA Sports Journalism / Journalism at University to further my career as a Journalist. Twitter: @DanJeffersonSP Blog:

Teenage girl from Australia. I drink copious amounts of coffee and I'm sort of a Francophile. (Not James Franco FYI.) I am to study English/Journalism/Something of that sort either in the US or the UK.

Recent UEA literature grad aspiring to be a full-time world gallivanter but sadly confined to his decrepit laptop... for now. Enjoys impromptu trips abroad, glossy travel magazines and daydreaming about epic RTW trips.

I'm 19 and studying Journalism and PR at the University of Lincoln. I have interests in Sports, culture, education, pretty much anything!

21-year--old dressage rider, journalist, writer and columnist. Avid blogger. Competing at BD Medium Level with my horse and have 6 fantastic sponsors. Spend my time mostly writing, riding and competing. I have a column in an Equestrian Magazine and work as a freelance equestrian journalist for many other publications.

I'm Holly! :) 18 year-old full time undergraduate English Language student at Sheffield Hallam University. Complete and utter sports geek and over enthusiastic Newcastle United fan. Passionate hater of post-goal music. You'll find me dotted about in various places but most likely on Twitter @hollyyevans.

An aspiring writer, willing and ready to learn more. Creative student trying to make the best of what I have.

I'm a 19 year old Advertising student at Northampton University who is aiming for a career in Digital Marketing/Public Relations. I like cosmetics, music, coke zero, festivals, reading, tattoos, fashion and writing. Get me talking about beauty or music and I'll ramble away for ages.

English and History Graduate, living in East London and interning at Hearst Rodale. Loves music, film and pugs.

Final year law student studying in the South of England. Student journalism and current affairs enthusiast, with aspirations to go into political journalism.

Journalist, photographer, human being.

I'm Kenza! A Rebelle Without A Cause ;) Book and street smart. Free spirited writer. Making big moves, considering my size 5 feet. Staying true to the things you love, that's what I'm all about. Fashion is a passion. Writing is my thing. And when it comes to writing, I do it from the heart. A hippie with a overflowing wardrobe. Just..going in..basically. I contradict myself daily because I'm still figuring this life thing out. I'm marrying Tupac when I die. Holla at'cha girl here @KenzaJM :)

Big on writing and reading. Hopes someday someone will pay me to write something fanciful. Currently interning in the crazy world of PR follow me on twitter @chloemckayyy and follow my blog

I'm Sarah Wren, just your ordinary 17 year old girl with big dreams. Currently a student at sixth form. I have a passion and drive for Journalism and need all the experience I can get!

<a href="">Jamie Dinning</a> Ambitious with an insatiable taste for music, writing, love and life. Journalist in the making. Creative thinker. Free spirit.

An A-Level student at Tiffin School in south-west London, I am pursuing a career in journalism. For more of my work, visit or .

Freelance journalist covering fashion, lifestyle and features. I have completed the NCTJs and am currently working in digital media. Contact via Twitter: @smtimmy

Creative, ambitious and famous for being unknown. Kelly Holgate is a sex, relationship and lifestyle writer, with freelance experience across a variety of sites. She created the successful blog Hitched & Ditched, which was short listed by Cosmopolitan magazine in the sex & relationship category. Kelly's pieces are honest, engaging and always eye opening. She is currently working on her first fiction novel.

I'm an International Journalism student in Liverpool. I speak spanish and enjoy meeting new people and exploring new things and places.

Aspiring writer, book reader and beauty enthusiast. Currently studying Literature at The University of York. I tweet @rosegxo

A 23 year old English graduate, training to be a nosey but nice journalist. Obsessed with films, TV programmes, books and magazines.

My name is Daniel Kidd i am a current student at Birmingham City University studying Radio production. My main interests lie with sports and football in general i'm a budding football fan who is always on the look out for a good story or anything to do with the beautiful game in general. I am hoping to train in sports commentating either it be at the games live or in the studio i am also looking to be able to write both short and long articles for people to read if they have missed all the action. you can find me on Tiwtter @danielkidd91 or on Facebook just search Daniel kidd

Soon-to-be History graduate from the University of Sheffield. Usually found writing, watching, playing, tweeting or talking about sport. Follow me on Twitter @SamDrury11

I'm Debbi, a 21 year old aspiring magazine and features journalist, from Manchester. I love cocktails, coffee and could watch vines all day. I can't wait to go travelling and dream of someday living in Italy.

I am currently studying a journalism degree at Staffordshire Uni and run a personal celebrity blog. My long term goal is to become the editor of a gossip magazine or write for a tabloid newspaper. Please take a look at my blog- and enjoy my articles :)

My name is Rachel and I am 20 years old, currently studying Magazine Journalism at University. I enjoy writing, watching films, going to the theatre and reading.

19, journalism&english lit student living in Manchester. Originally from South Devon and love to write. Give me a read if you have the chance!

Journalism Masters student and wanna be PR executive.. Just enjoying the world in my own little way and sharing it with y'all! :)

Lindsay is a new writer and blogger writing on politics, social justice, feminism & odd days out in London.

Primarily a features and arts writer and lover of things Chinese, Ellie has worked in a helter-skelter range of newspapers, including China Daily in Beijing, The Independent, South London Press and the East Kent Mercury (in its three-man office above a funeral parlour in the seaside town of Deal). She is currently a trainee sub-editor at the Daily Mail and writes freelance articles for websites and print publications.

I'm Grace Walker, an 18 year old student who will be studying Languages at University from September. My dream is to become a journalist and I love all things fashion, culture, travel... I hope you enjoy my articles as much as I love writing them!

Far too close to 30 for my liking. Love life. Love travel. Love learning.

A story teller who takes inspiration from fashion, art and life. A girl who loves all things fashion and beauty and gravitates to the beautiful things in life! Follow my rampages on twitter: @christineehart My Tumblr: && Instagram: The Aesthetic Grace.

I'm a 20 year old journalism student at the University of Sheffield, with a love of music, beauty products, travel and the occasional cocktail. Looking to pursue a career in journalism/social media. Tweet me @lucyalexrobbo

Liverpool based freelance writer and editor. English graduate and fan of all things bookish. Reading FC fan for my sins and follower of Italian football.

I'm a university student from Essex currently studying sport journalism in Farnham and living in Aldershot. Also a massive CPFC fan

My name is Frances and I'm an MA Graduate of Creative Writing. I work as a contributing writer for a number of publications and have aspirations of becoming an editor. Feel free to join my network on LinkedIn.

Katrine Carstens is Danish, but has spent a decade in London as well living in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Landing in journalism via International Development, she has spent time living and working with the Pondo people of the Wild Coast in South Africa and was involved with an NGO in Geneva training journalists from developing countries on climate change, food security and peace building. Inspired by working with these journalists, she took the plunge and studied with the London School of Journalism before joining becoming a freelance journalist writing for various publications. She has a longstanding interest in travel and sustainability but also loves writing about food, culture and what makes the wheels of the world go around. You can check out her blog at

I'm 20 years old and a journalism student at the London College of Communication, UAL. First and foremost, I love to write and believe that it is my aspiration to do so. I also love to travel and immerse myself in all aspects of culture in life. Finally I enjoy dancing, music and going on adventures!! Follow me on twitter @DaniAgtani

Aspiring Journalist from Essex currently studying for my A-Level exams, dreaming to live like Carrie Bradshaw but achieving a mini Bridget Jones.. Interested in books, fashion, film and travelling. Follow me on twitter @paisley_tedder

21 year old bibliophile, uni survivor, zombie lover and future globe trotter. @ballert0n

18 year old Multimedia Journalist from Southampton, working my way into the media industry!:) Follow my Twitter - @DaniBottell & blog -

A British born gamer, with a quick wit and the ability to turn a phrase

In 2011, Michael Davidson learned how to handpress paperback novels right on his kitchen table. Together with his future-wife, Bridget, he founded the enterprise Tiny TOE Press. After self-publishing 'Austin Nights' to critical acclaim within the small/indie press community, they published 3 more books under their DIY imprint: 'The Mosquito Song' by M.L. Kennedy; 'Miss Gone-overseas' by Mitchell Hagerstrom; 'Heart of Scorpio' by Joseph Avski. Tiny TOE Press will release 2 new titles this fall: 'The Persistence of Crows' by Grant Maierhofer; 'Rarity of the Century' by Fawzy Zablah. You can connect with Michael on Twitter and he'd totally love it if you did: @herocious/@TinyTOEPress.

I'd consider myself an amateur writer/ inspiring Journalist. I'm about to embark on a three year degree in Journalism and hope this site and the content posted will help catalyze my recognition. Thanks for reading.

One of my nipples is bigger than the other two, should I be worried?

Recent graduate of English and Hispanic Studies from the University of Liverpool. Loves culture, travelling and analysing the weird and wonderful contestants on Come Dine With Me. Nostalgic for my student days but excited to see what the real world has in store for me.

21 year old English Lit graduate. Avid reader of books, enthusiastic fan of Wes Anderson, and keen admirer of Sally Draper's wardrobe.

Writer, linguist, scotch egg lover.

I'm Cristina, a 23-year-old senior at CSUS, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Film Studies. I love baking, watching ghost-investigation shows and wearing my pajamas all day. I dislike going to the dentist, hot weather and celery. Film is my passion and if it's yours too, come check me out and start a dialogue. I'd love to know what you think.

Marketing and PR Executive in the North East of England. Bookworm and amateur writer.

20. Fashion Advertising Student. Cambridge. Fashion Lover. Clothes Hoarder. Film Addict. Nail Polish obsessed.

19 years old, from Cardiff, a second year English Literature student at the University of York. Interned at One&Other Magazine, The Merthyr Express, The South Wales Argus and WM Magazine. On York Vision's editorial team. Blog: Twitter: @zenajarjis

Full time journalist for an interiors and lifestyle magazine. Lover of music, books and laughs. Fraudulent ging and wanna be author. Kindness makes me happy.

A recent Journalism graduate who enjoys writing (about anything and everything), reading, socialising and travelling. Feel free to follow/tweet me: @JenniHayre

Currently studying my MA in magazine journalism at Cardiff University keen to write about music. I'm happiest when I'm watching my favourite bands with my best friends, and have a plastic pint of beer in my hand. Tweet me @LizzieHartland

An opinionated music aficionado with a penchant for philosophy.

Student Journalist at UCLan. Deputy Lifestyle Editor at Pluto. Contributor at Kettle Mag, CultNoise & Pluto. Traveller at everywhere else.

Consumed by wanderlust since 1990. London student with a jukebox in my mind. I love to write, enquire and explore. Variety is the spice of my life. You can find me sharing any interests at my own little corner of the internet @CateLongworth

Los Angeles vagabond and connoisseur of film, fashion, literature & all things peanut butter. Follow me @tanyaKoryn on Twitter! :]

A 23 year old English Language graduate, aspiring to be a journalist in Fashion & Beauty. Check out my blog page here: :)

16 | Entrepreneur | passionate about writing/editing/publishing. Coffee lover - love espressing my opinion! Golf is probably my biggest passion, but I'm audacious, so expect anything!! Love life | Always have an Opinion | Big #CFC fan | Interested in Economics and politics. You'll never win if you never begin |

Sports Fan, Film Fan and write a few articles.

An English student and a bookworm with a slight obsession with newspapers and Hunter S Thompson. Twitter: @AbiiiElf

Ambitious Criminology and Journalism graduate from the University of Lincoln. When I’m not putting pen to paper or being a part-time Chocolatier at Thornton’s, I’m busy being indecisive, stubborn and a feminist. I’m massively freaked out by bellybuttons. Follow me on Twitter: @Alan_Harrop :)

I am a student at the University of Hertfordshire studying English Literature and Journalism. I have only just started to gain an interest in journalism and see myself as very much new to it. I have interests in Music, Culture, Sports and Fashion.

I'm a freelance journalist (in training), working in media. An English Literature graduate, I'm another one that loves reading and writing about books, culture and film. You can find me on Twitter at @LifeInBooksAOS

Creative Writing/English Literature Student With A Keen Interest In Journalism & A Passion To Write. :)

Journalism student from the Home Counties. Feels passionately, travels widely, and owns far too many unusual jackets.

I'm a 21 years young Journalism student, with an [un]healthy obsession with all things zombie. Music, literature and gaming are my passions. Hunter S. Thompson is my man. For your twitter pleasure: @SiMan1712

Fashion writer and lover of tats, cats and heels...

Trainee journalist, studying BA Journalism at the University of South Wales. Based in Cardiff. Interested in journalism, social media, technology, music, photography, running and food.

Recently relocated to Dubai. Made in England. Aspiring digital nomad. Fascinated with: writing, travel, reading, minimalism, environmentalism, sustainability, Apple products, photography, documentaries, films, acoustic, blogs and the Oxford comma. Follow me on <a href="">twitter</a>. Find me on <a rel="author" href="">Google+</a>.

I am a 19-year-old Journalism student who loves writing about sport, fashion and Social Media.

An English student and aspiring student.

I'm Georgia, a 19-year-old, second year journalism student at the University of Westminster. I'm addicted to trashy reality television, gorgeous shoes and outrageous celebrity showbiz really i'm the most intellectual and interesting person you'll ever meet. Hope you enjoy my articles...remember to follow me on twitter peeps.

Hey, my name is Matthew and I am an 18-year-old Journalism student at Liverpool John Moores University. I love Football in all divisions and I want to travel the world, writing and reporting on it in the future. I am chasing opportunities to help gain experience and tips, so I thought I would join Yuppee!

Hiya! I'm Luke, Most people will know me but not know why, truth is, i've no Idea why you'd know me either! I graduated from Uni after studying Journalism, if i'm not writing, i'm usually Dj'n or taking photos. You'll usually find me around the booth at Ministry of Sound. Or asking people "how that makes them feel". I have a great interest in music and music technologies, i also love fashion and any new trends, so theres a glimpse of what my articles will be about!

My name is Camilla Brugrand and I´m 19 years old. In the summer I work for a norwegian newspaper called Sogn Avis, and the rest of the time i study journalism at Kingston University in London. My interests are traveling, films, The Middle East and books.

My name is Hannah Richardson. I am an 18 year old girl from Newcastle, England starting a BA Fashion Journalism course at University in September. I want to begin my career before its started and write articles for Yuppee which are out of the ordinary and which other people hopefully want to read.

A Linguistics graduate with a love of words, writing, quirky shoes and Morrissey and a dislike for angels, spirit guides and quackery. I blog at Follow me on Twitter: @GailyGumdrops

Shrewsbury born, Cardiff bred. I have never touched a pig or had a cup of coffee. I enjoy books, films, gadgets, music and eyebrows. @simonreah

Current journalism student aspiring to write all things fashion & beauty related. Originating from a tiny island in the middle of the sea i'm hoping journalism will take me far and wide!

Currently a student journalist looking to gain some experience. Hopefully I can provide you with some entertaining as well as useful articles. Massively into my sport, particularly football and cricket. Finally, thank you to all my fans, without whom this wouldn't have been possible. | @_alexpindar |

English student at Cambridge and aspiring journalist looking for experience and opportunities. Loves artsy frolics and writing stuff.

19 year old Communications student at The University of Leeds. Lover of travel, fashion and politics. Big aspirations for the future! Follow me on Twitter @tayloramy93

Aspiring musician, singer and songwriter. Newbie blogger with a love a being able to express my views and opinions on what I love most and what's relevent. A lover of gaming and sport also. Studied music for 2 years and have now began writing to maybe forge a career out of it. Also interested in teaching. Always willing to give something new a try. Never went to University but it's something I can hopefully do in the future if I keep working hard.

| WAAPA Broadcasting 2012 Alum | Aspiring Broadcast Journalist | Occasional Madcap | Mighty South Aussie | Adelaide Crows Football Club Supporter | I <3 NY |

20-year-old English and Journalism student who is passionate about feminism, books and making people laugh.

Magazine and clothes hoarder. Striving to work for a high end fashion magazine. Also founder and editor of First Instinct magazine.

I am a second year University student studying English and Philosophy at Leeds University. I write for the Leeds Student, BounceSIN and Yuppee, and am a presenter on Leeds Student Radio. I love all the normal things like reading and writing and cake, and will be studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina next year ;)

I am 16 years old currently studying A-levels in college and considering in doing journalism in university.

Studying Journalism at the University of Lincoln. Fan of beauty & fashion, carbonara and many other things

Writer and ex-Copenhagen dweller. Junk shops give me a great sense of well-being, along with fruit teas and old paper backs. @Colesamy

I've just graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Glasgow. Travel is my biggest passion in life and I love writing my travel blog, Emma's Travel Tales. I'm a massive football fan, eternal optimist and cocktail lover. Tweet me @scottishemma123 or check out my blog

My name is Katie, I am seventeen years old and I am an aspiring journalist. I just love to write - especially about music. I also have a music blog on, so check it out.

Second year Journalism student at Southampton Solent. Writing is my second nature. Enjoy reading with tea and biscuits. Would happily spend all day watching Netflix!

Third year Journalism and International Studies student at Rochester Institute Technology. I am a proud vegan, animal lover, caffeine addict and food blogger. Follow me on or @CelineAnderson1

Londoner - pretty keen on politics, law, coffee and travel.