Katy B On a Mission Album Review

Dubstep singer Katy B released her sensational debut album “On a Mission”, after recording continuously for three years. She started recording songs for the album in 2007 and continued recording until 2010. The album is believed to be deeply influenced by Katy’s musical journey and her life experiences.

“On a Mission” has gained a positive response from Katy’s audience. The album is ecstatic without any kind of aggression. It is not just a pop-album, but an album which is cheerful and bright, involving darker dance music.

In her debut album, Katy B has recorded songs which give her fans a natural thrill. All the songs in the album are fresh and funky. The special aspect of the album is that it does not include “angry tracks” like other pop albums. Each song is heartfelt and showcases the tender personality of the singer.

The lyrics of all the songs have been well received by the audience as they seem to portray Katy’s emotions. The themes in the album include the singer’s experience with love, boys, clubbing and heartbreaks. “On a Mission” is based on an electronic dance variety including ingredients of garage, R&B, house, UK funky and dubstep in its beats.

The album has five singles released between 2010 and 2011. The tracks “Lights On” and “Katy on a Mission” prove to be the best tracks in the whole album. “Broken Record” also managed to attract the public. But the last two singles in the album, “Witches’ Brew” and “Easy Please Me” could not imitate the success of the other tracks. The track “Perfect Stranger” has a dubstep and funky feel to it. The vocals in the songs range from being intense to melodious. Two tracks “Go Away” and “Power on Me” talk about relationships.

Katy’s album, “On a Mission” gets a well-deserved 4 out of 5.

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