Review: We Will Rock You

‘We will rock you’ celebrated its 10th anniversary performance recently. At present it’s in its 11th year of performance in London, the show is so brilliant that it comes as no surprise that it is doing so well and continues to enthral the audiences each time.

This is not a show that you can take too seriously. The plot tends to be confusing at times and is slightly deeper than it seems. The play is written by Ben Elton and there exists his usual comical style while telling the story. You can’t help but completely enjoy this challenging plot. It’s a laugh riot most in most of the scenes and leaves you feeling satisfied at paying so much to watch the show.

The story is about an instance in the future, when there are absolutely no musical instruments available and creating music without any restraint is barred. Bohemians condemn this rule and rebel against it. They dream and imagine of a time when they can write their own songs and play their own music.

The characters of Galileo and Scaramouch are brilliantly portrayed. Ideas for songs and tunes keep popping into Galileo’s head. Scaramouch on the other hand is a much more comfortable and easy-going character with brilliant comic timing. The character called the Killer Queen is slightly psychotic but her expressions are hilarious. The Curly Watts also give powerful performances making the entire ensemble of characters, a creative bunch.

The music of Queen is what the audience mainly focuses on. The characters and the orchestra brilliantly perform each number and the cast is quite talented using their vocals. Not one, but many standing ovations are necessary to applaud this musical show.

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