Noah and the Whale Last Night on Earth Review

Indie-folk band Noah and the Whale released their third album “Last Night on Earth” in 2011. The album brims with freshness and showcases connectivity between art and life. The band’s signature folk-rock style has been replaced by electro-pop retro style in “Last Night on Earth”. Main vocalist Charlie Fink’s flexible voice and simple songs make the album appealing.

“Life is Life”, being the first track in the album, sets the feel for the other songs. Another song, “Old Joy” gives a melancholic as well as a very optimistic touch to the album. This is one of the songs which opens one door and closes another, urging people to be confident. It incorporates beautiful imagery along with a crisp storytelling. This track can definitely be one of the favourites of the audience.

At times, the album seems like a novel taking us through a variety of feelings. The band members have experimented with a lot of things in this album, giving it a new edge.

“Tonight’s the Kind of Night” is a song which underlines that changes are inevitable in our lives. “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N” is a track which gives people the hope to move on with life in spite of the difficulties that they face. “Give it all back” is a fluffy pop song which is popular among Noah’s fans. The tracks in “Last Night of Earth” also have a spiritual edge to them. Though the album is a short one, it encompasses upbeat songs as well as serious electronic tracks in a cohesive manner.

In this album, Noah and the Whale has added rock and blue beats to create tracks that will go well with today’s generation. The lyrics of all the tracks compliment the tune and music.

We rate the album 3.5 out of 5

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