Finding the Perfect Handbag

Match one with every outfit you have, or is that going a bit over board? Handbags for women, are a fashion statement. No matter where you go, you know that people are talking about your handbag. By choosing the right one, you can have those boys talking about it for days to come. You can even be your neighbourhood fashionista! As increasing women keep a look out for latest handbags, the market has also started to increase the number of styles and designs.

The most common mistake women make while choosing handbags, is not paying attention to their figures. You have to remember that your body type makes a massive difference to the bag you carry. Don’t be a follower and carry a bag that is popular, but instead carry one that suits your body type and personality. Ladies, we all know that top brand handbags are hard to resist, but it may not always suit our clothes. So how do you decide which handbag suits you?


Here are some tips that you help you make that decision:


Before you choose a handbag, remember to match it to your body type. By doing so, you will look fashionable and it will completely modify your look. If you are tall and slim then choosing a handbag that is round is best suited as it balances your appearance. If you are short, then you can look stylish by selecting a bag that is squarish or rectangular in shape. This elevates your body making you seem tall.



Size is perhaps one of the crucial aspects to consider before choosing a handbag. Please ladies, we all want to look like we just walked out of a fashion magazine! But to get that look you need to match it to your body shape. If you are tall, then the bag best suited for you is a big bulky one. If you choose tiny bags then your body structure will seem odd. On the other hand, if you are petite and short then you can pull off  small handbags. Stay clear of bulky ones as they tend to make you seem smaller than you actually are.



While selecting handbags, you have to keep in mind your colour preference. Quite often you want to choose a bag that suits your clothing. Selecting a bag for each outfit you own, can be quite a task, and let’s face it, not all of us can afford it! So it is better to opt for neutral colours. Selecting a black handbag is the safest option as you cannot go wrong with it. However, if you are bolder and wilder, then choose a handbag with numerous colours that match most of your clothing.

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