Review: The iPhone 4S

After an eager wait, the only model of the iPhone family with a 64GB version, the iPhone 4S was released. Though it is the best phone built by Apple till date, users would wonder why they would need to buy it when their already existent iPhone can be upgraded with the newly released iOS 5. Here’s why.

The 4S can be set-up and activated through an iCloud account or through the pre-existent iTunes backup, without the help of a computer. If you are a new user, you can activate your phone by setting up an Apple ID.

The 4S has an A5 dual-core processor which makes everything faster. Every action, be it launching apps or loading of web pages, is more fluid. The core-processor makes multi-tasking much quicker and resource-hungry apps like Pages and others allow you to alter documents without any delay.

The content on 4S can be replicated over AirPlay due to the processor. The 4S can drive out to the Apple TV, upto 720p when it is wirelessly operated and via HDMI it increases to 1080p. This is something the iPhone 4 users will envy as it’s an absolute delight to watch the content fly from the small screen onto the big screen with ease.

Sprint has been added to Apple’s list of service providers, providing users with unlimited data plans. Siri, an innovative voice commanded assistant software is another new feature in the 4S, performs a wide range of actions from locating places to sending out mails.

The 3G connection is faster due to the two antennas across the top of the phone. The camera has been refurbished and can now click 8 megapixel stills, record upto 1080p video and has enabled face detection feature. The 4S also has extended battery life with standby power of upto 200 hours.

All these significant features and upgrades, in the smartphone market, make the 4S a front-runner, even without a larger screen and 4G.

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