Samsung Galaxy S3 May Not Be Functional in the U.S

The latest phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S3 is set to launch in the U.S. Samsung fans have mixed feelings about the S3 as there is some contradicting information on network usage for this phone. Users may find it difficult to switch networks on the phone as the 2G and 3G networks function with different technologies. For instance, Spirit and Verizon use CDMA while T-Mobile and AT&T uses GSM. For full coverage, both networks in 4G use LTE. The only difference is that the radio signals for both are broadcasted through 2 different radio spectrums. This further proves that Verizon may not be compatible with AT&T.


The contradicting information

Verizon stated that the latest software will enable the phone to be used in 3G and 2G networks outside the United States. This shows the presence of a GSM radio inside the Verizon, which indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S3 can be used in AT&T. However, this means that users will have to cope with the slower 3G and 2G network of AT&T. The phone can work well on the 4G network but there have been no reports about the radio used in the phone.


Official report from Samsung

The phone may be released in all versions in the U.S including radio equipment for 4G LTE, GSM’s 4G/ 3G HSPA, GSM and CDMA. Under these circumstances, the Verizon phone could operate on AT&T and vice versa, only if the phone was unlocked and its transmission capabilities were not hampered with. In response, Samsung has reported that the Galaxy S3 performed the same way on every carrier, not including the carrier limited services and network that were already loaded on the phone. Samsung also clarified that within the United States, the Galaxy S3 is not being sold in the unlocked version and users will have to purchase only from carriers.

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