Summer Holiday Essentials – Clothes you can’t leave the airport without!

Britain hasn’t been so fortunate with summer so far. It’s blissfully hot for 48hrs, then irritatingly windy, rainy or humid the rest of the week. No wonder some of us can’t wait to jump on the next plane to Ibiza/ the Caribbean/ Maldives/wherever asap!  Holidays are the place to stop thinking about those daily qualms and to sit back and relax. But before you can start sipping cocktails on the beach, you’ve got to go through the stresses of pre-holiday packing. Now, I seriously over pack when jetting off abroad.  You’ll catch me anxiously biting away at  my fingernails by the check in desk knowing my luggage weighs 4 more kilos than it should.  So here’s my list of some holiday essentials that will hopefully help you avoid those overweight luggage charges at the airport this summer!



Denim shorts are serious life savers when you’re stuck in a style rut and are indeed your number one summer essential. I’d be surprised if most of us don’t already have one of these hanging in our closet. The perfect pair can go a long way. On the current market, I would look no further than Topshop for dip dyed beauties or Urban Outfitters for classic Levi cut offs. Even better for those on a tight budget for a student like myself, eBay is the one stop shop for snapping up a pair of denim shorts for an even better price.  Be it with your favourite bikini on the beach or with a printed shirt and wedges at sunset, denim shorts are ever so versatile, however you decide to wear them.



Since making a popular reappearance onto the market a few years ago, maxi dresses are the perfect cover up whether it be day or night. Stick to sheer and printed for the beach to avoid sweltering in the heat in heavy fabrics and glam it up with flatforms and stacks of jewellery at night.



Wearing a hat can be daunting at times, as it feels all eyes are on you when one’s atop of your head. But any hat, such as a bowler, fedora or even a pork pie are indispensable, when  keeping your head cool in the sunshine and to add a little edge to any outfit.



The contrast of white fabric against bronzed skin maximises that well earned tan.  A white dress oozes with sophistication meanwhile a pair of white jeans instantaneously shouts ‘90210’! Mango seem to be doling out a number of white pieces which are definitely worth investing in.



Last but certainly not least, don’t forget SPF to avoid returning from your holiday looking like a sun dried tomato! Not only that, but as you’re probably aware of, sun burn is terribly hazardous for the skin – it’s the foundation for wrinkles, pigmentation and worst of all skin cancer. So it’s vital to stock up on sunscreen at customs, to not only evade a nasty a sun burn, but to also stay safe from the perilous UV rays when spending dusk to dawn in the sun’s blaze.

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