Everything about ‘Dallas’ TNT relaunch

It has been 21 years since fans  had seen the Ewing family in Southfork Ranch. But very soon, you can spend time with the Ewings as TNT is restarting the famous show ‘Dallas’ this year. As the show is starting again from where it ended, the makers of ‘Dallas’ expect their modern audience to know everything about the show and its characters. So, here are few interesting facts about the characters in the show that started in 1978.

J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) is the main character and the villain in the show. He is a plotter, who along with Bobby, his brother owns Ewing Oil. The brothers inherit the business from their father Jock. J.R Ewing makes and loses his fortune many times in the show and gets killed in the third season. Viewers were curious to know who killed J.R and if he was really dead. But now, his son John Ross will play a major character in the new series.

Bobby Ewing is J.R Ewing’s innocent, adopted brother and is appreciated more by the Ewing family. J.R inevitably starts feeling jealous of his brother. Bobby helps J.R run their family business in spite of the jealousy. When Patrick Duffy (Bobby) left the show, the character was killed. But when Patrick returned, the story took a turn where the director explains that what happened in the previous season was Pam’s (Bobby’s wife) dream.

Sue Ellen Ewing is J.R Ewing’s wife, who is always drunk in the show. Throughout the show, she loves and hates J.K depending on the situation. She also ends up having an affair. Linda Grey is brilliant as Sue Allen.

Pamela Ewing is Bobby’s wife. Since Bobby and Pamela are both adopted, they hardly fit into their family. Pam is burnt in one of the seasons. But whether she is dead or alive is the question that the new season might answer. Cliff Barnes is Pam’s brother, who has an affair with Sue Allen. He is also sure to be back in the new series.

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