Ray Bradbury Honored at New Media Film Festival

Ray Bradbury was honored with ‘The Legend’ award by Hollywood celebrities on June 13, at the New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles. The event took place at The Landmark Theater and was attended by famous Hollywood stars.

Ray Bradbury, who is very popular for writing Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles, was supposed to attend the event and accept the award. But unfortunately, he passed away a week before the event. A short film titled ‘Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope’, was featured in memory of the acclaimed writer.

After the short film which portrayed Bradbury’s life, Susan Johnston, the Director of the New Media Film Festival, told the audience that NEA(National Endowment of the Arts) had distributed free CD’s and audio books of ‘Fahrenheit 451’ in April. She also explained that Ray’s daughter, who could not attend the event, appreciated the award. NEA(National Endowment of the Arts) also screened a short tribute video titled ‘Meet Ray Bradbury.’

Duncan Rouleau was asked to give away Bradbury’s award. After speaking about his experience with Ray Bradbury, Rouleau offered tribute to the great writer. Sally Kirkland then accepted the award on behalf of Bradbury. The actress has worked with Ray during the shooting of ‘The Zero Hour’. Apart from receiving the award, Sally also admitted that she had auditioned for ‘Fahrenheit 451’, but her role went to Julie Christie instead.

Brett Stimely, who has worked with Ray Bradbury in ‘Kaleidoscope’, spoke about his bond with Bradbury. The short film ‘Kaleidoscope’ by Ray Bradbury was screened just after the award presentation.William Shatner’s tribute was read out by Stimley. Later, Steve Ledoux’s short film “Good Things Are Always Happening,” was also screened at the New Media Film Festival. The whole evening was spectacular with famous Hollywood stars attending it.

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