Top Cat: The Movie Fails to Impress

‘Top Cat: The Movie’ is 2011 Mexican movie directed by Alberto Mar. It is an animated, comedy-action film based on ‘Top Cat’ of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series. Despite the efforts of the film-makers, the movie lacks the boldness and the grip that defined Top Cat TV series.

The plot revolves around Top Cat and his team of New York alleyway cats who want to become rich through illegal means. Top Cat (Jason Harris) is the unquestionable chief of the gang. Along with Choo Choo, Benny, Brain, Spook, and Fancy-Fancy, Top Cat constantly tries to stay out of trouble with policeman Dibble (Bill Lobely). When the local police officer retires, he gives Lou Strickland (Jason Harris), his son-in-law the complete authority of the Police Department. Lou Strickland is technology obsessed and replaces the policemen with robots.

He also makes sure that the entire city is under surveillance the whole day, and creates a robot which looks exactly like Top Cat. The robot Top Cat robs an orphanage, but the real Top Cat is arrested and sent to the dog jail. Now, it is the duty of the cat gang and officer Dibble to free innocent Top Cat and save New York by putting an end to Strickland’s oppressive rule.

The voice work and the animation in this movie are not unique. The application of 3D to the movie does not seem like an artistic decision, as it only adds expense, obvious false perspective and discomfort. The movie is cynical and charmless running only 90 minutes, but feels longer. The entire plot is not as convincing and the characterization lacks wit. The movie focuses on stupidity instead of clever jokes that the TV series had.

On the bright side, the movie has few good punchlines and visual gags. The witty jokes on surveillance society are commendable. In spite of that, Top Cat: The Movie leaves the audience uninvolved and uninterested.

We give this movie a rating of 2.5 out of 5.

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