Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht on Season 2 of ‘Suits’

USA’s popular TV show ‘Suits’ started its second season on June 14. From the time the first season ended, fans have been very eager to know what will transpire in the second season of ‘Suits’.

Gabriel Macht (who plays Harvey Specter), said that the second season would be more exciting and thrilling than the first season.  He added that Harvey may get expelled this time. The first season ended with Trevor (Mike’s cohort) whispering something to Jessica (played by Gina Torres), who is Mike’s (Adams) boss. If the secret is about Mike practising law without a degree, then Mike and Harvey will have to start planning to defend themselves.

Macht however did not let out the suspense of the second season. Adams too was very careful while talking about his character, Mike. He said that the show would get darker in the second season and  added that the second season would involve a lot of twists and turns that would interest the viewers. Apparently, many viewers also want ‘Suits’ to become darker and grim in the second series. Adams said that he is happy that the viewers no longer want them to be witty and funny, but want them to add new dimensions to their characters.

Gabriel Macht has to be appreciated for his flawless suits. But now, he has got competition for the title ‘Best Suit-clad leading man’ from Don Draper (protagonist of Mad Men). Macht said that his character Harvey is better dressed when compared to Draper. The second season of ‘Suits’ brags of a character who is smarter than Draper. It seems like the nine-month wait after the first season of ‘Suits’ will be absolutely worth it.  The creator of the show, Aaron Korsh seems to have worked a lot for his second season. The actors shared that Korsh has tried his best to make the show even better.

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