Top 5 Hip Hop albums ever made

2pac – All Eyez on Me

This is an album that is still bought today by hip-hop and music lovers. All Eyez on Me was the last album Tupac released before his death in September 1996. It is comprised of two CDs, with hit songs such as I Ain’t Mad at Cha and the notorious California Love, which features Dr Dre and Roger Troutman. It also features some infamous songs, which avid Tupac fans will no doubt be more than familiar to, such as Only God Can Judge Me and All Eyez on Me to name a few. If your already a hip-hop fan, then you will already know this album and for those of you who just like hip-hop, then this album is an old school classic everyone should listen to at least once, and is sure to be played over and over for many years to come.


Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP

This is actually Eminem’s third album but is well known as his second studio album. It’s his best selling album ever, as it sold a staggering 22,000,000 units worldwide and has some of Eminem’s biggest hits, which include Stan, The Way I Am and The Real Slim Shady. The Marshall Mathers LP sees Eminem release his anger at those who criticized his previous album, The Slim Shady LP, and boy does he come back with a vengeance. The Way I Am has lyrical content, which include ‘I’m tired of arguin’ (of arguin’)…I don’t mean to be mean but that’s all I can be is just me.’ As can be seen here, there is a lot of anger, criticism and attitude, all showing Eminem’s best lyrical work: as an avid fan, you see him truly express himself and can hear and understand why he is the greatest rapper on earth. This album is not for the closed-minded.


Dr Dre – 2001

I know a lot of Dr Dre fans love his first album The Chronic but this album features a lot of Dre’s more popular and well-known hits such as Still Dre, Forget About Dre, The Next Episode and Xxplosive – all of which are songs, which are still remixed, sampled and played in clubs today.  Much to the album’s title, 2001 was actually released in 1999 and is also Dr Dre’s best selling album. It has collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Nate Dogg and Xzibit – all renowned names in the hop-hop industry. It features chilled hip-hop where you can just bop your head and enjoy the music, and all will enjoy.


The Notorious B.I.G – Ready to Die

Now by putting Biggie and 2pac in the same article, I’ve already made it really controversial as most people have a favourite out of the two (mine being 2pac). But I respect and like good hip-hop, and this album has some real good hip-hop classics on it, which you still hear people blasting on their iPods and out of their cars today. This album sees Biggie at his peak: his rapping style compliments his thick, deep grumbling voice. Now for the songs on this album, well it has the unforgettable Juicy on it, which all hip-hop lovers are sure to know the lyrics to, and it has the much-loved Big Poppa and One More Chance. The lyrical content is heart-felt and pure talent.


Nas – Illmatic

Illmatic is Nas’ debut album and was recorded between 1992-93. It has also been included in a variety of best-albums-of-all-time charts. So what’s all the fuss about? This album help to revolutionize hip-hop as Nas’ rapping style used multi syllabic internal rhyming, which a lot of rappers then continued to use. Illmatic also features some of Nas’ finest work, which many may not even have heard of such as N.Y State of Mind, The World is Yours, One Love, and It Ain’t Hard to Tell to name a few. This may not be his best-selling album but it shows Nas’ raw talent as a youngster starting out in the rapping industry. Nas is an East-side rapper through and through, who never fails to mention his childhood and what it was like growing up in Queens.

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