Online Dating: 101

Ladies, I speak from experience when I say, online dating isn’t as effortless as commercials make it seem. You won’t have to spend hours getting dressed up to go bar hopping or hide in public bathrooms when gentlemen won’t take your subtle hints. However, you do have to figure out how to market yourself and weed through what I like to call “bad stock.”

The first question I asked myself when joining an online dating site was: how do I make myself sound interesting?  This was a challenge for me, since one of my main hobbies includes napping. I considered putting a spin on it and maybe calling it “speed napping” or “energy rejuvenation breaks!”  However, I still think the best way to market yourself is by being real and honest.  Whatever your hobbies may be, you want someone who isn’t going to be judgmental about them.  That being said, I still feel that there is an importance on how you word yourself.  Obviously, the idea is to keep the interest of other daters. In my opinion, this is harder to do online than at a bar in your mini skirt and six inch heels. The truth of the matter is men are visual creatures.  It’s really going to first pare down to a catchy headline and a cute picture.  The key is to find someone who takes the time to read your profile anyway.

Which brings me to question two: How can I weed through people who aren’t serious? The key is to find someone who takes the time to read your profile anyway.  I’ve been online dating on and off for about two years, and can honestly say I am still impressed by the men who send me messages regarding something I’ve mentioned in my profile (few take the time to look past the picture).  While it’s nice to be complimented on your appearance, I cannot help but judge messages poorly that say, “Love your eyes” and “You are beautiful.”   It often makes me think that they have no actual interest in getting to know me, since they can’t get through a simple paragraph about me.  Therefore, the few men who can should move on to round two.

Likewise, women who are viewing men’s profiles should at least skim through the “about me” section. It’s only fair. Chances are he was also thinking, “How the hell do I make myself sound interesting. I like to nap.”

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