Music Review: Vegas Girl by Conor Maynard

Coming out of the blue to claim the crown of ‘English Justin Bieber’ , young lad Conor has only been legally allowed to drink for just over a year. But apparently, he’s been to Vegas and back. ‘Vegas Girl’ is the new track to be spat from his big debut album called ‘Contrast’.

After hearing the sick bag solo of ‘Can’t Say No’, I may be more than negatively inclined to hear any more from the boy. But at it’s minimum, ‘Vegas Girl’ is at least a small stride in the right direction. It doesn’t get off to the greatest of starts however. That annoying thud reverberates from one side of your skull, then to the other, leaving the destruction path of a large tornado. This premature drop in your IQ will only take hold for ten to twelve seconds, just be prepared to brave it out.

After the disgusting introduction, it’s mild feel in it’s lyrics won’t make you ”put your hands in the air, don’t stop,” like Conor wishes of all his so called ‘Mayniac’s’. And for most of us, if not all, have been here before. It’s that same song, about that same girl in a club, who supposedly needs to ”shake like you’re famous.” Again, to give credit where credit is due, it’s a step up from his last single. Still, ”bass coming out so hard,” proves that I don’t need to make an already obvious point.

That’s ‘Vegas Girl’ for you. It doesn’t push boundaries, or go beyond the points  of a conformities mind set, but that wasn’t expected of him. An ideal situation is for Conor to be the teenage girl heart throb, and produce a conveyor belt of mediocrity. And after all that, I still don’t understand what an actual ‘Vegas Girl’ is supposed to be. It’s a plain 4/10.

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