Boring Britain or a population ignorant to its beauty?

Why does everywhere else in the world seem so much more appealing than the country in which we live?

This is a question that I frequently ask myself. Currently living in the seaside-like city of Southampton, England, it has remained my home for the previous three years throughout my university life. It has provided me with an amazing group of friends, fairly attractive surroundings and somewhere in which I can call home.

However, I’ve recently started to incur that itch. For those of you that haven’t already guessed what this is referring too, then I mean the itch to move on, to travel somewhere unknown and experience something different from a city which now, quite frankly, doesn’t provide me with anything new.

Until lately, I thought that experiencing something new meant going abroad. I soon realised that I was being very ignorant to what England does have to offer us.

I would be naive to believe it is just me that thinks this – I mean it’s understandable that the British weather and general way of life here doesn’t make living in Britain all that desirable, but why do we think that everything would be so much better in another country?

The world is our oyster as many say, providing us with thousands of different options in life. I for one want to explore these options, as there is something about the unknown which is so very exciting. But rather than branching out to the furthest place from England possible (not that this isn’t tempting sometimes), why not start exploring our own country. Say, London?

Our thriving capital is usually hectic with the constant flow of busy commuters and tourists, and where busy would usually be annoying, it seems to make London an extremely desirable place to live. The need to be involved and experience the hustle and bustle of the city is contagious, and I personally feel quite envious when I hear of people moving to London – I want that to be me! But would loving life in London soon become tiring? Would the itch return and your mind again switch to ‘it’s time to move on’ mode?

Because of course, you have the allure and temptation of the beautiful English countryside. The contrast is huge, and you are transported from sky scraping buildings and the constant sound of traffic, building work and chattering people to the peaceful tranquility and idyllic scenery of being in the country. Here, you have privacy and an escape from the frantic lifestyle of city-living.

If city life isn’t for you, and you aren’t convinced by being out in the middle of no where, surrounded only by trees and fields, then how about the miles and miles or coastline we have throughout the country? It would be difficult to say no to waking up in a cosy and homely cottage every morning, with the option of having an afternoon stroll along the beach.

So what is the solution to our itch to continually want to try the next thing? Try it all.

The only way that you are going to maintain that drive within yourself to explore is by feeding it. The moment that you decide to stop challenging yourself and letting yourself explore and devour what our country has to offer, you may as well stop living. Exploring and discovering new places is what keeps life exciting, so don’t limit yourself to one destination. Before escaping abroad, take a chance on what Britain has to offer you because you never know, you may just fall in love with it.

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