Review The New XX

The exciting new single from the forthcoming album ‘Coexist’ from the understated band The XX is due to the released early September.

The latest song to be released is called  ‘Angels’. The song itself sounds similar to the the 1st album; which makes us wonder whether that band has progressed at all since self titled  album ‘The XX ‘ back in 2009.The band is still brilliant but I think I am not the only one who would say they were expecting a little bit more from their comeback single.

The XX

The XX

The heavy distilled guitar rift seems to be the focus of yet another tract; which leads the lyrics to be echoes in the ever beautiful background.

The silent pauses between verses add a sense of honesty as the voice of lead singer, Romy Madley-Croft bleats out ‘Being as in love with you as I am’ through the distilled changes of this relatable  epilogue. The dreamy theme that flows though the unbroken song makes me excited to here the new album. I just hope for a slight music maturity, as I would not want the band to fizzzle out of foucs in the oncomaing years.

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