Rising From The Ashes: Pop-Punk Isn’t Dead

It’s time to take a head first dip into the world of pop-punk and rock. Made famous by bands which I grew up with such as Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Weezer and Paramore.

With pop-punk especially in decline, it’s less likely that in modern times you’ll find a band that will demand attention. Groups like New Found Glory and The Offspring are still going, but are not the rollercoaster, high hitting rockers we saw at least ten years ago. However, there are some sneaking through the net, and all will be revealed below. The two genres of rock and pop-punk collide and mix vodka and orange, therefore the cloud that hides the boundaries between the two can be fully ignored. So below, this is my list of current bands which to the majority, would have been hiding under the radar as well the legendary groups trying to revive the genre.

We Are The In Crowd
First in the line up, we have girl fronted five piece named We Are The In Crowd. Active since 2009, the band have one EP and one full studio album. Since the release of their last album, ‘Best Intentions’, the band have risen in popularity. After taking part in the American Vans Warped Tour in 2010 and this year, they have been giving more screen time on music channels such as Kerrang.
Notable songs: Rumor Mill, Both Sides of the Story, On Your Own.

The Wonder Years
Not the TV show,  but a pop-punk band originating from Pennsylvania, USA. Even though they have been around since 2005, the band have seen an improvement in their fortunes after signing with record label Hopeless Records. Last year they released ‘Suburbia: I’ve Given You All But Now I’m Nothing’, which was named as one of the ‘Most Anticipated Album of 2011’ by Alternative Press. Three full albums released since they formed in 2005, they’re finally starting to find their feet.
Notable Songs: Melrose Diner, Came Out Swinging, Don’t Let Me Cave In.

It may feel like Yellowcard have been around since the dinosaurs terrorised the earth, but the group are still gifting us with some top music. For those unaware, Yellowcard originated in Florida all the way back in 1997.  Their last album released in 2011, called ‘When Your’re Through Thinking, Say Yes’ received positive critical responses. This year they plan to release another, called ‘Southern Air’. Therefore, with in total eight studio albums, they are one of the granddaddy’s of the genre.
Best Songs: For You And Your Denial, Sing For Me, Ocean Avenue.

Twin Atlantic
In a genre dominated by American groups, and even though this is more of an alternative rock group than pop-punk, are keeping the genres of rock and pop-punk alive in Her Majesty’s Kingdom. Supporting another huge pop-punk band on their latest tour, Blink-182, they have been thrown into the limelight. The Scottish group also played at this years ‘T In The Park’, a festival that they use to visit as kids. Their latest album, ‘Free’, peaked twelfth in the UK album chart.
Best Songs: Free, Make A Beast Of Myself.

Green Day
Finally, it’s best to end on the revolutionaries. Green Day have been around since the genre took hold on mainstream music, and have been going since 1987, before I was even born. Just a tiny three piece, the band consists of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool. The band currently have eight studio albums, with genre destroyers like Dookie in1994 and American Idiot ten years later, with other efforts inbetween. This year, the band are attempting to release three albums with the last to be released in January 2013. They are called ‘Uno’, ‘Dos’ and ‘Tres’.
Best Songs: Basket Case, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), American Idiot.

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