Looking Clearly at Victoria Beckham

Oh how far Victoria Adams has come. From Posh beginnings and Girl Power, to Designer Brand of the Year 2011. With the newest edition to her fashion empire, Victoria Beckham will forever be looking clearly toward her future through the lenses of Italian, handmade prescription glasses. Being ‘four-eyed’ has never been so luxurious. A glasses-wearer herself and confessionally “self-conscious”, Victoria simply decided to design her own. And what a fashionable journey she has been through to get to this stage…

From the band break-up that left young girls internationally distraught, to mediocre solo efforts, through WAG-watch at the 2006 World Cup and dabbles in the industry with VB Rocks jeans, Victoria’s style was evident from the off. Remember that Miss Selfridge LBD? Or the black PVC catsuit Mr Beckham was such a fan of?

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

And now finally, it feels as though Victoria Beckham has arrived thanks to her deservedly successful eponymous label. Profusely hushing the naysayers, she has created a label and brand identity emitting a level of class educated by a life in the public eye and innate lust for fashion. Ultimately exclusive, too elusive to copy, and dedicated to belong at the forefront of fashion, Victoria Beckham the brand, is nothing less of desirable, leaning toward overt envy.

From the inaugural collection in 2008, the brand is now a supremacy of skillfully tailored dresses. Incorporating flattering cuts, elegant silhouettes, and mature colour-ways, Beckham has paid tribute to a lifetime of clothing that has inspired and developed this result. Her talent has diffused to casual staples and denim, iconic bags named ‘Victoria’, eyewear and a sister line that is livelier, bolder and more laid-back. A far cry from the 2006 World Cup of extensions and hotpants and 2007 Spice Girls reunion of audacious leather and corsets.

With her newest venture, we can now introduce Victoria Beckham as a reinvented leader of style. Forever intriguing, we wonder what she’ll wear for the Closing Ceremony Spice Girls performance.

– Serina Sandhu

– Images: Pamela Hanson

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