A real-life fairy tale

A road trip through the most beautiful place in Norway – Sogn and Fjordane.


Long fjords, deep mountainsides, wild nature and a view that cannot be compared to any other country in the world. Welcome to Norway, and all it has to offer. Go on a cave safari deep into the mountain, which is filled with trolls and other mythical creatures in Gudvangen, and experience the complete and astonishing silence inside the mountain. Travel on a fjord cruise that takes you through the UNESCO world heritage site Nærøyfjorden; it will be an experience for life. The boat trip trough the fjord is one of the most magnificent and most dramatic fjord journeys in Europe.

Viking market

Between the beautiful Nærøyfjorden and the magical caves you will find a little village that is called Undredal. People from all over the world come here to “seek back to nature” and enjoy the fantastic view. The most extraordinary and maybe unique thing about this place, is the fact that they produce and create their own cheese that has become very popular, not just among Norwegian, but also for foreigners. If you are lucky, you could probably get one of the locals to take you hiking up and around the mountainside where farmers and other people worked and lived for centuries, and some still do.

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