Comedy Review: Hanks and Conran – Pigs In Blankets

The Edinburgh fringe is in its final week continuing to alight the city with its bustling eccentric atmosphere.  Some of the biggest comedy acts have embraced the city and the only problem I have found with it, is choosing what to see.  It is fun just trailing through the city soaking up everything but if you don’t know Edinburgh well do your research to make the most of it because it is busy and can be difficult getting anywhere quick.

Promotion for more established comedians is unavoidable at the Fringe but I would recommend seeing someone you have never heard of.  Picked at random I ended up at Just the Tonic at the Caves seeing Hanks and Conran: Pigs In Blankets.  There is something very haunting about the venue, it is dark and the musty smell is overpowering.  However Susan Hanks and Lou Conran were worth it.  Despite a small crowd I found them refreshing and was left questioning why I had never heard of them before.  The comedy double act is remindful of sarcastic banter that you have with your friends.


Of the two Hanks is the serious one while Conran portrays a happy go lucky type of attitude.  Staying away from what appears to be the more traditional comedy duo sketch route where previous acts have failed to come close to double act sketch legends. It consists of storytelling, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea with some jokes slightly obvious but the back and forth witty bickering is very entertaining.

The act lacks a conventional format with storytelling stand-up that involves jokes at each other’s expense and there is just something insultingly charming about this double act.

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