Six shows to watch on US TV this coming season

British television has its moments for sure but it doesn’t hold a candle to television across the pond. Simply put they have more money to produce top TV, a system that’s given us ‘The Wire’, ‘24’ and no matter your opinion of it, the incomparable ‘Lost’.

Those shows have had their day however with the like of ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ grabbing the attentions of people around the world in their place. As a new season dawns, we take a look at two underrated shows you should be watching and four brand new shows set to make waves.

Still running – Archer
Hands down the best comedy on television last year, the third series of this spy-spoof animation was nigh-on faultless providing such a constant stream of laughs it seemed to be over before it really began. Following the exploits of the heavily-flawed but somehow still loveable super-spy Sterling Archer, his missions take him around the world with his messed-up co-workers and his over-bearing mother/boss Malorie.

Brand new – Revolution
Another big-budget attempt to rekindle the lost ‘Lost’ magic, J.J Abrams is the executive producer with big-name director Jon Favreau behind the camera for the premiere as humanity plunges into the darkness of a world without electricity.  Similarly high-concept shows like the ill-fated ‘Alcatraz’ and ‘Terra Nova’ didn’t come close to ‘Lost’s magic but with a simple premise and a similar air to that of ‘The Walking Dead’, this could buck the trend.

Brand new – Arrow
Continuing my accidental trend of single-word shows, ‘Arrow’ is CW’s take on the DC comic book hero Green Arrow. Some superheroes are perfectly suited to the time and space that a 20-odd episode season of TV allows, and Green Arrow fits the mould. The story follows a wealthy playboy who takes up the mantle in order to exact revenge for his dead father. This could go far.

Band New – L.A. Noir
Frank Darabont directed the epic first episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ in 2010 and is coming back to US television with L.A. Noir. Not to be confused with but still a hell of a lot like the video game’ L.A. Noire’ (with an e), it tells the story of an LAPD detective fighting crime in the 1940s and 50s. Darabont is sign enough of the quality on offer here but the cast helps too – Simon Pegg, Milo Ventimiglia (of ‘Heroes’ fame) and Neal McDonough star with Jon Bernthal in the lead role.

Still running – Castle
It’s a cop show, and a procedural, but it has such a delightful cast carrying it that it’s a joy to watch. Entering its fourth series, the will-they-wont-they lead couple comprising of Stana Katic and the always charismatic Nathan Fillion took a big step in their relationship at the end of season 3 marking a major change for the series. It’ll be interesting to see what changes, if the writers can handle it and how they evolve the show’s major story arc.

Brand new – Go on
Unfortunately not a Mrs Doyle spin-off from ‘Father Ted’ but it does star Matthew Perry, who is the main reason for its inclusion on the list. I love ‘Friends’, I love Chandler and Matthew Perry deserves better than the lot he’s had since the mega-sitcom came to a close all those years ago. ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’ was a great show for him but was sadly axed. Hopefully ‘Go On’ is a success and based on positive early reviews it could well be.

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