Ted – review

Creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, makes his directing debut with this charming, crude and hilariously outrageous new comedy.

“Ted”, narrated by Patrick Stewart, follows the story of a desperate Christmas wish from a young and friendless John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) as he pines for his teddy bear to become a real life friend.

Ted Movie

Overnight, Ted (Seth MacFarlane) becomes a walking , talking bear, much to the shock of John’s parents!

As their bond and friendship grows over the years, Ted evolves into a delightfully rude and wild best friend making a name for himself on national television.

When the fame slowly winds down for Ted, he becomes more mischievous, foul mouthed and care-free, with an eye for the ladies and a habit of smoking pot and acting reckless – what Ted does best!

John Bennett’s beautiful long term girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis), starts to become weary of John’s talking teddy bear, and lack of commitment from John as she competes for his attention. Lori begins to feel annoyed at John’s lack of maturity around Ted, as he hops into bed with a scared John as soon as it starts thundering, singing  “The Thunder buddy song”.

After Ted unintentionally leads John astray after a drug-fuelled party, with an appearance from cult 80’s icon Flash Gordon (Sam J.Jones), John eventually realises that he needs to grow up and attempts to win back the affections of Lori, with a little help from Norah Jones.

Definitely a must see, this film will keep you grinning, laughing and squirming at the best of times!

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