The Importance of Investment Pieces

Quality matters. In all areas of life, the quality of your work, in school or on the job, will affect the way you live. If one wishes to live well and be successful, they must pursue quality – great craftsmanship, in the endeavor of their choosing.

The same goes for the clothes you put on your back. Wearing flip flops and a sarong might be acceptable if you are a barista at beachside bar, but in a traditional setting, it’s necessary to look appropriate and presentable. This is not a difficult feat, but it can impact the way you feel.

The plain truth – when you look good, you feel good. Although no one can discount how great it feels to lay around with unwashed hair in a bun, wearing your old sweats and with feet wrapped in thick, fuzzy socks. But for the sake of your career and being out in public, you feeling good about your appearance can have powerful effects on your mood and performance.

In general, most people are at their best when they are freshly showered, groomed, and wearing an outfit they feel good in. Many times, a higher quality piece of clothing or pair of shoes can enable an individual to perform at their best capacity.

It is not to say that a person needs to have a closet full of Chanel jackets and a shoe rack stacked with Louboutins. But wearing an item of higher value possesses a certain cache, perhaps that the one wearing it will achieve a greater rate of success. Why, you may ask?

Quality brings about more quality. A person wearing that expensive suit may believe more in their own abilities and choices than someone who continually buys one cheap knock-off after another. The one who purchased the expensive suit will have it tailored to their body and will most likely take good care of it. The one who buys the lower quality item will find themselves having to re-purchase the item after a few months, due to the decreasing aesthetic appearance due to wear over time.

An individual might feel as if they can perform at any given task more efficiently because they have invested in themselves, a tangible reminder that they are worth the price.

If money is the objective, than they are on the way to making more of it, simply because they allowed themselves to invest in a quality item or two. They will rise to the occasion, and uphold the unspoken promise they made – that they believe in their own abilities enough to invest in their future.

Because if you don’t believe in yourself, than who will?

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