The Caviar Manicure: The latest and greatest in nail art by Ciaté

This little pot of beads can transform your nails from dull, flat fingers to luxurious textured wonders, being the “first three dimensional nail kit of its kind”.

It’s been flying off the shelves at Selfridges since its release, and with elaborate nail art being the next big thing in the beauty world (with no sign of leaving us), this DIY kit is proving to be a huge hit.

When Ciate’s Creative Director, Charlotte Knight, was looking for a new and vibrant look for a magazine cover shoot she came up with the idea for a new manicure that screams extravagance and sophistication. The finished product is now here.  It will give your nails the boost they need for that next red carpet style event, leaving them “simply breath-taking” according to Miss Knight.

The caviar kit comes in three different colours: Rainbow, Black Pearls and Mother of Pearl. Each set contains a pot of pearls, a pot of paint, a tray to catch whatever pearls don’t stick and a funnel to pour them back in once you’re done.

First apply one coat of the paint pot shade and allow to dry. For the next step it’s important to only work on one nail at a time: apply a second coat of the paint pot shade before covering the nail in the caviar pearls while still wet. Gently press them into the nail bed and wait 15 to 20 minutes for drying time. It’s just that easy. Plus, it comes off with regular nail polish so there’s no mess.

Full instructions come with the kit, but visit the Ciaté website for detailed illustrations and a video

This is perfect for a special occasion, but these only tend to last around 48 hours completely intact as there is no securing top coat (which would affect the quality and look of the manicure). A top tip is to apply a top coat to the very edge of the nail where most chipping starts.

But remember, you don’t have to stick to the specified colour. Add a new dimension to every set by changing the paint pot shade to one you have at home. The sets are £18 each so be sure to snap one up and be the nail envy of your friends.

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