Review – Boots new No 7 Foundation Match Made Service

Ever been in your local hardware store and seen the Dulux colour match service where they scan your item and do an exact colour match and wished you could do the same for your skin?? Well thanks to Boots No 7  you can now do just that! Boots claim that for the first time in UK beauty history, you can easily find your perfect foundation.

Apparently over the last three years Boots No 7 experts have scientifically measured the exact skin colour of over 2000 British women and have created what they say is a whole new palette of 17  skin true shades. Could this be true? I decided to put them to the test.

Boots no7 makeup

I visited one of Boots smaller outlets in Arnold, Nottingham and was greeted by the lovely Camilla. She explained how she would do a test sample of my skin (don’t worry – it’s not painful) and do a colour match. The proceedure basically involved removing a small amount of the make up I already had on and then using the Match Made device which takes 27  photos of my skin to precisely measure my skin colour. If the lights turn green it means they’ve found the perfect match, if it turns yellow they’ve come close. Mine turned green.  The machine had declared my Match Made skin colour as ‘Deeply Beige’. Camilla then discussed my needs from a foundation. I explained I tend to do a lot of frustrated face rubbing during my daily working routine, therefore she recommended the long lasting ‘Stay Perfect’ liquid which boasts that it can stay ‘retouch-free’ for 16 hours.  Now that’s no mean feat.

She applied the foundation to the area she’d tested to check for coverage and blended it in to my natural skin colour around my neck (no more tide lines) The results were impressive but could they really live up to the claims? I decided to put it to the challenges of modern life.

Test One – Curry Night. Good first impressions. The foundation stayed in place despite warm curry and numerous glasses of wine. Worn time = five and a half hours.

Test Two – The Gym. Impressive. Despite an intensive hour lounge Zumba class the foundation stayed intact, so to really put it to the test I continued with a seven mile walk. Result = Foundation still in place!! Worn time = nine hours.

Test Three – Work. Amazed. Despite a stressful day at work the foundation was still in place. If only I could say the same for my mascara and lipstick. Note to self – check out what else is in ‘Stay Perfect’ range! Worn time = Sixteen hours.

The foundations claim to last sixteen hours seems to be true so I for one will be investing. At £14.00 a bottle it may be a little more than some of your cheaper foundations, but with results like these it can certainly take on the big boys such as YSL, Clinique, and Mac who make similar ‘stay put’ claims, and the good news is that if you do manage to catch a few rays in the summer not only does it contain an SPF 15 but you can also get it matched to your tan. Result!

The Match Made Service is available in most major Boots stores.

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