Prometheus Review

Prometheus has polarised critics since its cinema release back at the start of the summer and with its DVD release just a few weeks away I thought I would offer my opinion on one of the years most talked about movies.

Beautiful, Breathtaking and at times wonderfully disgusting, Prometheus is all that I had hoped for and more.

Returning to the Sci Fi genre for the first time since his iconic Blade Runner Ridley Scott held nothing back in Prometheus, one of the most highly anticipated movies in recent memories. Scott has redefined the way movie goers and critics alike had looked at the sci fi genre with Alien and Blade Runner, combining both horror and sci fi in the most glorious of ways. Does Prometheus live up to these two movies? Well it certainly gives it a good go.

Prometheus definitely lived up to its hype, forget all the talk about Alien prequels and enjoy the film for what it is, a visually breathtaking excuse of a movie and one which will long resonate in the mind of the viewers, posing more questions that it does answers and leaving the audience in a state of wonder.

Forget the theology of the film and just sit back and admire the fantastic performances put on by the actors in the movie. Michael Fassbender’s David, an android inspired by Peter O Toole’s Lawrence of Arabia is the most notable of these. A fantastic performance by Fassbender and one certainly fitting of an oscar nod. The ambiguity of his character is one of the most fascinating aspects of the whole film. David is free from emotion but not from curiosity in a performance which echoes shades of Hal 9000 from Kubrick’s 2001 a space odyssey. Whilst the original Girl with the dragon tattoo Noomi Rapace gives a fantastic performance as archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw one which evokes memories of Sigourney Weaver’s performance in the original Alien movie. Charlize Theron is equally impressive in her role as Meredith Vickers, the leader of the Prometheus space ship.

In a scene that will last long in the memories of the viewers Rapace performs a bit of DIY surgery which will undoubtedly have audiences gasping and feeling disgusted in equal measure.  The movie is not one for the faint of heart with some real ‘eek’ moments taking place, this is not a movie for those who look forward to a happy ending is all I can say.

So whilst there may be plot flaws (anyone who’s seen Lost knows what Lindelof is like) and it might not fully tie in with the Alien movies this film can still stand alone as a masterpiece and one which further cements Scott’s place a visionary genius. One of the best films of the year.

Film Rating:*****

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