Lana Del Hu-Rey! – H&M’s New Range with Singer Songwriter…

Everyone adores collaborations…whether it’s Bangers and Mash, Jay –Z and Kanye or even the iconic Christian Louboutin and David Lynch; however there’s nothing like a gorgeous starlet joining forces with one of your favourite high street brands…it just makes shopping even more appealing (if that were even possible).

The hugely successful high street brand H&M have been known for years for joining their classic style on budget clothing with numerous fashion designers such as Donatella Versace in late 2011 and Marni in spring 2012. With various fashion Gods and Goddesses jumping at the chance to work with Hennes and Mauritz, it comes as no surprise that they can bag an style queen like the oh so gorgeous American musician Miss Lana Del Rey.

Since her music debut in late 2011, the 26-year-old ‘Video Games’ singer has always been admired for her alternative and glamorous style. Often described as a “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra”, her American based, vintage fashion sense seems to work perfectly with H&M new ‘L.A. Noir’ Autumn range of which was launched only last week.

Lana Del Rey looking sensational in one of her campaign posters for H&M…

The 50’s Film Noir styled ad campaign which displays Lana singing a cover of Bobby Vinton’s 1950’s classic jazz track ‘Blue Velvet’, shows the beautiful singer surrounded by an array of extras dressed in H&M’s take on the vintage style. As the camera slowly pans the glamorous decor room, Lana charmingly sports the new collection whilst gracing the screen with her deep sensual voice. Although the set and theme of the campaign portrays a dark and slow moving scene, the colourful prints and tight fitting attire of the collection seems to slightly contrast whilst displaying a similar style to Del Rey’s own.

With cosy thick knitted jumpers available in candy floss pink and mint green, and formal wear presented in splattered floral prints, H&M have taken an alternative route to classic winter designs. Statement pieces include a figure-hugging, long sleeved grey dress with gorgeous black leather detail; at only £19.99 it’s almost irresistible and already a sell-out hit on the online store.

Other popular key pieces include a fine-knit angora blend pink sweater, which not only looks beautiful draped of Lana Del Rey’s slender figure but already seems a popular hit within the collection thanks to its gorgeous pastel appearance and baby soft angora wool feel. At only £19.99 it doesn’t upset the ol’ purse strings and will also keep you warm whilst looking almost as gorgeous as Miss Del Rey herself.

A final key piece which is sure to brighten up those dull autumn days is the glossy jersey leggings, in a splattered floral print in purple or blue colours these skin tight bottoms seem to match with numerous other items within the new collection and can be yours for a guilt free £9.99.

With so many gorgeous items to the fall collection there is no doubt that thousands of avid H&M shoppers will flock to the stores in attempt to get their hands on one of the fabulous pieces. Although this being Miss Del Rey’s first famously known modelling campaign, it is already clear to see with only one week of the collection being released she has inspired British women to continue to build their winter wardrobes with the high street brand. I certainly will be grabbing myself a pair of the beautiful print leggings…and maybe a thick knit jumper (for warmth of course).

So next time you find yourself strutting down the high street in those black opaque tights and high waisted denim shorts which really belong folded up in that summer compartment of your wardrobe, why not peak into H&M and treat yourself to something snugly and oh so stylish for this getting colder by the day autumn. Go on… it’s what Lana would do.

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