Music Review: Cover Drive, Bajan Style

Cover Drive ‘Bajan Style’

Cover Drive is a four-piece band from Barbados, and have taken the UK by storm. Their debut album ‘Bajan Style’ has proved to be a massive hit in the music industry, and they have certainly made their mark. Cover Drive formed in 2010, and were recognised for their talent through YouTube where they covered a variety of popular songs. In April 2011, the group signed a publishing deal with Sony and a recording deal with Polydor Records.Whilst they were in the studio recording material for their debut album, they met American producer J.R Rotem who produced their first single ‘Lick Ya Down’ which was released on 28th August 2011, and peaked at #9 on the UK Singles Chart and #3 on the UK R&B Singles Chart. Their second single ‘Twilight’ was released on 22nd January 2012 and ended up #1 on the iTunes chart within hours of it’s release. On 8th March 2012, their third single ‘Sparks’ entered the charts and found itself #4 on the UK Singles Chart. Their debut album ‘Bajan Style’ was released on 7th May 2012 and debuted on the UK Album Chart at number 14.

With many critics comparing lead singer Amanda Reifer to pop sensation Rihanna, who also resides from Barbados, there is no doubt this four piece band have bucket loads of talent and know how to produce a great song that will get you up on your feet. Amanda can switch from butter wouldn’t melt on catchy love song ‘Twilight’ to sassy and exotic on debut single ‘Lick Ya Down’ in an instant – and she pulls it off perfectly. Naming No Doubt and Black Eyed Peas as their influence, it’s easy to see that they are definitely following in their footsteps.

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